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Justin Bieber

Rogue Paparazzo

Nearly KILLED Me

7/8/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_justin_bieber_bauer_articleJustin Bieber has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who chased him down an L.A. freeway Friday -- claiming the guy was a maniac on the road ... and put several lives in danger.

A CHP officer dropped by Justin's music video shoot downtown Friday (above) -- and law enforcement sources tell us, the officer was there to take Justin's statement after the singer filed the complaint.

We're told Justin originally reached out to police following Friday's high speed chase -- because the photog in question had been extremely aggressive on the road ... much worse than the other photogs.

As we reported, the highway chase reached speeds exceeding 100mph -- with some paps even riding the shoulder to keep up with Bieber.

Cops eventually stopped the 18-year-old singer, citing him for speeding -- and we're told, that's when the Biebs filed the complaint, giving police the offending pap's license plate number.

Funny enough -- the pap in question was at Bieber's music video shoot this afternoon when the CHP officer dropped by ... snapping away.

We're told cops took the pap's statement too -- and are now investigating him for harassment.


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What about all the phone call and complaints dispatch got re: his driving. I guess they were chasing him too. Why did he tell police that story when pulled over. I smell a cover my butt story here.

816 days ago


It is the price of fame... Ff you want to drive yourself and not be in the back with tinted windows then the pap can legally drive the legal speed limit next to you and take photos in public.
Justin is in the wrong here and put several lives at stake and should lose his license. Is he even a United States citizen officially lol?

816 days ago


Little fkr, how many people did he almost kill on the highway. Slow the fk down, big deal if they get a picture of your tinted windows.

816 days ago


He nearly killed himself and possibly others. There is NO reason why he should drive that matter what. I'm sure the paps are annoying, but that's NO reason to flee the way he did. Just an excuse. If he can't take it at this young age, what will he do later in life? Get used to it comes with the territory...get off of your high horse and start acting responsibly.

815 days ago


Make Justin work in the morgue for several months & see how his driving skills are.

815 days ago


This little dumb-s**t needs to sit down and have a talk with Leif Garrett and find out what happens to your career after you turn your best friend into a quadriplegic as the result of your reckless driving. Of course, Garrett was DUI, but still, the Bieb’s career may be heading that way. Some of these idiots, they’re on top of the world, have more money than they and their entourage of yes-men know what to do with. Guess he’ll need that money to pay his increasing legal fees.

815 days ago


Why do the police even bother with Bieber's story? The only one putting their life in danger was this spoiled rotten brat. If they don't get this kid in hand, he's going to end up killing some innocent bystander.

815 days ago


If the wee Beibs wants to file a complaint against one of those clowns, go ahead on. But he seems to ignore his own threat to public safety while he's whippin' the disco ball car along at 80-100 mph. I know he thinks of himself as a special, special boy, but the rest of us would like to live through his 15 minutes of fame too. Slow down, bud; you can't be chased if you don't run.

815 days ago


Fvck Justin "little girl" Bieber. Little spoiled selfish brat could have killed someone with his driving at 100mph & swerving in & out of traffic. He SHOULD have been arrested; any of us average folk would have been. Just think what this story would have been like if he'd hit someone or caused an accident...

815 days ago


You are blaming the pap? For your driving. I hate this brat more that ever.

815 days ago


California needs to grow a set and institute stronger laws preventing harassment and stalking by the paparazzi. If another celebrity is killed in an attempt to escape the invasion of their privacy (remember Princess Diana) the paparazzi targeting the celebrity should be charged with manslaughter. This goes beyond freedom of the press!!!

815 days ago


THIS IMMATURE ADULT is slowly becoming the most hated individual our country has seen in a long time regardless of his fame which he seems to be taking for granted. Also, he has a lot to learn about "staying power."

815 days ago


Go back to your country.... Miss babuiener

815 days ago


you no what justin you broke the law by speeding you could have killed someone or yourself you are to young and are not a exsperienced driver the popperzi follows you eveywhere thats the price you pay but bottom line you are like eveyone else rules are rules no speeding your license should be taken away.

815 days ago


Justin Bieber the next Diana of WalesTrying to make JB look like the bad guy? I think paparazzi are going to far just for a picture.
I don't like JB music or him at all. but paps are really obssesed and can cause an accident to anyone. Who cares about what the famous eat, puke, p00p or with?

815 days ago
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