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Justin Bieber

Rogue Paparazzo

Nearly KILLED Me

7/8/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_justin_bieber_bauer_articleJustin Bieber has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who chased him down an L.A. freeway Friday -- claiming the guy was a maniac on the road ... and put several lives in danger.

A CHP officer dropped by Justin's music video shoot downtown Friday (above) -- and law enforcement sources tell us, the officer was there to take Justin's statement after the singer filed the complaint.

We're told Justin originally reached out to police following Friday's high speed chase -- because the photog in question had been extremely aggressive on the road ... much worse than the other photogs.

As we reported, the highway chase reached speeds exceeding 100mph -- with some paps even riding the shoulder to keep up with Bieber.

Cops eventually stopped the 18-year-old singer, citing him for speeding -- and we're told, that's when the Biebs filed the complaint, giving police the offending pap's license plate number.

Funny enough -- the pap in question was at Bieber's music video shoot this afternoon when the CHP officer dropped by ... snapping away.

We're told cops took the pap's statement too -- and are now investigating him for harassment.


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Yeah, Justin Bieber, take that harrassment complaint all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and set up case law that says paps have to stay at least 50 feet away. . Paps need to have boundaries and distance. They have telephoto lenses, so use it. This way, the paps get the pics and the celebs get the exposure, but never the twain shall meet.

837 days ago


I think the paps are getting so bad following stars on the roads, that people like Justin are going to need to hire bodyguards with professional driving skills. Justin and his passengers could ride in one car and the body guard would be in a huge 4x4 powerful truck following behind them. If the paps did anything dangerous, the truck would just cut the fugger off, slam on the brakes, drive super slow, etc. Kind of ridiculous for a star to have to travel in convoys just to drive around town and go to a club or work.

837 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

Was she realy running from paps, or filming her new video "Weave it to Beaver" and if so I have the title for the next one, Wrap round tree!

837 days ago


Bieber is just trying to look like his is the victim and claim that the paps were driving recklessly and that they were endangering people. Sorry the 10 phone calls were about your fiska not anybody else. Who cares if the paps were chasing you, you still had no right to drive that recklessly and put others in danger. Speeding is like drinking and driving, whether you are famous or not it is selfish. If you want to hurt yourself do it on your own, don't endanger other people. Bieber gets away with everything, soon he will hurt someone or get killed and people still will say it isn't his fault. He got away with putting a random number on twitter and had his fans call it, he got away with throwing water balloons at the state trooper, it seems he will get away with hitting a paps, and now he is trying to weasel his way out of this. Bieber if you didn't want paps harassing you, then you shouldn't have become famous. Paps come with fame, everyone knows that. Didn't want to be spotted then you shouldn't have been driving a noticable car. P.S. Bieber your not black, your not a thug, your not a gangster. Stratford probably has a 1% black percentage there. It isn't cold outside and your in Cali. If it was a black celeb or person they would have been in jail just because they were dressed like that.

837 days ago


REMBER PRINCESS DIANA being chased by the paparazzi . Something needs to be done with people also.

837 days ago


I think this Beiber kid is WAY too full of himself. I really needs to get over himself. I still think he is gay!

837 days ago

Angel Rose    

He might get away with it this time, but the silly child does not realise that now everytime he is out driving in those beautiful, but attention seeking cars that everyone around him (ie. the public) will be recording EVERYTHING he does so they have valuable footage the next time he drives like a maniac..and there will be a next time. Stupid kid shouldn't be driving, driving is a privilege and not a right. Just hope he doesn't kill or mame anyone with his reckless behaviour.

837 days ago


"nEARLY KILLED"HIM? Not a scratch on the car and no one saw it, whatever it was. Mighty big overstatement! Meant to create sympathy?

837 days ago


Why is he wearing a used-up condom as a hat in the middle of summer?

837 days ago


I DOUBT IF BIEBER considered perhaps some of the vehicles he dodged and, swept out of his way, contained admirers who bought tickets to his concerts and paid good money for his records. This kid is behaving like a spoiled child who is counting on his fame to wiggle out of his responsibilities behind the wheel of his overly expensive mode of transportation. Just a sickening show-off! who COULD have pulled over and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Instead, he chose to blame others for his inexcusable outrage. The paps could have used common sense, too. The country knows by now that celebrities are treated above the so-called "law" in California. What a disgrace to the people of Ca. who do not have a voice in something like this.

837 days ago


Just that 1 paparazzo? Bieber, there was a whole fleet chasing you. Filing harassment charges against 1 of them is not going to make them stop. It is just going to encourage them to stay just outside of stalking distance.
Still does not excuse the fact that you led a fleet of paparazzi on a high speed chase through dense traffic.
If the average person was driving like Bieber, they would be sitting in county jail right now waiting for their hearing. They would be denied bail. 11 people called 911 to complain about Bieber's driving. Apparently, not a single person called to complain about the paparazzi's driving. When you have just shy of a dozen witnesses to your criminal activity, you don't get the luxury of keeping your license and driving wherever you want.

837 days ago


Don't pick on Justin. She's still learning to drive dangerously fast and not getting in trouble. Or maybe her lesbian relationship with Gomez is on the rocks.

837 days ago


Sure, Justin you had a rogue paparazzi following you.

Since your security was in the car, why didn't call the CHP and say you had a vehicle following you? Yeeaah. Take this kid's license before he kills someone.

837 days ago


He wouldn't be the first teenager too drive too fast and recklessly. He needs to understand how dangerous he was. I say let the paparazzi snap some pics? Why run away from them? I know it's creepy but he's photographed all the time. He should've let them take the photos and stay safe on the road.

837 days ago


You guys judging him on his Clothes and Appearance dont forget he was at a "Music Video Shoot" did that fly past your judgemental brains. 2nd notes he's an artist he wasn't meant to look like you and your everyday friends in the first place.

837 days ago
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