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Katie Holmes

Suri in Aisle 5

7/8/2012 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_katie_holmes_infWhile some women hit the clubs after filing for divorce, Katie Holmes continued to enjoy the single life by going food shopping at Whole Foods in NYC for the second time this weekend ... this time bringing Suri along for the ride. 

She really enjoys tasting her freedom.


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Are all 11 of Katie's fans posting on here?

781 days ago


Part of me thinks this is such a non story. But the other part of me realizes that kid probably has never gone for a ride in a shopping cart before.

I'm glad this little girl now gets to experience some of a normal childhood.

781 days ago

Fat Mike    

She's looking better every day.
Marry me Katie!

781 days ago


Scientology is clearly a cult and Tom Cruise is a

781 days ago


I feel soory for the little girl cause she is so spoiled by her mother...taking her shopping all the time buying her tons of stuff all the time...heck I saw them walking in Manhattan and she had gold sandals on....I actually feel sorry for Tom Cruise that she pulled all this publicity when he was thousands of miles away....and when you really look at her she is no beauty or even close....I bet he comes out of this upcoming divorce the better...I just hope the spoiled kid will wake up one day and not be spoiled her entire life..

781 days ago

Wow ...    

I understand why many say this is a non-story. But, this is fantastic to me, to see Katie doing normal everyday "life". I understand the concern some have shared regarding Suri in the cart and with her blankie. However, it further proves Katie has done the right thing by leaving Tom. Suri has obviously been delayed - a direct result of CoS and control. Not to mention, at this particular time, their lives changed over night last week. New home, new furnishings, new bodyguards, lots of paps, so on and so forth. Additionally, with a history or alleged history of kidnapping, as a mother, I would not take any chances with that church. Not without my daughter damn it! So I say, let the girl have whatever she needs right now to provide normal, comfort and something familiar to her. Kudos Katie! Keep staying in the tabloids daily, it lets us all know you are living and getting back to normal. You go Woman!!

781 days ago


"She really enjoys tasting her freedom." While you guys take pictures of them while they're grocery shopping. lol

781 days ago


Must be a party to go grocery shoppin

781 days ago

Bitch please    

Shes probably happy now to actually do her own shopping. You know Mr. Scientology man never agreed on her going shopping. She looks happy to do normal things that we all do. Doing the little things in life are the happiest sometimes. And now she gets to do them with Suri. Shes showing her daughter that this is what real normal people do. This is a good thing Katie is doing with Suri. And all of you who is saying Suri is a spoiled brat well duh Tom never let her do normal things. But not anymore, proof is in the photo.

781 days ago


buying more milk, not barley no doubt...normality is under-rated, good on Katie, and leave the child alone. All kids love to get a ride, she is still a child, and I must say as a mother and grandmother; if she was my child, in these cir***stances, I wouldn't be letting her walk around the shops either. We've all seen the evidence of the Sc. wacky "squirrel busters" and minions harassing people that have left the "church", both in the U.S and internationally.

781 days ago


All that crazy stuff the kid wore before may have been called daddy's ego showing off. He is such a show off its amazing the kid doesnt have her own limo and driver.Smart of Holmes to do this with her dad's legal (and others) advice with the crazy scientologist is faaaar away.When hasnt he given the impression of control freak.

781 days ago


You shop at Whole Foods for a healthy body.

You divorce Tom Cruise for a healthy mind.

781 days ago


I bet Katie is just doing the same thing that her own mother did when she was a little girl. Katie wants Suri to feel comfortable going shopping with Mom and the bodyguard. It's a mother-daughter thing. A lot of women think it is relaxing to go shopping even if they don't plan to buy much. Suri might even get used to seeing paparazzi peeking around corners staring at her and taking her picture. Never know, Suri might get the acting bug someday and want go into the family business. She'll already have experience with those irritating paps causing a scene everywhere she goes.

781 days ago


does this kid ever walk? or even stand? ever?

781 days ago


The obvious problem is she still needs a blank and stuffed animal and being carried everywhere she goes.
There are pics of Katie, Suri with other mom's and daughters and Suri is the only one being carried and with blankie & toy.

781 days ago
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