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Kris Humphries

Family Hopes

He Is NOT the Father

7/8/2012 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Kris Humphries heard he might be a daddy the same way you did -- in the media -- and they are hoping it turns out he is not the father of Myla Sinanaj's baby ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Kris never told his family Myla might be pregnant, even though he had discussed the possibility with her for weeks. We're told Kris' family was disappointed that he kept it a secret from them and they had to read about it like everyone else.

We're told Kris has spoken with his family since the news broke, but he spoke only vaguely about the situation and gave them no details.

According to our sources, Kris' family will love the child unconditionally if it turns out to be his ... but they are privately hoping it isn't.


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Doesn't KK look like the 3rd guy on the evolutionary chart? Not only does he look like a neandrathal...he acts like one. Wrap. It. Up.

838 days ago

Coco Chanel     

Anything GOES when it comes to HOES!😳

838 days ago


This guy just comes off as a major douche bag. I swear.. everything I read about this guy makes him seem like a giant baby. I bet he cries a lot and thinks about cutting himself.

838 days ago


I hope it's not his baby too! He should never pro create. We don't need another loser like him in this world!! I wish he would just fall off the face of the earth. Sick of looking at his ugly mug everywhere....

838 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If that chick is even pregnant.

838 days ago


Privately hoping its not... Not so private after all.. I see where kris gets his stupidity.

838 days ago


Kim used the guy. I don't care if he sleeps with 10 girls. The point is that she used him in the Game for Fame, took the wedding presents and started Banging Kanye. Kim was the one who used and abused Kris with her manipulation, then proceeded to manipulate the Public. Kris did nothing wrong and hadn't gained anything- hes still playing for the NBA just like he was before Kim. As far as I'm concerned, Kris has the RIGHT to rebound after the Vile Kardashians used him and spit him out. He did nothing wrong but fall for the Succubus Kim Kardashian. This story with Myla still doesn't change the fact that Kim committed FRAUD.

838 days ago


Jeez Kris at least ware a condom. Didn't you have enough with Kim. This is no different. You get that DNA test.

838 days ago


Duh....of course they don't want it to be his....stupid article.

838 days ago


Who is your source, KMZ? No one from his family would talk to anyone affiliated with this known k'trashian spin machine. You guys are pathetic. Maybe after the secrets from their repugnant wedding sham come out in the divorce proceedings (although it's not like anyone with half a brain doesn't know what Pimpmom and E! did to cover their tracks), Harvey can retrieve his b@llz from her and you can finally leave this guy the f**k alone.

838 days ago


Hopefully he will THINK before he ACTS from now on...Best of Luck Kris

838 days ago


if he IS the dad and he probably IS the dad they sure are gonna look stupid welcoming their grandchild with i hope its not his......listen up humprhries clan Myla might be a tool...but so is yer son a year ago he was planing a wedding with another woman who he is still married too....your lil boy isnt much of a catch....or man....got no problem having unprotected sex but cries it aint mine.....ya sure it aint yers dumbass....lol @the big baby....shuddup and be a man.

838 days ago


I think most of the people following this train wreck of a situation are hoping she isn't pregnant, and if she is, the kid isn't Kris's, INCLUDING Kris.

838 days ago


Is this guy retarded?

838 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

This BIG, STUPID, GOOFY, IDIOT probably can't even spell condom!

838 days ago
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