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Kris Humphries

Family Hopes

He Is NOT the Father

7/8/2012 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Kris Humphries heard he might be a daddy the same way you did -- in the media -- and they are hoping it turns out he is not the father of Myla Sinanaj's baby ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Kris never told his family Myla might be pregnant, even though he had discussed the possibility with her for weeks. We're told Kris' family was disappointed that he kept it a secret from them and they had to read about it like everyone else.

We're told Kris has spoken with his family since the news broke, but he spoke only vaguely about the situation and gave them no details.

According to our sources, Kris' family will love the child unconditionally if it turns out to be his ... but they are privately hoping it isn't.


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I think I am the only one hoping that it is his baby

801 days ago


Nobody knows the real facts here. Maybe she was just a fling, (most guys will take it where ever they can get it). Maybe she lied to him about being on birth control.(Shouldn't believe that ,ever.).She saw a mark. True, he should use more discretion & caution.Hope he learns. This IS bad PR. Eventually the truth will come out.

801 days ago


This guy is such a doofus

801 days ago


Wear a condom next time Kris - you don't go raw in a "booty-call" - now she has 18 years of child support payments coming to her.

801 days ago


Remember when Rob Kardashian got "Rosa", pregnant on their show? Boy was he relieved when she miscarried! ( Or was that all made up scripted lies?) Anyway, It did not make Rob look good either. They all need to be more responsible people .Having sex with random people, just is not a good thing, There will be a price to pay.

801 days ago


I can't believe how dumb he is. What an idiot.

801 days ago


Sounds like a Kris jenner move trying to keep her useless family some how in the news.

Hey TMZ Why do you never print anything back about the mooching Karashians??

Get off of the Karashian payroll *******s..

801 days ago


Kris Humphries is just a big clumsy oaf and dufus. He needs to start
accepting responsibility for his
OWN actions and stop blaming others.
He is constantly whining he is a
victim. Go change your diaper Kris!
Just go away. He is not even nice
looking at all. Someone needs to
shut him up and stick a huge pacifier
in his mouth.

801 days ago


Kim looks so ridiculous and out of place, hanging around with the black people. What IS wrong with that girl? Just following the money and notoriety, no doubt.

801 days ago


Well if he didn't want any bambinos, he should have made sure his pickle was covered.

801 days ago


Jaysus, a pile of rocks would be a better daddy than this guy.

801 days ago


I'm sure his family is supportive to him simply because he is their son/brother etc. But I'll bet they'd also like to slap him upside the head with a steel toed boot for having taste for shlt in women.

801 days ago


Why should he tell his family SHE MIGHT BE PREGNANT? Good grief. He's an adult. He wouldn't even have to mention it if she turns out not pregnant. His parents also should not expect it until he's ready to share. Thank goodness my family doesn't get in my personal business until I want them to. I appreciate them more and more all the time. And they sure would not be spouting their mouths off about it to the press or anyone. PRIVACY PEOPLE? Where did it go? His family can be disappointed all they want; it's not their business until he decides to tell them, and even then it's still not their business to be discussing it with others.

801 days ago


Is she going to suddenly "have a miscarrage"? I think she is lying, you don't get that big in a week. You do if you are playing the guy. I feel for him, he needs to make sure he is protected. This won't be the last fame ho. Still, she isn't pregnant. If so, be a single dad, please don't bring a child into a relationship that is clearly dysfunctional, and where the mom is crazy for fame.

801 days ago


When are these athletes going to wake up and spot these gold diggers??? I guess that is why they call them dumb jocks. If she is pregnant his life is ruined. My god, she already has a high priced attorney which speaks VOLUMES. I bet she hasn't had a job in her life. She is frickin ugly too.

801 days ago
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