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Kris Humphries Ex-GF

I Want Him Back!

7/8/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
' freshly pregnant ex-girlfriend has lost her lawyer, dropped her lawsuit and is about to sign a confidentiality agreement with Kris -- the guy who tried to get her prosecuted ... because she wants to be back with him in the worst way ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us Myla Sinanaj, who now says she is 3-months pregnant with Kris' kid, has decided not to go forward with a lawsuit she planned on filing against Kris with the help of her high-powered lawyer, Joe Tacopina. We're told Tacopina has already drafted the suit, claiming Kris defamed Myla by alleging she tried to extort him. We're told Myla has decided NOT to sue Kris.
To the contrary, as we reported, Myla has been in constant contact with Kris over the last few weeks, and he has been pressing her to sign a confidentiality agreement. And get this ... she's willing to sign and he hasn't offered her a dime. We're told she plans to sign in a matter of days.

Myla is telling friends she thinks there's a "good chance" she and Kris will get back together. Either that, or he's using her ... dangling a carrot so she'll shut up for good. 

BTW, when we first broke the story last month that Kris was Myla's boyfriend, he changed all of his numbers so she couldn't contact him ... that is UNTIL she hired attorney Tacopina. Then he got back in touch real quickly. Now they're in touch all the time.

Love ... it's a blind thing.

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Slow you're roll, girl. Check out the core reality of Prenups.

837 days ago

I flashed Howard Stern    

Why is this a story TMZ I didn't even read it no one cares about the tamps in the K family the little ones will grow up to me like their mother and the other siblings all whores. BTW don't be surprise if Justiin Bieber is dating one of the Jenner girls soon.

837 days ago


FAKE FAKE FAKE!! Her Twitter pics from July 2 show her in a bikini with a FLAT stomach. How is TMZ not calling her out?? I hope someone's at Jones Beach to take her picture jet skiing with her fake pregnancy bump.

837 days ago


I am so sick of how stupid this guy is. Please don't make us follow this disturbing relationship. This is worse than Kris and Kim.

837 days ago


So sick of this woman. Why nothing much about the divorce proceedings? Pimpmama keeping all quiet. Why is everyone in glitz city so afraid of Jenner? Not one media outlet tells the "good"stories- Kylie's boob job at 14, etc.

837 days ago


I think she always wanted to be with him. He panicked when they got found out by the press. Both have acted immaturely towards each other. But what man wants to be with a woman who purposely gets pregnant after a few months just so she can get a stranglehold on her man?

837 days ago


I'm surprised TMZ (or any other media outlet) doesn't get it - Kardashians/Jenners are the most hated family in America. If TMZ starts breaking the "real" news about this family instead of kissing their butts, it would become THE LEADER in celebrity news with so many hits it would blow others out of the water.

837 days ago


Why in the HELL do we pay attention to these lowlife s*** bags. Society tells us to idolize this trash such as, the Kardashians, (Slut Family) Humphries, Tom Cruises and Justin Beibers; these debauched intellects bring children into the world that are later screwed up the rest of their lives. These ........ should all be sterilized. We permit our children to idolize this garbage. My god, toilet waste has more of a purpose in life than these high priced whore mongers. " Keeping up with the Kardashians" Surely people have better things to do than to watch this trailer trash.

837 days ago


TMZ posted a big belly shot of this ho and there's no way she's only 3 months pregnant. She looked at least 5 months. What gives? When did these two prizes hook up anyway? If she is indeed pregnant, and if it's Kris' kid (demand paternity test!) then he's a complete ass and she's a gold digger (and obviously got herself knocked up for the payout and "fame".) Sounds like these 2 deserve each other.

837 days ago


That woman is batfeces insane.

837 days ago


HAhahahah my account got banned....**** you you panzie ass ***gots......

837 days ago


A. She already spilled the beans about thier relationship.
B. She already spilled the beans about her pregnancy.
C. She already spilled the beans about KK's Mom's involvement with the porn tape.
D. What the hell is the use of a confidentiality agreement? We already know everything!

837 days ago


NO!! Say it isn't so. I've been Team Kris throughout the entire Kim/Kris crap. If all this Myla/Kris drama is true, then I'm done being his supporter. Team Nobody!!??

837 days ago


She may or may not be pregnant and, if she is, Kris may or may not be the father as her behavior makes a paternity test necessary. Kris, even if she's pregnant and it's yours, pay child support and be a father, but DO NOT GET BACK WITH THIS LUNATIC!!!

837 days ago


Kris had told Myla he was not ready for a permanent relationship. This girl is so in love with Kris that she is willing to do ANYTHING to get him back. This relationship came about around the time KKTNY started and the heavy attacks by the Katrash. His mind was really messed-up, he had to find relief somewhere and Myla was easy.
Myla was determined to get him but he never realized it until now.

Myla is what you call a 'dumb 25'. This relationship is not built on true love and trust (too many horrible bad memories so early) it does not really have a long term leg to stand on. Imagine everytime Kris look at her he is going to be thinking ( My loving wife who trapped me into being with her for the rest of my life). I really do not see it happening, but nothing about Kris should be surprising at this point.
He was adamant that he be the man and Kim had to live on his terms so now I can't wait to see if he is going to 'love' Myla on demand and live on her terms.

837 days ago
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