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Usher's Stepson

Investigation Into Accident Underway

7/8/2012 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Department of Natural Resource in Atlanta is investigating the accident that left Kyle Glover, stepson of R&B star Usher in critical condition ... an investigation which could take months to complete.

As TMZ first reported, the 11-year-old was struck in the head by a jet ski while riding in an inner tube on Lake Lanier. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and remains there in critical condition.

Robin Hill, a rep for the Department of Natural Resources (Wildlife Resources Division), tells TMZ the department's Critical Incident Response Team will recreate the accident on the lake to help determine what happened. Using special computer programs, they will attempt to figure out how fast the boats were going at the time of the accident.

Hill says that rangers have been in touch with the driver of the jet ski and remain in contact with him. Once the department completes their investigation, they will turn their recommendation over to the district attorney who would then decide whether or not to file charges.


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Any updates on his Son? Hopefully he comes through this alright.

840 days ago


Great news that everyone survived this -

This is all that matters for right now.

840 days ago


This is really sad... I know things happen but people have to be more careful. Why jetski in an area where people are swimming??? That makes no sense!

840 days ago


Hope the little boy will be ok. jet ski vs.. inner tube not a good thing.

840 days ago

Queen Karma    

Very sad. He was, is innocent. Some adutls forget waht is impt. Old ugly woman Tamkea marreid stupid money bags Usher and had two kids$$$ qiuckly with himand she already had three kids by, one, two, or three guys. Then Tameka wants to bleed Usher dry for her three kids and the two by Usher. She already won. Why not jsut take her fair share and this. What was so life urgent with that divorce that signed when they got married. This child 's life is urgent. Good God, even if he recovers, waht will his life be like. Jetski's , people are carelss and too many use them, buy them and don't know how to use them. Where to use them as well. The child was in an inner tube? Why were jet skiers there by swimmers. Jet ski, like baots belong way out in the deep water, 50 or so deep.So sad. Sure hope that child will be ok and can live noramlly, nothing to change his life forever, med nedds, etc. Very sad.

840 days ago


This is very sad story, I hope the child makes a full recovery. But this is a valuable lesson for the mother, stop spending all your time bad mouthing your ex and more time with your children. Also money don't buy happiness! Learn to appreciate what you have.

840 days ago


I feel bad for the little boy, but we know that had this happened when Usher was with the children she would use this against him and she wasn't even with her kids when this happened.

840 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

My thoughts are with Kyle and his friend. I hope they will both be fine.

840 days ago


Stop with the insensitive comments regarding Tameka not being there with her son when this tragic accident happened. She is a working mom after all who entrusted somebody else to care for and watch her children including Kyle while she was away. Which I'm pretty sure many of commenters- if you have children yourselves - have entrusted a caregiver or somebody else to look after your child or children while you were away at a business conference or other related trip.

840 days ago


Awhh. Poor little guy. I wish him all the best in his recovery.

840 days ago


This is so sad :( There was a similar case in WA state a few years ago. A man on a speed boat hit a boy in the head similar to this. The man lied and claimed he happened upon the child and saved him etc. He was never charged, I think he had connections in the local government and the boy is now severely brain damaged for the rest of his life. I hope this young boy pulls through. Also maybe the other boy's name has not been mentioned because he is not the child of famous people and his parents might not want his name out in the public. The guy on the jet ski should be arrested!

840 days ago


I hope no one was drinking.... that is way to common at the lakes and rivers!

840 days ago


I feel so badly for them :(

840 days ago

surf city syl    

the other injured is a girl she has a broken arm, and head laceration and is not in cirtical condition or brain dead. here is a video on site

840 days ago


Thyis is terribly sad,,there have been to many accidents on Lanier lately and unfortunately,,in most cases,,alcohol played a major role in them,,I don't think this is the case here.All of the local lakes have been having reports of terrible accidents because there are more people going to them because of the heat.there have been to many children involved in these tragedies.

840 days ago
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