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Justin Bieber 911

You've Never

Heard of a Fisker?!

7/9/2012 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber called 911 minutes AFTER he was pulled over for driving 80 mph on an L.A. Freeway last week to report FIVE paparazzi who continued to chase after him ... and TMZ has the recording.

During the call, Justin tells the operator, "I have like 5 cars following me."

He continues, "They are driving really reckless."

When the operator asks Justin for his last name, the singer answers ... "ummm, Johnson."

The operator then asks Mr. Johnson to describe his car ... to which Justin replies, "A Fisker."

The operator, who's obviously not a car person asks, "What kind of car is that?"
Justin: "Ummmm ... a Fisker."

The operator then asks Justin if he is the same person who was previously stopped on the 101 Freeway. Justin says he was ... but explains, "They're the ones that are driving recklessly now, I'm just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now. "

Bieber continued, "Before I was driving fast so I could get away from them and got pulled over myself."

The operator told Justin officers had been dispatched to help him out.

LA96.3 FM aired the 911 call this morning.

As we previously reported, Bieber had been cited for going 80 ... but the person who initially called the cops on the singer, L.A. City  Councilman Dennis Zine, said he believed Bieber was going at least 100 mph and was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic.

Zine -- a former LAPD motor officer -- told TMZ Bieber was driving so recklessly, he's SHOCKED the singer didn't crash and kill anyone. In fact, Zine said Bieber belongs behind bars.



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Both Bieber and TMZ completely suck.

807 days ago

kitnplayn better watch it now. This guy is a former traffic cop. He is going to have every traffic cop in California looking for any opportunity to jail your canadian azz. Behave. Make Canada proud!

807 days ago


i didn't know cameras had bullets
kid,grow and smarten up and take responsibility for your actions before you kill somebody and your career goes down the drain

807 days ago


I am very skilled in the art of helping high profile celebrities avoid the heinous paparazzi. If Mr. Johnson were one of my clients, I would have instructed him to have one of his colleagues purchase a 1987 white Toyota Corolla with tinted windows and a missing rear bumper. I would also recommend that he place a very large LA decal on his back window. I can, with 182% certainty, guarantee that Mr. Johnson would be literally invisible on the one hundred and one freeway, whether he was Southbound, or, Eastbound.

807 days ago


Um, Justin, if you are exceeding the speed of cops and former cops, you are driving too fast.
It doesn't matter if someone was tailing you or not. Fact of the matter is that you lead a fleet of vehicles on a high speed chase in dense traffic where a former cop says you were driving recklessly. The former cop didn't mention anything about anyone chasing you... except for the cops that pulled you over.
I guess he didn't have any faith in the cops that pulled him over to deal with the paparazzi followin- wait, what is that? You mean the cops went to deal with the paparazzi after pulling him over? Then why would Justin call the cops after getting pulled over? Wait. Wasn't Justin driving again at that point? Isn't it against the law to drive and talk on your cell phone? I know it is against the law in the midwest.

807 days ago


He said "JOHNSON." Must be some kind of Freudian slip secret desire.

807 days ago


Did anyone else hear Dj Laz from LA96.3 threaten TMZ if they didnt give em cred......F**K Dj LAZ !!!!

807 days ago


What an stupid argument to defend yourself. If you were going 10 MPH, they still would've been following you. Know why? BECAUSE YOU'RE FCKN FAMOUS! You arrogant little kid. Sit down and if you don't like the attention no one is forcing you to stay in the states.

807 days ago


lying to cops is a felony... justin johnson. what a baby complaining the paps is following him.

807 days ago


not that my comment is really needed but are you kidding me people ? the kid cannot even speak english correctly or read a street sign, but the worse part is he calls 911 with a so called emergency(meanwhile real crimes are being commited ) and beats around the bush, the idiot should have just said who he is and that paps are chasing him, the end... what a tool

807 days ago


What a little pissant. I have news for Mr. Bieber, most regular people don't know what a Fisker is. They're not teenage millionaires. They're driving Chevy's and Toyota's.

807 days ago


Send this little girl back to Canada.

807 days ago


You know JB is laughing this off with all his friends. He's probably called all his friends in Canada bragging that he was able to drive 100/mph weaving in and around other cars, bragging about what a great driver he thinks he is. I'm sure when he got bat back home, all of them including Selena thought all of it was so funny and that he was able to get away with only a ticket.. He's only going to get worst and to everyone who thinks Selena is such a goody-two-shoes, think again, if she didn't condone what he does she would have gone long ago.

806 days ago


He is young and make a mistake, he needs to have his license suspended and take road safety classes. HOWEVER, the Paparazzi need to lay off celebrities when they are in their cars... I know if someone were following me, whether i was walking or driving I would want to get away from them... they need to make a law about this in California already. Tragedy could strike at any moment, look at what happened to Princess Diana! they need to relax.

806 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    


806 days ago
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