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Kris Humphries, Myla

No Glove, No Problem

7/9/2012 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_kris_myla_02It's no accident Myla Sinanaj says she's pregnant with Kris Humphries' baby -- sources close to Myla tell TMZ ... the two had unprotected sex all the time. 

According to sources close to both Kris and Myla, Humphries was nonchalant when it came to using condoms. We're told if there wasn't one handy ... Kris had no problem going about his business.

As TMZ first reported, Kris isn't 100% sure he's the baby daddy, but Myla maintains she hasn't been with anyone else since she started seeing Kris.

And BTW ... sources close to Kim Kardashian tell TMZ she's laughing over the whole thing. We're told she finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he's a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he's still married.

How do you say "schadenfreude" in Armenian?

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I can't believe the Kardashians have the nerve to bash anyones values.

833 days ago


Where would these "sources close to Myla" get the information? I assume only Myla and Kris were in the bedroom at the time so they got their info from Myla. It is obvious Myla is staging this whole thing for publicity and maybe to get back with Kris. I doubt she is pregnant and if she is it may not be Kris's. She knows it will be months before she has to prove anything or even show a baby bump, and in celebrity news time that is an eternity.

833 days ago


"...sources close to Kim Kardashian tell TMZ she's laughing over the whole thing. We're told she finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he's a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he's still married."
Seriously, who ISN'T laughing at that fraud Kris Humphries right now?
The truth DID come out, didn't it?
Oh yeah!

833 days ago


TO: Waxx4321 who wrote:
"well apprently she had no problem with Him going about his Business either..she was supposed to do everything to protect herself..."
She did. She got pregnant by a rich guy now she too is rich, or soon will be. Unless of course, she fires her "pitbull" attorney in an emotional move to "get Kris back" and then Kris immediately back-stabs Myla and has her sign away her rights to child support which is probably valued somewhere around $55,000 per month.
Stay tuned to see what Myla does. Will she shoot herself in the foot, or listen to her lawyer?

833 days ago


Kris Humphries is the biggest liar in America right now. Well, Kris H. wanted the truth to come out, and boy of boy did he get his wish!

833 days ago


TMZ keeps maligning Kris Humphrie's irresponsible behavior, but reports nary a word about KIM K. HUMPHRIE'S aberrant behaviors, while still legally wed to KRIS. The TMZ bias is so evident and appalling. Story after story on Kris. Paid to slander certain parties? Unfair and heavily biased journalism!! I cry foul!

833 days ago


You know what's crazy about this "story" Myla just confirmed on her twitter she's not pregnant. Tmz is full of $hit.

833 days ago


Except Myla posted a pic of herself TODAY in a bikini w/ a flat stomach saying that she was NOT PREGNANT. TMZ has been trying so hard to catch Kris in something that they aren't even paying attention and reporting the facts correctly. She's not pregnant.

If this doesn't show that TMZ is on the Kardashian payroll, nothing will.

833 days ago


Except Myla just posted a pic of herself TODAY on Twitter in a bikini saying that's she's NOT PREGNANT, just "curvy". TMZ is trying so hard to call Kris out on this situation that they're completely disregarding the truth.

If this situation doesn't she that TMZ is on the Kardashian payroll, nothing will.

833 days ago


Kim has no room to laugh and point fingers since she's still married and publicly dating. And there is no proof, as of yet, the girl is pregnant. Probably just a desperate move to hold on to him. Kim really is an unsavory, self obsessed heffer

833 days ago


Who is KimK to talk? She is screwing around with Kanye and she is still married.

833 days ago

its a fact    

Kim K really shouldn't talk, she's been whoring around with Kanye for quite a while...once a whore always a whore, Kris should have known.

833 days ago


TO: Majestik who wrote:
"Geez, TMZ, really, why did we need to know from Myla, I mean her sources close to her about their sex life?..."
Myla probably "Tweeted" it.

833 days ago


I love the way some of you delusional haters lose your mind, you put your hopes for Kim K getting jacked in a moron Like Kris H.(Proven), much like most of you, you can tell the ones that are just nothing but low life, self hating, backwater racists, and hoodrats(Proven based on your comments). You people must flock to TMZ to get your daily feeding hate, it's the only thing that makes your life worth while. Remember this every ratchet thought, every evil word, every vicious attack that leave your mouth is a reflection of you and will bring nothing but bad karma to you . Just look around at everything thats going on and how quick your life or the life of your loved ones can get snatched away or changed forever and start giving thought to what you say about people, go back and read your vitrial and really think about what it would be like if that is the last thing you did before your eyes closed. That would be sad, that you go to hell hating on someone that you don't even know. Some of you really don't think before you type. I pray that you are not raising children, for their sake, the bad karma will eat them up, not to mention your nastiness will rub off on them. Shame.

833 days ago


Gives a whole new meaning to Kris HUMPphries.......you see what I did there

833 days ago
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