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Kris Humphries, Myla

No Glove, No Problem

7/9/2012 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_kris_myla_02It's no accident Myla Sinanaj says she's pregnant with Kris Humphries' baby -- sources close to Myla tell TMZ ... the two had unprotected sex all the time. 

According to sources close to both Kris and Myla, Humphries was nonchalant when it came to using condoms. We're told if there wasn't one handy ... Kris had no problem going about his business.

As TMZ first reported, Kris isn't 100% sure he's the baby daddy, but Myla maintains she hasn't been with anyone else since she started seeing Kris.

And BTW ... sources close to Kim Kardashian tell TMZ she's laughing over the whole thing. We're told she finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he's a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he's still married.

How do you say "schadenfreude" in Armenian?

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No Avatar


Kimmy I think the world is still laughing at you, so keep your "insert dick here" hole shut!

836 days ago


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836 days ago


Kris Humphries is a douche, but this chick Myla isn't much better. I find it laughable that Kim is laughing. She's not some wholesome girl either. I'm pretty sure she was banding away at Kanya and Reggie Bush while "married' to Humphries. We all know the marriage was a sham just for ratings. Bitch kept all the gifts and didn't give a dime to any of the charities she said she would give to. They are all disgraces to the planet.

836 days ago


Time to give KIM K.equal time for all her indiscretions during the past year,TMZ. Now that you have thoroughly bashed KRIS.H. KIM needs to be held accountable,as well. Fair is fair!

836 days ago


Yet meanwhile ...while both are still married....Fat butt Kardasian is getting slammed by some black diseased weird rapper.


TMZ....do yourself a favor ....quit painting the super non-talented porn making fat butt skank as americas golden girl.

836 days ago


Ktrash also laughs at her "fans" ... most of which are just haters on her twitter.
And the sex tape is laughable hahahaha

836 days ago


Like I told my sons always wear your coat in the rain or you may be caught up in a storm. DNA DNA Dna.

836 days ago


This entire story is beginning to look like a fabrication. The public does not like to be lied to and deceived TMZ!

836 days ago

just my opinion    

this story is so Pro Kardashian it's insane...while everyone can agree that he's stupid as hell for getting this girl pregnant, we ALL KNEW she had to be pregnant bc of the lack of using condoms...why would you post a story to say they never used condoms? its way too much info and kind of disgusting.

836 days ago


Why do I have this feeling she told him that she was on the pill and couldn't get pregnant?
If a girl lets a guy go down on her without wearing a condom, she wants his child. Unless the guy plays in the NBA. Then she just wants his money.

836 days ago


KimTrash and her mother are terrified of what will be revealed in court about the fraudulent marriage planned from the beginning to end soon.
And probably being audited ... now that would be interesting.
This Myla nonsense is just a Ktrash "ploy" to take attention away from the REAL CASE.
Better start getting your lies ... I mean ducks in a row. Humphries attorneys can't wait to question you.

836 days ago


Dude, what did you learn from the last skank? Nothing!!!!@!!!!

836 days ago


Lol @ the last line, does Kim Kardashian even speak Armenian??? Nope, she's as white like her mother at her core.

836 days ago


Oh, Kimmie. Better stop laughing by the time you and your Klan are cross-examined in court. He wants an annulment because you committed fraud and it was a fake marriage but nobody bothered to tell him. Yes, he has much more serious feelings than you about marriage vows and involving his sister and pastor in a fakeroonie wedding ceremony. But you know very well that he has no objection to sex outside marriage, unless you expect us to believe you two were celibate prior to the ratings extravaganza. News flash: plenty of serious Christians feel the same way. You claim to be Christian yourself and have been bonking guys routinely without a marriage certificate yourself.
The Klan must be going beserk trying to keep the courtroom drama from happening. They're trying hard to scare him off. Fact is, none of Kris H's dating behavior will be at all relevant to the case. It's about fraud, not who or how either if you have been bonking since you filed.

836 days ago


kim can laugh all she wants, the only reason she doesnt have a dozen kids is because her mother put her on the pill at 14. so hes stupid, and kims had so many partners, but she was prepared to protect herself.

836 days ago
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