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Kris Humphries, Myla

No Glove, No Problem

7/9/2012 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_kris_myla_02It's no accident Myla Sinanaj says she's pregnant with Kris Humphries' baby -- sources close to Myla tell TMZ ... the two had unprotected sex all the time. 

According to sources close to both Kris and Myla, Humphries was nonchalant when it came to using condoms. We're told if there wasn't one handy ... Kris had no problem going about his business.

As TMZ first reported, Kris isn't 100% sure he's the baby daddy, but Myla maintains she hasn't been with anyone else since she started seeing Kris.

And BTW ... sources close to Kim Kardashian tell TMZ she's laughing over the whole thing. We're told she finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he's a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he's still married.

How do you say "schadenfreude" in Armenian?

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No Avatar


hahahaha shut up kartrasian.... this was probably all planed by you too because you know people are getting sick of your a$$$$

834 days ago


Wait, time out. KK "finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he's a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he's still married." But it's okay for her to be f*%&ing Kanye West while she's still married? Hahahahaha.

Oh, you Hollywood hypocrites, you...

834 days ago


Myla was paid by Kartrash to set Kris H. up!---They are behind all these STUPID stories about Kris to make him look bad & kimmie look like the victim!
PLEASE KMZ, get off their payroll & stop reporting on that trash!

834 days ago


Bullcrap. All Kardashian stories reported on TMZ are suspect.

834 days ago


Is TMZ now prohibited from putting any Kardashian photos or stories on here?? Really biased reporting on here.

834 days ago


Majestik, whatever amount it is it WILL be significant enough for Myla to move from Front Desk Clerk to Beverly Hills Baby Mommas if she wants to, plus she have all brand new rich friends, and her new summer vacation spot will almost certainly be some wealthy womens club on Miami Beach.
THAT is why girls like Myla don't take B.C. pills when they're messing with rich celebrity types -- because it PAYS.

834 days ago


But Kim is laughing she talking about Chris knocking up some chick she was cheating with some other man lol her lover boy so call best friend no even better close family friend haha such a slut

834 days ago


#97 Sam- you should not make sweeping statements about a person having abortions,unless you have do***ented evidence to that effect. That is irresponsible reporting and hurts the credibility of this site and the people using it. She has been on birth control since the age of 14, therefore it is unlikely that she had abortions.

834 days ago


And the slut Kardashian is doing the same thing with Kanye West, she's not divorced yet. She has a lot of nerve pointing the finger and her soon to be ex. Kardashian's are just plain trash.

834 days ago


I think Myla Sinanaj was hired by Kris Kardashian to sleep w/Kris Humphries, then Myla spills intimate details making Kris H look bad and Kris K wins. What is the outcome of the FBI investigation?
Hoping Kris H can turn this around and come out on top!!!

834 days ago


Ummm.....does anyone else think the Kardashian family may have hired this Mya woman to purposely get pregnant and make Kris look bad? I can't stand the Kardashian family and wouldn't put this past them one bit....

834 days ago


does those hairy mo's have you guys on payroll tmz? you guys seem to put out a biased article on them everyday. nobody cares about them according to a yahoo front page poll out of half a million people, 80% want to see her gone.

834 days ago


I think TMZ made this one up. When Kris is done with Kim in court, he should sue the pants of Harvey and his gang for slander and defamation of character. Let's see who has the last laugh in the end.

834 days ago


Why is it that "never trust a female" or ir was Mylas responsibility to use protetcion? Whoever you pighead SOBs are, you guy or girls can go to hell. ****head is a big boy. He should have known better. Nowhe is saying that he wants a paternity test, this guy takes being low to a whole new level. And he does it with every passing day.

834 days ago


The story about her being pregnant has Kardashian money written all over it. Funny, this story came out when they were giving dispositions for their divorce.
Sure Kardashians paid her money to tell this story.

834 days ago
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