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Justin Bieber

Too Fast ... Too Dangerous?

7/9/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber's 911 call in the middle of his high speed chase proves he really was concerned about paparazzi trailing him -- but is that a good enough excuse to weave through traffic at 100 mph?? We'll tell you what police think of Justin's antics.

Plus, rapper 40 Glocc rips into The Game for "jumping" him and videotaping the beating. You gotta see what happens 40 calls in to challenge Game ... and Game goes M.I.A.!

Also, is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke Bill Maher? Brady wants to ... and it's all over an insulting comment about President Obama. Is Wayne overreacting to a bad joke?

Justin Bieber's insane, high-speed chase down the 101 Freeway incited more fear in other drivers than we thought ... turns out 10 people called 911 on him. And get this ... one of them was Biebs ... and you gotta hear what he had to say.
(6:10) Kris Humphries didn't use a rubber when hooking up with his ex -- which totally explains that whole pregnancy issue.
(10:00) 40 Glocc calls in to talk about the brutal fight between him and The Game -- the one in which he got his ass handed to him ... and he claims there were multiple people -- and guns -- involved.
(19:20) A war erupts between Bill Mahar and Wayne Brady -- after Mahar suggests President Obama is a soft guy ... just like Brady. Brady's response ... far, far from soft.
(25:50) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce has been SETTLED! We have exclusive details about who gets Suri, and when.
(32:30) Matt Lauer gushes over Savannah Guthrie on "Today" this morning ... and it's just the thing the show needs to get out of the hole it dug with Ann Curry.
(35:00) Octomom's a rapper now -- and as painful as that sounds ... we're happy she's hustling for her kids.
(38:00) Maria Shriver and her daughter are BOTH busted with parking tickets. The parking-violating apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
(41:10) We take your calls!

No Avatar


so how long do we let this canadian drive in such a dangerous fashion before we say no driving for you,oh he is a celeb so he has to kill how many before we do anything

835 days ago


Obama DID NOT kill OSB, the Seal Team did. Wuss O-blow hole had nothing to so with it.

835 days ago

Flying Blind    

hey, i have my very own h8ter who follows my post and clicks the 'hate" button. i'm not on facebook, is this like a poke?

835 days ago


Yes, I believe Suri should have Scientology explained to her *when she is over 18 and capable of making her own decisions.* This isn't your ordinary "religion."

835 days ago


Harvey's shirt would be awesome with a strobe light on :D

835 days ago


This whole weird, vague fight between The Game and 40 Glocc smacks of gay lovers on the DL trying to out dominate each other. There is probably some panic among closeted rappers now that some of them are beginning to come out. 40 is the one who started throwing the fairy moniker out there. Just saying.

835 days ago


I'm not sure what the big deal is with what Bill Maher said. Obama has been spending a lot of time pandering to the rich to get donations for his campaign by singing, and putting on a little performance when he speaks. That is very Wayne Brady (his role on who's line is it anyway, on on his own show). He could very easily have said more Bruce Willis and less Mathew Broderick and no one would have been making as big a deal about it. The fact is he used black people names because Obama is touted as the first black President. I think everyone is making something out of nothing. He is saying "gansta" as in tough, not uneducated, or ignorant.

835 days ago


Tom loves Suri, that's obvious to anyone with half a brain and heart.
...which leaves out about 90% of the general public :D

835 days ago


Love the woman caller who said she thinks Suri should be allowed to be exposed to both religions and later make her own choice.
Smart woman, wish I would have caught her name, didn't, but she's right...and one of the few people who actually showed some *mature* and *balanced* thinking on the matter.

835 days ago


We watched a movie called God Bless America over the weekend and they spoofed TMZ and it was hilarious and so accurate.

835 days ago

Flying Blind    

Harvey, ever think about buying a belt. It'll hold your pants up during the show.

835 days ago


Katie didn't's just TMZ writing stories to cover what they've already put out there about the story. They exaggerate and manufacture aspects of it that isn't reality. TMZ didn't use to be that way, not to this extreme anyway. It is really going downhill.

835 days ago


I disagree Katie would not give in for Suri to be exposed to Scientology. I think Tom just knew he needed to stop the bad press. Katie also probably brought up how Tom's other kids were turned away from there Mom which is something Scientology wants.

835 days ago



You can't wear stripes when being taped. You're throwing off wicked Moiré fringes!

Your biggest fan,

835 days ago


Really, Harvey? Obama a bad ass because he killed Bin Laden? I could have sworn I a saw pic of Obama sitting in a room in the white house while NAVY SEALS killed bin Laden!

835 days ago
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