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Tom Cruise

Lands on His Feet

7/9/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_tom_cruise_plane_landing_splash_article_2It got bumpy for a while ... but Tom Cruise has finally returned to Earth.

Moments after Tom and Katie announced they reached a settlement in their divorce ... Cruise touched down in Mammoth, CA looking ... more single than usual.

Tom is reportedly in Mammoth to film scenes for his upcoming movie, "Oblivion."

As we previously reported, Tom and Katie hammered out their settlement in record time ... with both sides insisting they're excited to move on with their lives.


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Tu Persuasive    

HOOOORAY FOR KATIE... No more old man sex... yay!!

805 days ago


Does anyone know if Tom was present to sign the papers?

805 days ago



creeps sit here on line bashing the guy who flies in his own private plane earned from working his b-tt off most of his adult life

I wonder what catered food he ate on his jet - you creeps have any guesses?

805 days ago


They came to a quick agreement because Suri is Chris Klein's daughter....I always thought it odd that Katie was engaged to Chris Klein, broke it off and within a week or two was with Cruise. See pics below...don't you think it's possible?? Since Holmes & Klein broke up, Klein has had two DUI related incidents; one, the month they split...did she tell him she was expecting and jumped ship over to the Cruise camp? Was he drinking cuz he knew he was loosing a child to the good ship Scientology? I imagine the divorce proceedings went something like this; Katie: 'Tom, Give me what I want and leave us alone and I won't tell the world that you're not the baby daddy' Just throwing it out there....anyone have better/more accurate info re: Klein / Holms split and was she pregnant when she met Cruise?

805 days ago


This whole situation is bs. The contract expired, that it. Katie didn't suddenly get the creeps from Scientology, she had a Scientology wedding, a Scientology birth. Please, this has "arrangement" all over it. Who ever heard of Katie Holmes b4 she married Tom. From Dawson's Creek to A-list wife. For all we know Suri was made in a dish.

805 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

Why are people surprised at how quickly this was accomplished? Katie didn't get half the estate because she's already been paid for her time and trouble - the whole deal was signed, sealed and delivered the day they married. I'm already bored, TMZ, please move on....

805 days ago


Wow. TMZ reallyblew coverage this time. Massively scooped by Radaronline.

Maybe TMZ should spend less time talking to stupid rappers and more time checking or establishing sources. Because and Meanwhile, mo' scoops coming

805 days ago

Throwback kid    

Was Travolta on that flight? They could give eachother massages and talk about Scientology

805 days ago


Why do you people believe this came out of the blue? See facts below.

*kh filed the divorce just as tc was finishing the project in iceland.
*he had downtime between finishing in iceland and starting filming in california.
* she filed after rock of ages opened.
*she filed right before her molly project starts
*she filed right before her fashion line stuff starts up.
*she filed before the new kiddie school year.
*she moved to a neighborhood where sure can go to school. that move was no surprise to tom.

every bit of it was planned and known far in advance. the contract was up. she probably could have extended it under certain cir***stances and for more money, but she wanted to take the 5 year plan. the only reason it lasted a bit longer was because of timing -- their projects. this is why it was settled so quickly -- just hammering out final little details. this is not a katie coup. it's what it is. neither is a bad person -- lots of tom bashing -- it was a marriage deal. why can't anyone see the pattern of how things were planned? he knew all along as did she. they even had the date set for when it would be settled so each could go back to their work. to think of it as a plot or anything else is pure silly. did they love one another? probably for a short time. it was a try it and see.

805 days ago


....and i forgot. it was planned to coincide with katie's magazine cover and coming out story. all pr folks.

805 days ago


Everyone seems to be speculating that Katie has secrets regarding Scientology, but my guess is she has some good solid info regarding Tom's sex life that he does NOT want public. Just speculating, but I suspect that's more the reason for him agreeing to sign off as quickly as he did.

805 days ago


Now he's off for a couple's massage with Travolta

805 days ago


Really people. This guy has never done anything to anyone. There's no proof that he's gay, that he sucked as a husband. Focus your vitriol on Romney or some other creep who will have an impact on your life. People can believe in any religion they wish. All religions are cults in one sense or another. He's good to his kids. Kidman loved him deeply. Rogers was just pissed because he dumped her. Katie was all too eager to climb aboard. You can never say she was too young and naive. That's bunk. Cruise is different, that's undeniable. But I don't think he's a demon or a jerk. I don't know how he can possibly handle all of the criticism. No one has ever said he was a bad father. Looks to me like Katie will still be seeing plenty of him. The marriage didn't work, but I suspect they like one another a great deal.

805 days ago


Now he and John can get that couple's massage!

805 days ago


"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"
What's up with the black Escalade and Yukon? Who can afford that? The U.S. taxpayers, that's who! We still owe 65 Billion in bailout taxes so that Tom could have suitable wheels upon arrival. Thanks to everyone who is helping him get by.

805 days ago
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