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Tom and Katie Divorce

The Suri Clause

7/9/2012 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_tom_suri_katie_articleTMZ has learned, the divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is extremely complicated, outlining things both Tom and Katie can and cannot do with Suri.

Here's what we know.

-- Katie will have what amounts to primary physical custody, but Tom has significant custodial time with his daughter.

-- A report claiming that Suri must be in the presence of Katie's bodyguard and nanny when she is around Tom is "absolutely, 100% false."

-- The custodial provisions of the agreement are extremely detailed, and religion is one of the topics.  We're told there are restrictions on what Tom and Katie can discuss with Suri on the subject of religion, including Scientology, however, those restrictions are eased the older Suri gets.

In short, we're told the agreement is extremely detailed and outlines a course of conduct for years to come.


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IF Scientology was truly the reason for divorce, then . . .
Didn't she consider Scientology when deciding to marry or not ??

833 days ago


I sure hope sushi doesn't get more spoiled than she already is. Tom and Kate are grown adults even though they don't always act like it but poor sushi just knows one thing....stuff...every photo with her mom shows her with more new stuff...please top spoiling little sushi or else she will grow up not to appreciate anything and become losers like 3 time married parents.

832 days ago

joe gillis    

more BS cult of $atanology advertorial designed to try and put an end to plummeting e-meter sales courtesy tommy ot8, manwife miscarriage, XENU etc

832 days ago


What a sharade - give us a break! Tom needed some pubblicity a la "Donald Trump" for his upcoming movies... what better way, then act a bid and "make us believe" .... what a sharade!

831 days ago


This is not about religion - we are looking for a reason to justify their sharade - Tom wants to make money with a movie, where he is a "rock 'n Roll" singer (?????) - what better way then being on the first page around the World,,,, this is acting guys, acting and enough money to pay a few lawyers... LOL

831 days ago

nancie del real    

Scientology may be on the top list for cults, also jehovah witness, mormon, good example is scientoligist and jehovah witness alienation efforts to separate family matters. their efforts to make individuals feel guilty, mind control will be difficult for a person to escape. As a christian I got involved in a church that I thought was headed in this direction and me and a friend got out. It is a very scary place to be because you question whether you are doing the right thing, Katy Holmes was fortunate to get out ,Tom Cruise will probably not unless he is standing on the moon and looking down.

831 days ago


Bottom line, *FOR THE TIME BEING* Katie has a positive divorce/settlement NOW. For the future, I expect that TOM CRUISE, will be waiting like a HUNGY ANIMAL for the time when Suri turns 16, and then Katie's HELL will just be getting started. Katie, don't give up. STAND your ground, but be prepared for a LONG battle with your FANATIC/RELIGIOUS LUNATIC of a *X* husband. Actually, he will be the LAUGHING STOCK of the United States. He isn't a great actor, in the fact that is movies are always directed by someone who LIVES for action. Good Luck Katie, and I sure hope you have gone back to your other religion. I am there, and have been for MANY YEARS.

830 days ago


view pics of Katie and Suri

822 days ago


As an ex-church of scientology member, in 2004-2005 I personally witnessed set ups/ pimping by David Miscavige for his "man-wife" Tom Cruise. David Miscavige ordered all his "church" organizations around the world to find beautiful women between the ages of 20 to 25 years old for a "special project." Yolanda Pecoraro (19) was a parishioner at the Celebrity Center International in Los Angeles was set up with Tom. She dated him for about 4 weeks and accompanied him to a Scientology event to generate cash donations which are used by Miscavige:

Yolanda is wearing the long pink dress 10 seconds into this clip, standing between Tom Cruise and Mary Lee (Tom's mother).

David Miscavige's secret Sea Org pimping team consisted of veteran RTC member Greg Wilhere (who assaulted Steve Hall, creator of, in an effort to stop him from escaping from the Sea Org in 2004), Tommy Davis (who twice lied on national TV denying the practice of disconnection), Jessica Feschback, Shane Woodruff (President of Celebrity Center International in 2004) and Shelley Miscavige (who David Miscavige "disappeared" in 2006 and who has not been seen since). These were all highly-placed Church executives running this "special project" to find the most sexually alluring, highly educated females with squeaky-clean ethics records.

This entire Miscavige/Cruise "special project" was a predatory front using false pretenses, Church organizations and resources to filter unwary candidates and funnel women into Tom Cruise's bed. Thus what it really amounts to was CHURCH-SPONSORED RAPE.

During the last 2 weeks of their relationship, David Miscavige was busy pimping another woman for Tom Cruise. Their next victim was a 25-year old brunette who was also a Scientology parishioner. A thorough background check and investigation was done on her at Celebrity Center International.

In the meantime, Tom Cruise dismissed Yolanda, buying her silence by purchasing a huge amount of Scientology services training and auditing (a bribe worth tens of thousands of dollars). Yolanda's entire family were Scientologists and all were coerced to sign bonds of confidentiality to maintain secrecy and never expose the truth to any media, otherwise they will be declared suppressive persons and disconnected from everyone they know.

The new brunette was told she had been chosen to help expand Scientology and that she would be meeting with top VIPs and world officials. Too late, she realized that Church officials had lied to her. She expressed concern and raised questions. The entire facade was a lie; no self-respecting woman would willingly allow herself to be so used, degraded and humiliated. Instead of using force, they used cunning falsehoods and half truths to entrap her.

Miscavige and Cruise quickly shifted into damage-control mode, sending her off to the sprawling Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida. There, Miscavige henchman, Tommy Davis (by order of David Miscavige) had the woman imprisoned, emotionally tortured and interrogated for four months. There she was forced to do heavy physical labor. The intention was to break her emotionally and spiritually, to destroy her will power and self respect as a human being.

They failed.

Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are sex criminals, human rights violators, and abusive-monster sociopaths. My heart goes to those great people, normal parishioners and staff who are trapped in this cult out of fear of being disconnected from loved ones and being harassed if they ever come forward to expose their truth.

819 days ago


810 days ago
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