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Tom Cruise

There's NO Settlement Without Suri

7/9/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise has made one thing VERY clear -- Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes ... this according to sources very familiar with the situation.

As we first reported, lawyers for both sides are trying to pound out a settlement. We're told Tom has insisted that the settlement provide "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter." As one source put it, "She is the primary concern in his life."

Sources connected with Katie tell us they have made it clear that Tom will be able to spend time with his daughter when he finishes his movie shoot in the Rockies.

Lawyers for both sides have been meeting for hours a day. Sources say they even met for a full business day on Saturday. And, we're told, they are not just trying to hash out a temporary truce -- these are settlement negotiations for the entire divorce.

Sources say both sides are negotiating custody, visitation, support and property settlement.

One caution -- we're told the negotiations are still "in flux" and it's possible things could fall apart.  But for now, no one is rushing to court.



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I'm thinking that at this age, Suri is more impressionable. ANY amount of prolonged time with Cruise is gonna affect her.
With all the "space" movies and "make believe", I think it'll be easy to get Suri to think it's so cool with the Xenu crap and Thetans, etc. The story of Xenu is gonna be like a bedtime story for Suri when with Tom.
Tom will seem like so much more fun than mommy. Tom, basically, treats her like a "little adult", as the media reports. What kid wouldn't want to feel like they have such freedom and with a "fairy tale" type of life with the Xenu science fiction BS. He'll use the "you have to do this and that" if you want to see Xenu.
Katie is gonna seem like the "wicked witch" with the rules and structure. In Catholicism, God is made to seem like the "a big scarey bad guy" who punishes you if you act a certain way.
Honestly, I think he's gonna "win" in the end, no matter what type of settlement is made, just IMO.
This is such a pathetic situation. I think children should be given residential custody to their moms...unless they're total whack jobs, druggies, abusive, etc. Sorry, dads....well, maybe I just feel this way because of this particular situation, I just wish Cruise would get really limited visitation.
BUT, in any custody battle, I've read that religion can NOT be a factor for custody.
This chit sux all the way around!!

801 days ago


I'm sure Katie will allow supervised visits until she's sure Tom won't take her, but if he's looking for joint legal custody, there will be no settlement.

801 days ago


Wow just read that Charlie Manson was a former scientologist. That he incorporated their techniques for his "family". I think that says it all.

801 days ago


UNRECOGNIZABLE PHOTO OF DADDY, strolling with his little girl looking like a hobo, or, are those his "Sunday-Go-Meeting" clothes???

801 days ago


tom, do the right thing!! let her next choice in men raise her?? don't worry!! after all she chose you to.

801 days ago


Dude can't stay married; he's a 3x loser. As for his daughter, I'm sure Katie'll make things as easy as possible; it's obvious that he loves the kid. It's too back his "religious" beliefs are so psychotically extreme...

801 days ago


Katie,hold on tight you can do this..don't settle for less than you want..the WORLD is watching you scientologist nut jobs and WE WON'T let you scare KATIE, CALL YOUR GOONS OFF tommy or WE'LL BRING YOU DOWN...LOVEEEEEEEEEEE KATIES DAD !

801 days ago


What decent self respecting father does not want to be in his daughter's life and have his daughter in his?

If TC did not care and walked away from her you people would call him names and inhuman, if he wants his daughter you call him names.

You are like the Obama birthers and all conspiracy theorists. No matter what happens just proves your irrational baseless point of view right in your mind.

801 days ago


if TC was pictured eating a burrito you people would say "OMG!!!! he is eating beans!!!!!!!!!! you know what that means about him and Scientology don't you?????????"

It is pretty nuts around here.

801 days ago


I wonder does the pre-nup mention custody of Suri at all? Or does the pre-nup only deal with money.

800 days ago


I either heard or read that pre-nups can't address the issue of child custody.......haven't checked, but it sounds good.

800 days ago


I think he's doing the right and responsible thing by wanting to be as involved as possible in his daughter's life! I don't care what they say, a child will always need the balance of having access to both mother and father. I also think the divorce settlement should talk about how exposed the child is going to be to each other's religion, or what religion, if any, will be the primary.

800 days ago


Maybe Katie is not as sweet as she pretends to be. What kind of mother would try and keep her daughter away from her father??

800 days ago


The majority of the time, Suri is with Katie, Tom is busy making movies, I love "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter." WTF does he have that now? Plus the line he will spend time with her after filming in the Rockies,? Stop with all the movie making, they aren't that good anyways
Team Katie!!

800 days ago


Tom's biggest, and most well-founded fear has been reported since day one at Katie's divorce page. It's all about a total lack of oversight in family court.

800 days ago
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