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Tom Cruise

There's NO Settlement Without Suri

7/9/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise has made one thing VERY clear -- Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes ... this according to sources very familiar with the situation.

As we first reported, lawyers for both sides are trying to pound out a settlement. We're told Tom has insisted that the settlement provide "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter." As one source put it, "She is the primary concern in his life."

Sources connected with Katie tell us they have made it clear that Tom will be able to spend time with his daughter when he finishes his movie shoot in the Rockies.

Lawyers for both sides have been meeting for hours a day. Sources say they even met for a full business day on Saturday. And, we're told, they are not just trying to hash out a temporary truce -- these are settlement negotiations for the entire divorce.

Sources say both sides are negotiating custody, visitation, support and property settlement.

One caution -- we're told the negotiations are still "in flux" and it's possible things could fall apart.  But for now, no one is rushing to court.



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Here's what will happen: Katie WILL get sole legal custody, but she'll agree that the press can report that he got joint custody as part of the agreement. She'll probably have to make a public statement that Scientology wasn't the reason for their split, as well. Again, all to save face for Tom's cult.....he really doesn't care that much about that child -- Active Scis are too brainwashed to have actual affection for non-Scientologists -- even if they're kids.

837 days ago


No matter what we think about it, Scientology is Tom's religion. He believes in it and wants his children to believe in it as well. we wouldn't like it if we were denied access to our child because of our religious beliefs. It's obvious he loves the little girl and wants to be a part of her life.

837 days ago


too bad nichole isn;t saying much...her agreement must be 100 pages, TC got to keep THEIR adopted kids, and brain wash them,......he's going to do the same thing with katie and suri.....

837 days ago


Google Image pics of Tom and Suri ;)
It's glaringly obvious to anyone....well, anyone with a brain....that Suri is deeply loved by Tom, that Tom is dedicated to making her feel happy, and that Suri is fully aware that her dad loves her.
Yet spiteful meddling hens will squawk and squawk in their attempts to destroy marriages and destroy relationships between children and father.
They do the same in real life, meddling no-lifes driving wedges between people in hopes to break their bonds and separate them...then the meddlers sit on their worthless asses feeling satisfied they had the alleged "power" to destroy something.
Despicable behavior, but expected from the shallow end of the pool ;)

837 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The only concern this A-Hole has ever had is MONEY and his Decadent belief in Scientology-He is nothing but a FOOL in sheeps clothing!!! Suri will become a ROBOT for his Scientologist buddies -

837 days ago


I have always believed that Suri was an in vitro baby. Nicole had a baby as soon as she remarried. Tom had to do the same so he interviewed possible wombs. Katie has the power if this is true. Of course Tom has to make some noise about deal breakers, but in the end he will cave-watch it happen.

837 days ago


I don't think any judge will permit him having no contact with his daughter regardless of scientology. I just hope Katie gets to keep them away from the horror as much as possible.

837 days ago


oops that's Russell Crowe lol.

837 days ago


For Suri's sake, I hope Katie ia able to be strong and win her case!! I am sure she has tales to tell and you can bet the strange little Tom does not want the public to know anything about him and his cult!!

837 days ago


This whole divorce is all over and about Scientology. Holmes is scared to death of Scientology and rightfully so. She wan't no part of this in any shape way or form for her daughter. She's protecting her. He is a pure control freak who can no longer control Katie so he's going for thier daughter.

If Tom was any kind of man he would keep Scientology to himself and keep it far away from his little girl but I don't think he will do that.

Holmes opened up a big can of worms for Scientology.

837 days ago


How does a Scientologist cleanse their mind from their horrific crimes?

837 days ago


He is a psycho! Just like John Revolta and the rest of the Scientology freaks! He is going to bully her into custody, just like Nicole.

837 days ago


Happy, I see your comment below. Pun well taken! As you may recall, Russell Brand is Katy Perry's ex. Although he could have gotten millions (I think 12 million dollars was due to him from her), he didn't take a penny, gave her the house, wished her well, and moved on without making any kind of big deal out of it, without disparaging her name, and without a fight. Now that's a "manly-man" to me! Not like sissy Kris Humphries who is the biggest fraud in his former marriage, he lies about everything then calls his ex-wife a liar. K.Hump is what I call a "girly man" who thinks he should be treated like a woman. K.Hump wants Kim's wedding gifts (he's already got back all the wedding gifts his family gave), he wants 1/2 of Kim's engagement ring that he didn't even buy (she bought her own ring cause he couldn't afford it), and he wants $7 million dollars for his "broken heart". Ha! If people were being paid for broken hearts, how many women would be millionaires by now!

837 days ago


The dude is lucky that Katie is nice enough to put visitation on the table int the first place. I mean Tom's really good at what he does but what gives him his edge is the fact that he's more than a little insane.

837 days ago



837 days ago
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