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Tom Cruise

There's NO Settlement Without Suri

7/9/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise has made one thing VERY clear -- Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes ... this according to sources very familiar with the situation.

As we first reported, lawyers for both sides are trying to pound out a settlement. We're told Tom has insisted that the settlement provide "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter." As one source put it, "She is the primary concern in his life."

Sources connected with Katie tell us they have made it clear that Tom will be able to spend time with his daughter when he finishes his movie shoot in the Rockies.

Lawyers for both sides have been meeting for hours a day. Sources say they even met for a full business day on Saturday. And, we're told, they are not just trying to hash out a temporary truce -- these are settlement negotiations for the entire divorce.

Sources say both sides are negotiating custody, visitation, support and property settlement.

One caution -- we're told the negotiations are still "in flux" and it's possible things could fall apart.  But for now, no one is rushing to court.



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I am always for fathers spending time with their children - like that model and Halle Berry. I think he deserves to have shared custody of his daughter. But in this case here, I'd be afraid of any time spent with Tom. I'd be afraid that he would be 'auditing' Suri to find out any kind of information to see what Katie is doing & using it against her. Even just for a couple of hours. I would hope that Katie would speak out about Scientology and the harm that it does. Maybe have a stipulation that there can be any kind of religious practices done [pertaining to Scientology] or any kind of other Scientologist while Tom has Suri. But i know that infringes on freedom of religion. I feel bad for the child. You know that she will have issues growing up & most of them compliments of the dad's beliefs.

798 days ago


Tom and all of his staff are cult members.

Dont let that creep near Suri

798 days ago


Unfortunately Tom is more powerful than Katie. I think she will lose this poor child who needs her Mom and not just nannies. She should have picked a better father for her child. Shame.

798 days ago


Neither side wants to go to court. Tom wants his daughter, Katie wants to remain living in the style she's grown accustomed to.
I think this is Katie's plan to get around the pre-nup. She will get a significantly larger settlement this way.
If they do go to court, Tom won't get to see Suri, and Katie will have to do her own shopping for the rest of her life.

798 days ago


Should a bizarre and ugly comment advocating violence and murder like the one below by BEARFORCE1 not be deleted from the comment page, if not brought to the attention of law enforcement:


I hate to say this buy I am really surprised someone hasn't shot and killed david misacavage yet. You would think there are enough people who have been pushed to the edge or people who have lost family. "

798 days ago


What makes you think Suri is not being raised by nannies while she is with Katie. Just because there are photo ops with the two does'nt mean that behind closed doors Katie's doing all the work.This is what most famous people do, I doubt Katie is any different.

798 days ago


Suri should have siblings but, thankfully, that won't happen in this marriage. Kids deserve as uncomplicated and least coercive environment possible to grow up.

Why is a creepy, evil, predatory, controlling, vengeful cult necessary, in life, in the first place?

Without being too negative, Tom has always come across as very insecure, paranoid and controlling about his image..... but why?

He's a good, versatile actor who shouldn't really have to go to the lengths that he does to craft some kind of superhuman image.

Mr. Tries-Too-Hard.

798 days ago


As long as Scientology stays out of this divorce and Katie's & this child's life, then everything will be fine.

798 days ago


Regardless he is still this childs father!

798 days ago


Lawyers are making bank by dragging this thing out. Good for ya'll.

798 days ago


I bet Tom's other kids love the fact that Suri takes precedent over them.

798 days ago


I told you this would happen. Tom Cruise gets what he WANTS. And he wants his Suri! I really feel bad for Katie. Nicole Kidman lost out on those 2 other kids. He'll take Suri away from Katie. It'll destroy her!!!

798 days ago

Joan K    

How old is this picture, I would say at least 3 years old. Can't they even find a recent picture of this weirdo with his daughter? I wouldn't be afraid to bet that Tommie Boy will make it look like he wants Suri in his life but his Cult is more important than anything so he won't be around for long.

798 days ago


To Melody
Katie has a three bedroom apartment and??? One for her, one for Suri and one for the help maybe.

798 days ago


No I am just honestly surprised that some father, or mother hasn't killed David Miscavige for ruining or killing their child. People get angry.
David Miscavige is responsible for doing a lot of evil bad things to people.
Nice try though.
SMOOTHIE is a scientologist or a scientology rent boy.

798 days ago
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