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New 'Idol' Judges

Nigel Pushing for

Charlie Sheen, Jerry Lewis!

7/10/2012 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_charlie_sheen_jerry_lewis_AI_tmz"American Idol" producers are sending feelers out every which way as a "very preliminary" step in deciding what the make-up of the show will be for Season 12 ... sources tell TMZ ... but Nigel Lythgoe has laid it on the line -- he wants CHARLIE SHEEN and JERRY LEWIS on the judge's panel.

There have been numerous reports that Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Fergie, Miley Cyrus and others are being courted, but we've learned Fremantle -- the company that produces "Idol" has a new head -- and nothing has been decided.

We're told producers believe they still have a chance of re-signing Jennifer Lopez -- whom they want badly.  Our sources say the process of deciding who will be on the show is like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  If Lopez goes away, then certain replacements would make sense and others would not.  If Steven Tyler or Randy Jackson say bye bye, then a different set of replacements would make sense.

We're told feelers are being sent out wide, so producers have options depending on which judges return.  But they are "far" from making any decisions.

Fact is ... even Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick haven't been picked up for Season 12.  But Nigel tells TMZ ... if he does come back he'll push for Charlie Sheen and Jerry Lewis.

We think he's kidding ... but then again, it could be awesome.


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When these shows first appeared on TV they were about discovering talent now they are all about the judges. Katy Perry isn't going to want to do this because she still has a career. I don't think Miley is in a position to give others advice. I think Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Reba Mcentire or Carrie Underwood would be a good choice. That way you have Pop, R&B and Country.

834 days ago


I'd watch the show if Sheen were on-not Jerry Lewis-can't f*ing stand him!

834 days ago

Christel Vosholler    

Dear Mr. Lythgoe:
Please, please, please do hire Adam Lambert as a judge for American Idol. If Jennifer Lopez decides to stay, then Adam Lambert could be a fourth judge. Adam always handles things well during any interviews. He is colorful, intelligent and extremely talented. The ratings for AI would most certainly increase, because Adam has a lot of fans. We don't get to see him often enough and it would give us a chance to get our weekly Adam Lambert fix, during the next season. I am a 78 year old fan. Please, make an old lady happy in addition to many others. Thank you! cv

833 days ago


I might start watching the show again if those 2 go on it.

833 days ago


Is he serious???? What do either of them know about singing???? Might as well cancell the show if you are thinking of EITHER OF THEM.

833 days ago


I would love to see STONE & Digital Dave on American Idol!

833 days ago


The show has sunk to such a low compared to its great beginning. Why we have to put up with weeks and weeks of stupid wannabes when there is so much real talent out there just waiting for a chance. Both Idol and Amer.Got Talent have become dumb burlesque shows while real talent goes undiscovered. Put Sheen on and it will be the end.

833 days ago


Does anyone in America give a remote **** about Jerry Lewis? Plus, isn't he retarded or something?

833 days ago


The problem is, they are making the show more about the judges than the contestants.

833 days ago


PLEASE ,give us adam lambert,and some other almoust dying people.last season ,was so predictable.god forbid ,anyone but all american was a adam lambert repeat.whats wrong with you people.adam is the best you eer had.stop laying mr.jackson ,hgaw that was the best year!best was when adam lambert carryed the entire year,on his beck ,when everyone tuned in just for him ,and you nigel and simon fuller let some person ,like last season who cant sing win!and jackson ,and just as responsible.and who let janifer lopes do the dirty dancing video ,[several times]at 42,in front of kids ,that were watching their choice of juth?what was that.i invested from year one in your idea and show.this was the most discasting yet[besides the adam lambert assacination,becouse of his sex preference!]i loved janifer.i was ashamed for her,especialy the part where in front of all the 16-17-19 year olds,she slaped or some male ,sloped her ass several times !sexi????i dont think so.i hoped she was fired.wornt"u embarased?there is a place for this midle age lady's dancing .was not the kids show.haw desperate is she.last hurra???pathetic.and i loved her.please give us adam as judge he is so verbaly great,your show will triple in ratings,becouse all the *******s,who stole his win,will feel guilty.i am from canada,we ,all love your show,love nigel in all hisshow's,but please ,look where you are going ,jackson [dawg???]is starting to irritate me to deth,jenifer turned in to midle age ''i got to shove my but for the last time in everyones face''slat,and u aLL PUT POOR STIVEN TYLER IN TO COMA,BECOUSE HE WAS REAL ,WE EXPECTED HIM TO BE HIMSELF AND LOVED HIM ,EVEN LEARNED HE HAD MORE CLASS THEN JENIFER FOR SURE.HE WAS ONLY ONE WHO MADE SENCE.SO ADAM ,TYLER,[FOR GOD SAKE GIVE HIM ALL THE MONEY HE WANTS,HE IS WORTH IT]AND SOME OTHER PEARSON,LIKE POOR LADY GAGA.TRY.ADAM WILL CARRY IT .U KNOW THAT.OTHERVISE ,NO ONE EVER TELLS THE TRUES.IT SACKS SINCE ADAM.SHOULD HAVE CLOSED IT ,WHEN SIMON LEFT.,AND EVERYONE LIED THAT ADAM LOST THE IDOL PART.THERE IS NOT ENOUGH CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA TO VOTE FOR CHRIS INSTEAD ADAM.THE WORLD WACHED ,AMERICA ,AND IDOL 2 FACE GUTLES JUDGES, AND CRYED,IT WAS A SINGING CONTEST?NO?I AM STILL TRAMATIZED.AT 60 YTEARS OF AGE ,WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS ,I AT LEAST THANK ADAM LAMBERT FOR GIVING ME A REASON TO TRY STAYING ALIVE ,TO WACH HIM SING.AND NATHING TO DO WITH SEX ,TRUST ME.SO HELP ALL THE INTELIGENT PEOPLE ,APPOLOGIZE TO ADAM ,AND ASK IF GHE CAN FORGIVE YOU ALL AND SAVE THE NEXT YEAR.OR CLOSE THE SHOP.JEWISH PEOPLE GAVE US 2 THINGS.JESUS,AND ADAM.YOU ARE MISING OUT ON BOUTH.TRULY PISED OFF ,CHRISTABEL LEVESQUE ,CANADIENE PAINTER [IMPRESSIONIST]CALGARY ,ALBERTA

832 days ago


Charlie Sheen YES
Jerry Lewis HELL NO

832 days ago


Charlie Sheen : YES
Jerry Lewis: HELL NO

832 days ago

Melanie H    

Honestly that would be a joke! Charlie Sheen has nothing to do with music and he is just sickening to even listen to, he has fried so many of his brain cells he makes no sense and honestly don't think I could listen to Jerry Lewis give comments for too long.

832 days ago


If you want to get serious...and want good ratings..bring back the two highest
AI rating team from 2003.
Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard would be great American Idol Judges. They know
the business, would be great judges of
talent, character, personality, and music. Clay recently was on Celebrity
Apprentice and had thousands of new followers who really enjoyed his talent and his abilities he displayed on CA. Serious. If not both to be considered Clay Aiken who has been on juding panel for David Foster and others in his career..very good judge would be a winner. His personality, humor and wit is outstanding.

831 days ago


Would like to see Adam Lambert who is doing a great job touring with Queen --maybe Cher--she would be funny and Will I Am who is free of Black Eyed Peas now

831 days ago
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