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Justin Bieber Car Chase

CHP Split

On Who's to Blame

7/10/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Officials and deputies in the California Highway Patrol are deeply split over whether Justin Bieber should have received a citation for Friday's wild, high-speed chase on the 101 Freeway in L.A. ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We have spoken with numerous people from the CHP, and the division is deep.  Several high-ranking officials tell us ... they would not have ticketed Bieber, who was clocked at 80 mph, because he was "the victim" of rogue paparazzi who were chasing him.  One source said, "This was like a Princess Diana situation. It was not Bieber's fault."

And, of the ten 911 calls made during the initial chase, we're told most of them mentioned that a sports car was being chased in police pursuit style.

But others in the Department strongly disagree, saying Bieber should have slowed down and even gotten off the Freeway.  One source said, "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth. You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did."

And, we're told, even though the paparazzo who was the biggest offender is under investigation after Justin filed a formal complaint, it's "unlikely" he'll be prosecuted. One CHP source said, "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case."


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I'm with the second half of the CHP. There's no reason to drive like a maniac and endanger other people's lives. He should have just called 911 (hands free, of course) and kept the paps around so the cops could get them.

836 days ago


OMG, poor Beiber was being chased by big, bad monsters determined to rip his guts out and BBQ them in order to feed their parasitic children, which they carried in a bright red igloo cooler (purchased at a Walmart on Mars) so they might survive and flourish on our planet in an attempt to conquer our planet and use us as fertlizer to grow some intergalactic weed to send back to their mother ship orbiting around Uranus (which begins a whole new chapter starring John Travolta as a business owner of a combination massage parlor & proctologist office) but then, just as their plan was about to succeed, PeeWee Herman saved the day on his magic tricycle, destroying the foul creatures by squirting odd white juice from his nether regions while holding a well used copy of "Boy's Life" in each hand, but just then --from out of the fog-- came a...I'm sorry...what? They just wanted to take his picture?

Well then...nevermind.

836 days ago


So some of them think it was okay for him to risk causing a serious accident that could have maimed or killed someone because he didn't want his fricken picture taken?

They had cameras, not guns. There was no excuse for him to start driving like that.

836 days ago


Justin should have been ticketed. If someone was chasing him with a gun the smart thing to do was take the nearest exit and call 911.Thepaps woud disappear but everyone would be on notice that police will respond to this speeding dangerously syndrome. Its not all about Justin. Its about the other men,women and children it the cars he was speeding in and out of. Its a teenager with a fast car one of the oldest crimes in the book. If he was not justin would they have given them a ticket? I know a lot of teenagers who get ticketed for 10 miles over. But they do give the teenagers tickets for hangin out at Venice Beach, sometimes just for smoking a cigarette(there is a law against it I guess. I hate smoking but at least it will only eventually kill the person smoking it. I have never smoked and I am a medical person who is well aware of the dangers I just mentioned.

836 days ago


I'm not a fan of little girl bieber, but a psycho papparazzi gets a pass here? They're both at fault; the idiot papp for initiating the whole thing, and little girl bieber for breaking the law bigtime & endangering other people.

What they really should do is require all papps to have licenses, just like every other business. Do background checks to weed out the crooks, bangers & criminals (there's LOTS), and make it a law that companies like TMZ etc cannot buy photos from or employ any papp who is not licensed. Then, prosecute the hell out of any company that does. This kind of stupidity will dry up overnight.

836 days ago


Why run from them? Doesn't that give them a better photo op as opposed to you driving normally down the freeway? They'll get bored and go away. All they're ever looking for is a reaction. He gave them a story by driving like an idiot.

836 days ago


Princess Di's driver was blind drunk, how is this the same? And were these CHP bigwigs at Di's accident scene? What a bunch of cowards not to arrest this lil azzhole on the spot for endangering the public.

836 days ago


It's not like the paps were out to KILL him. They wanted to take his picture. He could have pulled over to the side of the road and called police then no one would have been in danger. The paps might have swarmed his car but they weren't out to physically harm him so it's stupid to use that as a defense for an 18 year old to drive like a mad man and put the lives of innocent people on the hwy in danger.

835 days ago


Agree with YUP but it needs to go further. Even celebs should be afforded a private life. Paps are stalkers without rules. Rules/laws should be put in place where they must maintain a certain distance and violations should be punished.

835 days ago


he could have just pulled out a pose out the window and done. the paps taking pictures for food. also dunno why he's bitching. he choose that star life knowing what it costs. he's gotta life with it and play it cool.

835 days ago


God forbid you get your picture taken for 10 millionth time. What were the photogs gonna do if they caught him? Beat him to death with their cameras. I wish! Seriously kid, slow the f down.

835 days ago


Its not like he was being chased by a drug cartel out to kill him, he was being chased by idiots who want pictures of him. Thats no excuse to drive recklessly and endanger other motorists. Dude should have gotten a ticket, plain and simple.

835 days ago


pretty black & white. Bieber is just as guilty as the pap. He could have avoided the entire situation if he just stayed parked.

Sad commentary about CHP when they are split on an issue like this. Image a more serious matter.....duh

835 days ago


If it was some regular nonceleb kid they wouldn't even think twice. He would of had his a$$ kicked by the cops. Typical BS with the CHP & LAPD.

835 days ago


California CHP??? Are you kidding me? Fat clowns carrying autograph pads.

835 days ago
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