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Justin Bieber Car Chase

CHP Split

On Who's to Blame

7/10/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Officials and deputies in the California Highway Patrol are deeply split over whether Justin Bieber should have received a citation for Friday's wild, high-speed chase on the 101 Freeway in L.A. ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We have spoken with numerous people from the CHP, and the division is deep.  Several high-ranking officials tell us ... they would not have ticketed Bieber, who was clocked at 80 mph, because he was "the victim" of rogue paparazzi who were chasing him.  One source said, "This was like a Princess Diana situation. It was not Bieber's fault."

And, of the ten 911 calls made during the initial chase, we're told most of them mentioned that a sports car was being chased in police pursuit style.

But others in the Department strongly disagree, saying Bieber should have slowed down and even gotten off the Freeway.  One source said, "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth. You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did."

And, we're told, even though the paparazzo who was the biggest offender is under investigation after Justin filed a formal complaint, it's "unlikely" he'll be prosecuted. One CHP source said, "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case."


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I dont know why selena even dates that girl...she has no boobs.

806 days ago


obviously very few people here have ever driven on a California highway. 80 mph is usually the speed of traffic here. paparazzi definitely need to be cracked down on.

806 days ago


The CHP just gave JUSTIN JOHNSON(BEIBER) a get out of reclass driving case because all he has to do is say the papparazzii was following me. Instead of pulling into the nearest police station, calling the police, No wonder the LA police are afraid to do anything to celebrities. CHP just Made Justin Johnson i mean Beiber above the law in california. He can do whatever he wants with no reprocussions what so ever.

806 days ago


Several high-ranking officials -

75 top ranking CHP officials met for a three day, closed-door think-tank seminar at an undisclosed SoCal Marriott Hotel to discuss the case.

I checked the lobby and there was a placard near the convention hall and it said:
ChipBieb Conference Meet & Greet
W-Th-Fri ,Roundtable 9:30a -11a break for Lunch 11-2p End 3p Happy Hour 3-7p lounge Fri- 1p Justin Bieber 30 minute photo and book signing, members only.

806 days ago


A couple things:
Yes,as proven in court, you can speed in certain life threatening cir***stances and in fact taking a woman to the hospital is one of them.
Granted it is a local test case and the ruling is not jurisdictional.

Now to Beiber, nothing that was happening was life threatening. The paps have cameras, not guns. Now lets think about this.
If he drove the speed limit, it would have been a "speed limit" chase. The only reason the paps sped up was because he was speeding. They are following the lead car, which he is in, so he slows down, they slow down, he speeds up, they speed up. He also had a bodyguard in his car, so he was under no physical threat even if he stopped. Really if you think about it, he created the whole chain of events, if one of the paps got in an accident and killed someone, a reasonable person could probably find that Bieber was at fault.

That all being said the person talking about the Princess Diana thing, yes it could be EXACTLY like that where someone ends up dead while driving like an idiot. Chances are an 18 year old will get into an accident sooner and more frequently then say a 30 year old. Put an 18 year old in a really fast car and it gets exponentially worse.

806 days ago

I Was About To Say    

This lil show-off punk needed to be arrested. He could have killed someone, he was acting big time and showing off how fast his car can go. This talentLESS fool should not get away with it.

806 days ago


I truly feel pity anyone who actually cares about this. Additionally, I feel sadness for anyone who considers this "news".

806 days ago

I Was About To Say    

And WHEN is going to decide to come OUT of the closet????????????????? (come on we all KNOW you are in there, come on out) Selena is just a cover.

806 days ago

I Was About To Say    


806 days ago


There is a reason why the DA office is a laughed at by the rest of the nation they can not win high profile cases. The DA office is affraid to no wonder why they have high taxes and nothing to show for it.

806 days ago

I Was About To Say    

"its a misdemeanor committed outside the CHPs presence".....ummm, aren't ALL misdemeanors committed outside the presence of police????????

806 days ago

Just one of those days     

So the paparazzi is trying to take pictures...BIG DEAL. No excuse for him to try to out run them on a crowded freeway putting others in danger. Let them take your picture you young spoiled punk. Get OVER yourself.

806 days ago


You pull over , stay in your car and call the police...period ! You never scare or endanger others. Justin made a bad decision to flee but the photographers chasing him need to end these car pursuits before they end up hurting others or themselves.

806 days ago


If you know its the paparazzi, you don't have to drive like a maniac. Call the cops, go somewhere and pull over. If there was his handler in the car as reported, i'm sure the guy could have pulled out his phone and used the map (I hear iPhones now have their own maps with turn by turn navigation) to go to the nearest police station.

806 days ago


who are the 15% who thinks he doesnt deserve a ticket? either idiots or 12 year old little girls.

806 days ago
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