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Justin Bieber Car Chase

CHP Split

On Who's to Blame

7/10/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Officials and deputies in the California Highway Patrol are deeply split over whether Justin Bieber should have received a citation for Friday's wild, high-speed chase on the 101 Freeway in L.A. ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We have spoken with numerous people from the CHP, and the division is deep.  Several high-ranking officials tell us ... they would not have ticketed Bieber, who was clocked at 80 mph, because he was "the victim" of rogue paparazzi who were chasing him.  One source said, "This was like a Princess Diana situation. It was not Bieber's fault."

And, of the ten 911 calls made during the initial chase, we're told most of them mentioned that a sports car was being chased in police pursuit style.

But others in the Department strongly disagree, saying Bieber should have slowed down and even gotten off the Freeway.  One source said, "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth. You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did."

And, we're told, even though the paparazzo who was the biggest offender is under investigation after Justin filed a formal complaint, it's "unlikely" he'll be prosecuted. One CHP source said, "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case."


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The douche drives around in a chrome fuggin car and he wants to be left alone? FUGG YOU Biebs!!! we want your head served up on a platter with a side of fuggin chianti!! we own you Biebs!! you gave up all that privacy when you signed your life away for 90 million dollars. Now please wreck... my house payment is due, i need something to laugh at.

813 days ago


What was the paparazzi going to do to him driving down the road that he needed to go 80 or 100 mph
That is no reason to speed he was laughing all the way having fun getting chased until he got caught.

813 days ago


The Next time an accident accures can someone sue the CHP for giving Justin Johnson(Beiber) permission to drive reclass.

813 days ago


Justin Bieber is doing a great job proving that he is a pretentious jerk. Shocking that the $50,000 a year operator doesn't know what a Fiskar is? That statement alone proves he is out of touch. He should be thrown in jail quickly. Hurt yourself, but don't hurt others in the process.

813 days ago


Also, if I lied about my name, what would of happened to me? Just curious.

813 days ago


He wanted to be a superstar, now he doesn't want his picture taken? TOO BAD.

The paps would only drive as fast as Bieber was driving. If he drove the speed limit and they chased they wouldn't go FASTER than him. His reckless driving created their reckless driving. He had many other options.

His license needs to be suspended.

813 days ago


Justin Johnson (Beiber) next time use the train to know where and hopefully get lost.

813 days ago


Nothing is going to happen to him, but then he'll do it again and will probably end up killing himself. So that works for me :)

813 days ago


Like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to have a baby?

What was this twirp's medical emergency? All I see is someone who thinks he's above the law & endangered others.

813 days ago

Annoyed Reckless Driver    

C'mon people. Teenagers drive like idiots regardless. Give the kid a ticket and STFU. All these celebrities need to do is buy a squirt gun from the dollar store, fill it with food coloring, and start squirting all of these paps.

813 days ago


If he doesn't want the attention or to be trailed, how about trying to be a little less conspicuous. There are plenty of measures he can take to avoid these situations. HE IS OLD ENOUGH NOW TO KNOW BETTER? HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE.

813 days ago


He deserved more than a freakin ticket. He put the lives of everyone around him in danger. Any average joe would have been locked up. Throw Biebers punkass in jail.

813 days ago


Idiot cops. In this case and Diana's, all that had to happen to prevent a chase was for the celebrity's car to not start one. No one ever died from having their picture taken. The camera won't capture your soul. There is just no reason in the world to put ANYONE in danger because you are CAMERA SHY! Get over yourselves! Don't want people to take your picture? Don't go where cameras are, don't stand out like a sore thumb, or find another line of work. Easy peasy.

813 days ago


Paparazzi chase people everyday; you don't want to be chased by people then don't be famous you little prick. I know somebody that got pulled over for going 70 and received a more expensive ticket then he did. He deserves to go to jail for a night and meet a new friend.

813 days ago


...."Several high-ranking officials tell us they would not have ticketed Bieber"...
That's why they're high-ranking officers, discerning enough to look at the bigger picture and see what it is.
Justin is a young dude still relatively new to driving, and new to having maniacs start chasing him down the highway, his reactions were normal fight-or-flight.
Justin later took officer's advice and called 911 instead of running.
Showing he's willing to learn and to apply.
The high-ranking officers can see the whole picture here:
1) young guy made a bad choice
2) young guy made a better choice after being advised by officers
3) advise taken, lesson learned, The End.

813 days ago
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