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Kris Humphries

I Can Make You

Famous, Bro

7/10/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries believes he's the next Kim Kardashian -- as in, dude believes he wields the power to make someone famous with the snap of his finger ... and last night, he tried to prove it.

Humphries was leaving AV nightclub in Hollywood around 2 AM ... when we asked him about the baby mama drama in his life. But Kris wasn't in the mood to discuss parenthood ... instead, he promised to "blow up" our photog (in a good way) by taking his pic and posting it to Twitter.

Kris -- who was very nice BTW -- took our guy's pic and was ready to tweet at him ... but there was one really big problem ... you can't tweet at a guy who doesn't have a Twitter. Bummer.

As for Kris' whole "Is my ex-gf pregnant?" thing ... just doesn't seem like he cares.

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Well...it's not as bad as getting peed on for media attention. Just saying.

838 days ago


You keep hammering away on how dumb this guy is TMZ. We know how dumb he is. Anyone with an ounce of a brain wouldn't have married Kim, but just slept with her and dumped her at the curb with the rest of the garbage! Enough with this knucklehead already!!

838 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Kris you're an attention whore just like Kim she taught you well.. Poor fan she was asking to take a pic and you totally ignored her, typical celeb move they only give their fans attention when they are promoting their junks.

838 days ago


******Funny TMZ was played by Chris and that Hoe***

I can't believe TMZ stafff was played so badly by this hoe, does anybody do any checking anymore before actually printing story. It is obvious that this girl is looking for her 15 minute of fame, and used tmz to do it. Now TMZ got eggs all over it face, I really started taking tmz seriously because I thought they actually check their stuff out, and leave the innuendo stuff to RadarOnline, I guess I was wrong.

I'm glad that this girl played TMZ since they team up with the Kardashian to smear Kris, I wonder if Kris Jenner actually pay tmz to run those wild stories about Chris. I agree with what Kris is doing to Kim, if a woman humiliate me on national television, I think it is justice to humiliate her on tv as well, by allowing cameras during the divorce proceeding, and supeona all the men that have bang that hoe. She needs to be taught a lesson.

**Brave Myla was making an ass out of TMZ Staff fil

838 days ago


What a media clown. His ex being with baby tells me Kris is a huge hypocrit. This guy has to be the biggest loser on the planet atleast in the top 20 ..

Kris should be horrified to show his face on any camera..He is worse then Kim, she was not screwing someone else and lying about it or saying his morals are above that...PLEASE..;

838 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Thumbs up if you're the first one to give yourself a thumbs up?

838 days ago



838 days ago


Leave this guy alone, TMZ. It's obvious you are a mouth piece for the Kardashians.

838 days ago


Leave the guy alone, TMZ is a mouthpiece for the Kardashians.

838 days ago


Know TMZ takes a lot of heat about all the Kardashian articles but now TMZ is redirecting us to TOO FAB. I read that Kris Jenner is upset by all negative comments on these sites about her family - is this a reason TMZ is backing off covering the Ks?

838 days ago


Poor guy, hasn't got a clue. But is his lack of a brain worth $7 million dollars? Hell no. Just put K.Hump in the "dumb blond" category and let's move on.

838 days ago


Anyone think K.Hump is in Hollywood because he wants to remain "low key"? This guy's 15 minutes is up, and the ONLY reason he got 15 minutes is because he famous for refusing to divorce Kim Kardashian. Once Kim gets this clue piece of gum off her shoe, he'll be a "nobody" again.

838 days ago

There's a problem here    

The more I see him the more I an reminded of humanity's link to the Neanderthal.

838 days ago


Please, TMZ, can’t you make this idiot and his fat baby-mama go away?? I am so sick of their stupid faces.

838 days ago


Certainly pimpmom will try and turn this non-story into some big scandal. No myla baby-mama drama today, KMZ? pffft.

838 days ago
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