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Kris Humphries

I Can Make You

Famous, Bro

7/10/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries believes he's the next Kim Kardashian -- as in, dude believes he wields the power to make someone famous with the snap of his finger ... and last night, he tried to prove it.

Humphries was leaving AV nightclub in Hollywood around 2 AM ... when we asked him about the baby mama drama in his life. But Kris wasn't in the mood to discuss parenthood ... instead, he promised to "blow up" our photog (in a good way) by taking his pic and posting it to Twitter.

Kris -- who was very nice BTW -- took our guy's pic and was ready to tweet at him ... but there was one really big problem ... you can't tweet at a guy who doesn't have a Twitter. Bummer.

As for Kris' whole "Is my ex-gf pregnant?" thing ... just doesn't seem like he cares.

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buzz kill    

C'mon TMZ, time to give this story a rest.

813 days ago


you guys are stupid . Why should he give up and agree to her arrangement .
The whole show is scripted . you can see how they fake all the conversations and then act like they learned something from it .. They shall go away with their lies . Kanye will get bored of her soon , he doesn't see her to often now because of his Tour but they would kill eath other ifthey should live together

813 days ago


It appears that Harvey has been "forbidden" by Kris Jenner to publish anything on her family. She doesn't want the criticism by the public. It is insulting to be "referred" to Toolfab,by TMZ. because the K.s are now apparently "above",TMZ?? How corrupt is the media? Good way to lose your readers TMZ.

813 days ago


Jenner has BIG plans to USE the new baby, to try to sugar coat the family and gain the public's forgiveness and acceptance. Wonder how much they are selling the baby photos for???

813 days ago


He doesn't care because he knows the Kardashians are paying Myla to fabricate these stories to make Kris look bad before the Divorce hearings. The Kardashians have a lot of power in the social media. We all KNOW TMZ is on the Kardashian payroll. Kris never stood a chance. Either way, Kim committed Fraud for money and ratings. She used him because he was easy to Manipulate. No matter how many girls Kris bangs now, it doesn't change that fact. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Not very smart but not Manipulative and conniving like the Kardashians.

813 days ago


How is he a fame whore? He plays Basketball. He doesn't have a Reality show. He never seemed comfortable being on Kim's show. I don't see him leaking stories or doing anything to purposely bring attention on him. The attention is on him because the Kardashians are putting out a SMEAR campaign against him by using TMZ. Are people seriously falling for the Kardashian's Manipulative tactics? Kim USED him. Until the Myla chick came around he was LOW KEY playing for the NBA. TMZ are the ones following him around. Kim deserves to be knocked Down a peg. She needsto learn that she cant keep playing these dirty manipulative games. Kris is the guy to actually stand up to the Conniving Kardashians. I'm behindhim on this.

813 days ago


No photos of Kourtney;s baby are being shown anywhere.. It is because KRIS JENNER is conniving & plotting how she can make as much money$$$ as possible off of the poor child. Mason and Penelope will be used big time ,by the witch grandmother!!

813 days ago


Why should Kris care about the preggers rumors? They aren't true ...

813 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He seems nice enough, but he also seems like a dimwit.

813 days ago


He tried to move up the ladder by marrying a Kardashian, got caought , kicked to the curb and everybody knows he's just not Frankengoof, but a dumb arrogant Frankengoof.

813 days ago


What a dick

813 days ago


I feel like maybe Kim really did want to get married but rushed into with kris I mean everything seemed normal intill the wedding got closer he started acting like a idiot and a dick to her family. While she was far from innocent in the whole thing didn't he leave for canada without saying anything who does that to their new wife? I think she really did love him at first but started having second thoughts as the wedding got closer but had alot of pressure and didn't want to hurt him so she got married. I know Kim had alot to do with the divorce but let's stop acting like Kris is a saint and did nothing wrong. The bias is funny on this website and so are the conspiracy theories about the Kardashians having Kris's baby mama on the pay roll, I bet the same people who think that also think the Kardashians carried out 9/11 haha.

813 days ago


This guy is such a loser. GO AWAY.

813 days ago

I am Spartacus    

The Kardashians are behind the TMZ smear campaign of Humphries...

Remember after they split up we had 100 stories back to back on Kim and all the comments were negative.

Now we're supposed to believe TMZ will go 2 weeks to a month without a Kim story? C'mon

Now we get flooded with Humphries stories, all of which portray him in a negative way while TMZ hides anything Kardashian related to that Too Fab site they run that no one goes to.

813 days ago



813 days ago
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