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Charlie Sheen

Count Me in for 'Idol'


7/11/2012 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
tells TMZ, he's 100% on board to judge the next season of "American Idol" -- but there are several conditions that must be met before he signs the dotted line.

As TMZ first reported, "Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe told us he would LOVE to have Charlie Sheen and Jerry Lewis as judges for season 12. Nigel would not say if he was joking ... but he repeated his wish list several times during the conversation.

CONDITION #1. Charlie says FX -- the network that airs his show "Anger Management" -- must sign off on an "Idol" deal ... but Jennifer Lopez proved, being on A.I. can be good for business.

CONDITION #2. Charlie says the money has to be right:  "If the numbers move the needle AND 'Idol' matches 20% of my weekly salary for Autism Speaks, JDRF, and the Boys and Girls Club ... then the hell with it. As we say, pour the smoke."

That's Charlie-speak for "Why the hell not?"

As for Jerry Lewis, he's in Nashville directing a stage play of "The Nutty Professor" and was not available for comment.



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Lynda Jones-owings    

I who Nigel was joking...............LOL

778 days ago


Charlie isn't all bad....Look at all the childrens charaties he is involved in....

778 days ago


lol does this clown actually think Idol would hire him?

778 days ago


HORRIBLE IDEA !!! Why not get people that actually are involved with artistic development instead of actors and comedians? I could cope with Charlie being on the panel, he might be entertaining in a "is he HIGH?" sort of way ... but Jerry Lewis has basically been becoming more and more of a jerk over the past several years if you've paid attention. I'm not going to say he's a bigot, but he certainly has said things on camera that would qualify him as one and I have absolutely no interest in watching him fade into dementia or whatever the hell is happening to his cranial unit to make him come across as such a turd of late. It'd be the final nail in the coffin in my opinion.

778 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Yes, thats what this country needs, Is a MALE WHORE like Charlie Sheen judging others who have TALENT--- Its like giving a RAPIST a leadership role in a class of 6th graders in night classroom-- This country is SO-F--ING sick with what they call STARS and Entertainers that it blows my mind!!!! Stern and Mandel are almost as sick as Sheen!!!!!

778 days ago


Seems like TMZ is obsessed with turning a small joke into a major deal. Yesterday you made it sound like it was a serious proposal and today you double down by getting Charlie to comment on it. This is about as big of a non-story as it gets.

778 days ago


I will never watch it if he is on there! WHAT does he know about music? What music has he produced or made? This is a disgrace!

778 days ago


Charlie for Idol 2013 **==

778 days ago


If Charlie Sheen is a Judge on A. I...... I'm defiantly going to be watching that...

778 days ago


I REFUSE to watch one more reality show!!!! I gag every time I even hear the stupid commercials! Is there NOTHING on earth except this phoney waste of time garbage??? I don't care who stars on them or how talented or UN talented the contestants are!! Net-flex is my new friend!!

778 days ago


seriously, what kind of advice can he give young music-biz hopefuls? 'hey kids, just act crazy, take drugs, break some ****, abuse some women....that's how you get the tween girls' votes'

778 days ago


Sheen, this was a joke, sarcasum.

778 days ago


Lythgoe is on the verge of ruining AI like he has with SYTYCD. Both shows have become far more about the judges than the contestants. On SYTYCD, watching the judges bawling because the choreographer's dance was telling some sob story is so phony. Not a one of them could have told you what the dance's story was about if they hadn't been told first. There numbers have tanked because viewers just wanted to watch the contestants dance, not listen to their drivel.

778 days ago


He's talking so serious about his conditions as if he had any talent or business judging music. I think "most" of the people who audition for AI and want to make it in the music industry, take it seriously but to Charlie boy it's all a big joke with good payday for his hobbies.

778 days ago


I would not watch one second of American Idol if he were a judge.

778 days ago
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