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The Game

My Homie ALSO Beat Up

40 Glocc ... On Tape

7/11/2012 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Game
says he plans to release NEW footage showing rapper 40 Glocc getting beat up by a member of Game's crew during a violent encounter in the Hollywood Hills.

Game just called in to Power 99's Cosmic Kev ... and said one of his friends attacked 40 Glocc AFTER he punched the rapper during the initial encounter this past weekend.

Game says the 2nd attack happened after he had already left the scene ... fearing the cops were on the way.

Game also explains why he went after 40 in the first place -- saying he believes 40 started a Twitter account posing as Game's oldest child ... and had used the account to trash The Game.

Game admits he was looking to pick a fight with 40 on the day of the encounter ... and says the only reason he stopped his brutal assault on the guy is because he didn't want to kill him or put him in a coma ... "because then I'd get 25 to life."

"What I wanted to do was beat his ass like I wanted to ... without really putting him into a position where he was a vegetable or something."

40 Glocc maintains he was "jumped" by Game and Game's crew ... and claims he only tried to run away because some of his attackers were carrying guns. 40 has said he does not plan to pursue legal action against Game.

Game says he plans to release the new footage in the next couple of hours.


No Avatar


"My daddy can beat your daddy."
So.... let me get this right, Game(foolish name) is boasting about his hired muscle beating up someone else with a foolish name?
This is supposed to enhance his image?
Sounds to me he has a self esteem problem he is trying to compensate for.

799 days ago


Gave a brother a 40 oz and a video camera, you gots a rapper!

799 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Self-incrimination much? Seems like The Game knows nothing about the game.

799 days ago


They and their "crews" are a bunch of low class human trash. That people actually allow their kids to buy their music and therefore fund high-end lifestyles for cowardly street thugs is a crying shame.

799 days ago


Tmz you are This interview was posted yesterday afternoon and they already released the new footage, and it was funny..40 was stlil in the bushes getting beat on like the punk he is.. Whats a zoo with no animals?

799 days ago


Only a rapper is stupid enough to work this hard to tell the whole world, including law enforcement, that, "Yes, indeed, I did commit a felony assault. Here's the evidence you need to convict me. Wait - I have more, let me get it for you."

799 days ago


Who? I've never heard of these guys before. I thought TMZ only covered celebrities.

799 days ago


Wish Americans and all the others would drop the bro and ghetto attitude. It's getting tiresome and lame.

799 days ago


TMZ stop looking stupid and leave this hood ish for worldstarhiphop,and I don't care what he said you can post....don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

799 days ago

Joan K    

Black rappers acting like idiots, so what is new? They make a bad name for dumb azz rappers.

799 days ago


Ummm. He jumped 40 Glocc, taped it, posted it on the internet, then says he fled the scene fearing the cops would be there soon. THEN had his body guard jump him and tape it, so he can post that too?

Does he get some sort of pleasure from shooting him self in the foot? If he's afraid of being caught by the police why is he recording and posting what he is doing and then telling on himself in the press? What a dumb Arse. I sense Darwin effect about to happen.

799 days ago


I'm sure your mothers are proud. Grown men acting like 12 yr old boys. Grow up !

799 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

who of this 2 vomitables ******s is dumber?

799 days ago


Why is this S***MY CROW not in prison with the rest of his filty kind?

799 days ago


cRap music is garbage music
These clowns have zero talent

799 days ago
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