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Wynonna Judd

I Wanna Foreclose

On Ashley's Dad

7/11/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Another sign of turmoil in the Judd family -- country singer Wynonna Judd is declaring war on her ex-stepdad, Ashley Judd's father ... and has now taken steps to foreclose on the guy's house.

Wynonna filed the lawsuit against Michael Ciminella in Kentucky, claiming she loaned him $200,000 back in 1994 ... a loan he secured against his house ... and he still hasn't repaid the debt.

Now, Wynonna claims the loan has swelled to $242,317 with interest and late fees -- so she's asking a judge to let her foreclose on Ciminella's house in order to get her money.

To clarify -- Michael was married to Wynonna's mother Naomi Judd from 1968-1972, during which the couple had Wynonna's half-sister Ashley (the actress). Wynonna's biological father was never married to Naomi.

The lawsuit's the latest example of a major fissure in the Judd family -- just last month, Wynonna married her boyfriend at her Tennessee home ... and neither Ashley nor their mother were invited to the wedding.

A judge has yet to rule on the lawsuit. Calls to Ciminella were not returned.


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If you look up disfunctional family in the dictionary, you find the Judds!

797 days ago


He owes the money so pay up or pay the price.

796 days ago


watched a bit of their reality-type show on OWN and could clearly see the pain that her childhood has caused her
her mother (who has made a fortune by marketing herself as a great mom) had terrible boyfriends back then-- drugs etc. (which makes me think that mom got hepatitis from one of them rather than nursing as she now claims)
for years she had no idea that her dad really wasn't her dad at all- that her biological dad was part of mom's screwed up earlier life
mom was good at keeping secrets and pretending things were perfect on the outside- glossing over and ignoring the real issues
sadly Wynona "ate" her emotions and pain
and on the reality show any time Wynona tried to confront their reality/past to help her in dealing with things- mom would want to shut down in denial
it was nice of Wynona to give the guy money to get his home- but at some point you think that Ashley would have prompted or assisted him in paying it back if necessary
the Judds are indeed a very disfunctional family- thanks to th mother

796 days ago


"I'm not getting enough money anymore like I used to, I need more, Oh I have an idea, I'll start drama with my step daddy!!"

796 days ago


She resents him for not making Ashley into a cow like Wynonna.

796 days ago


Sounds like somebody's jealous!

796 days ago


I have NEVER seen a family more disfunctional than this one...every one is petty, disrespectful, conniving and spiteful...

Wynonna did think of him as her Father for a number of years...everyone in this family has millions so to be so nasty over a few hundred thousand dollars is shameful...I'd forgive the loan just because for a number of years he put up with ALL OF YOUR FAMILY crap, snipes, backstabbing, nastiness...and now he's probably in his 70's and with this economy he probably has no money to repay her...

But if she feels throwing the man out into the cold will make her soul feel better..let her do so and see how much bad KARMA it brings back to her door...very sad...

796 days ago


Wynonna has been incredibly generous to her family. She gave Ashley a BMW when she (Wynonna) was only 20 and had just made it big. She gave Ashley a beautiful historic farmhouse in Tennesse where millionaire Ashley and her even richer husband have been living for years. In a house they didn't pay a penny for. Why doesn't Ashley take some of her money and pay off her biological father's debt? Why should Wynonna be the cash cow for the whole family? If the house does get foreclosed, it won't be Wynonna throwing him out in the cold, it will be his own daughter Ashley, refusing to step up because she's CHEAP.

Michael Ciminella signed a mortgage in 1994 and accepted $200,000 of Wynonna' hard-earned cash, with a promise to repay it. She recorded that mortgage in 1995 in the county where he bought the house. Apparently she asked for payment last fall and he did not pay, so she sued him 9 months later. That's 9 months in which hi actual biological daughter Ashley Judd could have covered her father's debt but chose not to - because she's CHEAP. He's had 20 years to pay Wynonna back. DEADBEAT DAD.

783 days ago


Naomi has always been a fat, no talent, class-less pig!

758 days ago

Seal Team 6    

He isn't her stepfather, he's her legal FATHER. He raised her thinking she was his daughter, and she thought he was her father, neither knowing her lying mother made sure she married the local boy when money when she became pregnant, and LIED ABOUT IT. She and her father just found out teh truth a few years ago, although Ashley had known for a while, having overheard relatives talking about it.

How does she think her sister will feel about this???

716 days ago
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