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Ex-WWE Champ

BOOKS 1st MMA Fight

7/13/2012 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been A LONG time in the making ... but former WWE heavyweight champion Batista has FINALLY booked his first real deal MMA fight ... TMZ has learned.

Batista has been training to get in the ring for years ... and got REALLY close to fighting in the Strikeforce league back in 2010 -- but the deal fell apart.

But now it's on for real -- the 43-year-old powerhouse signed with the CES MMA league -- and is all set up to fight on October 6 at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

We're told Batista -- 6'6" and 290 lbs -- will square up against some dude named Rashid Evans ... not to be confused with UFC hurt-maker Rashad Evans.

Sources connected to the deal tell us ... the fight WILL be televised ... but it's unclear which provider will broadcast the fight.

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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If he's half filipino, he'll get ko'd in 2nd round.

810 days ago


filips rule !!!

810 days ago


Yes, both professional wrestling & MMA are scripted & have predetermined outcomes, however, before you go saying it's altogether "fake" ask yourself, could YOU do the same things without basically killing yourself trying? Probably not.. These guys take risks & get hurt all the time for the sake of entertainment--I give credit where it's due..

810 days ago


give him a credit.. stop all the hatin.. before he booked that fight he trained jiu jitsu first at Gracie camp that's why he left WWE. so stop all the crap your saying about him. at least his trying to get to the next level, i mean the real deal..

810 days ago


will people get to see wresling again on direct t v?

810 days ago


Look at the picture, if anyone has ever seen Dave Batista they would know his legs are the size of tree trunks. This guy has toothpicks for legs, what happened?

810 days ago


I agree with TOM... "Quoted below my comment".

I think he'll do well in the cage and even though he's 43 and 290lbs He's been fighting since he was a kid. He has extensive BJJ, Krav Maga and Muay Thai skills for a huge dude.
He was a bouncer on some of the roughest bars & nightclubs in the US and seen his fair share of real fights with guns, knives & everything else you can get your hand on in a Bar/Nightclub environment. His 1st fight in a small promotion against Rashid Evans will be a good tester for him as they wont put him in with a world class MMA fighter(if they exist in smaller promotions) because they want him to get a good response.

And for the haters... What do you think he's been doing since leaving the WWE, Knitting??? He's been training every day intensifying his skills so he can get to live his dream.

Personally I wish him all the best and hope he does well. He's as fit as F*** and even at 43 his cardio is off the charts. Like Brock Lesnar but not as bitchy... I cant wait to see this for myself.
""Quoted from reply to LAGUNATIC's Comment.""
He was a bouncer so he has been in "real" fights. He was never "just" a pro wrestler. He has been training hardcore for years. A good BJJ game, great strength, and fighting experience should help him do well."

Best of luck big man. I hope you end up with your original wish and get Bobby Lashley(epic fail) in the cage and show him he's a walk in the park but hey that's just me.

I hate on no-one so my comment about Bobby Lashley's epic fail is due to his lack of drive and not because of any other reason. I was disappointed in his run in his MMA career is all.

Respects to all MMA & Martial arts fighters everywhere. I've been fighting since I was 16 and started My MMA career at 24 i had to give it up at 31 due to diabetes and a ****tered knee cap.
14 fights, 10 wins, 3 loss's and 1 draw although i admit I thought I lost. lol...

810 days ago


wow he looks so different really a granfather now you can tell

810 days ago


And we are supposed to care because?????

810 days ago


TMZ dont write about MMA if you're going to refer great fighters like Rashad Evans as "some dude" Evans is a big deal.

807 days ago


tel me more about Dave Batista

807 days ago


Being in your 40s is not old anything older 70 is old people please be quiet if you don't like him don't comment

792 days ago


who took the photo................

775 days ago


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719 days ago

piyush sharma    

very nice body

689 days ago
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