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Bieber Sued for $9 Mil

Screaming Fans

Destroyed My Ears!!

7/13/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0712_justin_bieber_document_launchJustin Bieber's live show is painful to listen to ... so says an Oregon woman who claims she was hit with a "sound blast" at one of his concerts that  left her with permanent ear damage.

According to the suit, Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to see Bieber's show in Portland, Oregon on July 14, 2010.

Betts claims it was incredibly loud inside the arena thanks to Justin's shrieking fans ... but Bieber made it MUCH MUCH WORSE when he climbed into a "heart-shaped aluminum/steel gondola" which was pulled out into the crowd (below).

In the suit, Betts claims Bieber "created a wave like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena. Then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion."

Betts says the gondola acted as a "sound conductor creating a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears."

As a result, Betts claims she now suffers from tinnitus ... which causes a constant pulsing, whooshing shound that makes it hard to sleep. She also complains of other hearing-related damage.

She's suing Bieber -- along with Bieb's record label, the concert promoter and the arena -- and demanding $9.23 million in damages.

We reached out to Bieber for comment -- so far, no word back.


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So how I believe this. Pure sux-age for being the savior of the white race. But having dough and media attention does give you the finest women on the planet.

800 days ago


If it's really is permanent, that sucks... 9 million dollars though? That's ridiculous.

800 days ago


If you go to a Justin Bieber concert you are obviously going to be pelted with screams that sound as if they came from millions of banshees.
It's just part of it.
She put herself in that situation. She payed to go there. Suck it up. It's part of the "Bieber experience".
I wanted to sue Bieber after hearing and watching the music video "Boyfriend" because it caused an intense amount of nausea. But I managed to refrain.

800 days ago


Two words - CRAZY LADY!!!

800 days ago


thats bull crap it happen 2 yrs ago and now ur sueing him its not his fault that the fans are screaming lady its a CONCERT get ur head out of ur ass and think about going to another concert!!!

800 days ago


Loser, wtf did she expect. Is she the only one who is having these symptoms? Waste of court time.

800 days ago


What did this woman expect when she went this concert - a prayer meeting? She needs to get a life.

800 days ago


thats bull crap seriously its not his fault he didnt do ****! like seriously its A FREAKING CONCERT DUMBASS r u like that stupid not to get earplugs? its a concer what do u expect, kids sitting nicely whispering?

800 days ago


OMG it's a freaking concert, get over it!!!!!!!

800 days ago


Good I'm glad. They will settle out of court because if he doesn't, it will cost him more. She should have a class action suit. People should join. She is right, his concerts are ridiculously loud. I've been to a Beatles concert where all you heard was screaming girls, you couldn't even hear the music and I have been to a Bieber concert (my granddaughter wanted to go) where the music is louder than the screaming, it was so loud both my granddaughter and I had ringing in our ears for days and we were far away from the speakers. Anyone sitting near the speakers would lose their hearing. I hope she gets everything she is asking for.

800 days ago


What an IDIOT!!!!!!!

800 days ago


Well, she should have known all of the fans were teens! Bett, you are stupid and dumb!!!

800 days ago


Are you flipping serious?! Talk about desperate for 15 min's of fame and for money. WOW!

800 days ago


Can someone just punch him in the mouth already...

800 days ago


Damn, I'd hate to have my hearing damaged, especially by the likes of little Beibs. One day when his little girl fans go through puberty, all he'll hear is silence. But since he's been such a little punk sh*t lately, good luck, lady!

800 days ago
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