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Wants to SETTLE With Ex

In Wake of Jet Ski Tragedy

7/12/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has changed his tune and now wants to up his ante to settle his epic child support/custody war with Tameka Raymond after the jet ski accident that left his stepson Kyle brain dead ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Usher spoke with Tameka over the weekend and suggested that they settle up, but he did not significantly change his offer -- 50/50 custody with a very slight increase in child support.  Tameka said no way.

But apparently Usher softened after the conversation, because our sources say he met with his lawyers earlier this week and instructed them to craft a new proposal that would give Tameka "a majority" of custody, though the sources did not specify the exact breakdown.  We're told Usher is also raising his child support offer "significantly."

As for Usher's motivation ... we're told he's very conscious that Tameka is suffering and it's not a good move to continue the fight under the circumstances.

We're told the offer has not been presented to Tameka yet, but our sources say she's open to a "reasonable settlement."

Calls to lawyers on both sides have not been returned.


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The fact of the matter is: this woman has been very nasty since Mr. Nice Guy-Usher took away the Saks Fifth Avenue charge privileges, which he should have. We can forgive, BUT WE MUSTN'T FORGET how bitter and nasty this woman is and has been. If Usher folds and gives into her just because of her misfortune, then he's a wimp. God, I surely hope that he's NOT A WIMP.

829 days ago


This story is so sad but why she has to hold grudges at a time like this? I'm sure he's a good father and I hope they can resolve this soon. The Lord works in mysterious ways I tell you. My prayers are to Usher, Tameka, and their families.

829 days ago


Usher is extremely nice I always liked him now I have a greater respect for him.

829 days ago


Brilliant tactic or goodwill gesture????

829 days ago


i am very sorry for usher son , i hope all goes well , & for the people that are saying "He's brain dead ,Give up his organs" .. Just NO! , Keep up the faith , if his brain was officially dead , then how would he still able to breath on his own ... his brain just needs full training and time to heal then little by little he'll be learning things slowly all over again ....he may not act the same as he used to be but all that matters is that he'll still be alive.

828 days ago


What a MAN!!!! If only most of us were so lucky. He seems like such a stand up guy!

828 days ago


darn the things we do 4 money..So what Tameka is a business owner she obviously wasn't making the kind of money to get her private jet...It seems what happened too her son was a punishment from God..I'm dang that Usher cheated on her is no secret but dang what man isn't in today's society..Plus this woman demands money for nannies doesn't sound to me like she's a good parent..Tameka needs to be rewarded the minimum amount required for her too take care of her own kids without having to be granted nannies to do what she SHOULD be doing herself..I feel sorry for her son and what he has suffered...But her priority should be to embrace and enjoy every moment with her children instead of continuing to be greedy.....when u look around the world today a-lot of mothers are raising there children with very little...Ridiculous no matter how u look at it...

827 days ago


I find this to be a great tragedy, but let's say she is nothing but a gold digger. Does anyone else find it ironic that it is probably because of money her son was on a jet ski? It seems she paid a huge price to be wealthy, if, in fact, she is a gold digger.

827 days ago


you guys are really sad besides the fact she might be a gold digger a child is still dead have some compassion instead of making hateful angry comments why dont you give out condolences and well wishes.the boy has nothing to do with his parents lets focus on him and not them!!

827 days ago


I too am very sorry about her son. However, it proves that she was after his money because she doesn't want to give him 50/50 custody of the children. It is why these so called women go for sole custody so that they can get MORE child support money. It is not fair.

826 days ago


First of all, act your age and not your shoe size. And for Usher he needs to be
in a church having a priest say a prayer
for his stepson and also his own son by his ex. Always have faith in yourself usher. Life goes on (believe)

826 days ago


Why did they get divorced? Does anyone have actual facts? Besides calling her a money grubbing Ho? Did he cheat or Did she cheat?

826 days ago


How do you people no anything besides rumor and whats in the rag mags??? If shes asking for money, it may be for medical bills, help with housing costs, etc. Usher can handle the money part, he can STOP WHINING about that part!!!

826 days ago


I love all the comments about Tameka being the gold digger while Usher is being painted as the stand-up guy. Please. Both of these people are terrible. He has an ego the size of Montana and screwed everything that moved during their "marriage," and she's a low rent s***bag who is using the kids as a meal ticket. The ONLY reason Usher isn't playing dirtier is because his pulicist is probably doing damage control by instructing him to give in on a few of her demands so he looks good. But they're both rotten human beings and even worse parents.

826 days ago


If there is no chance of him recovering, it is silly to torture yourself any longer, it is going to be heartbreaking either way.

826 days ago
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