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Jennifer Lopez

I'm Quitting 'Idol' Too

'The Time Has Come'

7/13/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jennifer Lopez just announced ... she will NOT be returning to "American Idol" next season.

JLo called in to Ryan Seacrest this morning, saying, "I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do."

She said, "Something has to give" ... adding, "We had an amazing run."

Lopez made the announcement a day after Steven Tyler bailed from the show. And there is a strong buzz that Randy Jackson may not be coming back either, leaving Ryan Seacrest the last man standing on the show, which has lost a third of its ratings in the last year.

Obviously, producers now have to make a decision that will make or break the show.


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Throwback kid    

Thank God! now JLO can go back to making movies that nobody goes to and making albums where the songs all sound the same. If JLO was white her career would have been over years ago, she has limited talent. She just keeps riding the wave of that whole Jenny from the block hype. If she married her boyriend who is young enough to be her son and retired no one would miss her

796 days ago


Now is the time to cancel this show. It has ran its course so cancel it.

796 days ago


What do you mean the producers have a make or break decision? The show passed its prime several years ago. Nothing they can do (even bringing back Simon) will save it from continuing to decline. They way these things work is that Fox will keep it going as long as it makes them a profit. The year that the ratings decline to the point where they aren't making money off of it will be its last.

796 days ago


Sing me a pretty song J?

796 days ago

Supr Dav     


796 days ago


Perhaps it's just time to bury this show once and for all. They can't keep judges, and the talent is getting worse. Their voting system has been taken over by a bunch of 13-14 year old girls who only allow young attractive white guys to win. It's totally dead in the water, especially if Randy leaves.

796 days ago


If Randy leaves....that's it.

796 days ago


I think Gretel would make a great judge!

796 days ago

kasun sameera    

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796 days ago

go home!    

OMG just hang it up now! End this show, the time has come. We don't want it to get so desperate and down in the barrell with judges that they hire crap like Leanne Rhims or something. It's done, and X Factor is the way to go now.

796 days ago


Thinking Jennifer Lopez would be the savior was misguided!! She was overpaid and no substance. Atleast Steven Tyler was entertaining. Bring back Simon.......atleast he is honest and doesn't sugar coat. Last season was just a love fest. Not reality!!

796 days ago


OH no! you mean we don't have suffer watching JLO's dance/lip songs anymore!!!!

796 days ago


Marie Conrad Cardenas and I promised to take each other to the first American Idol after she begged me not to sign her up. My husband even got on a commercial for the worst of worst singers to win a trip that she backed out of. We got second place so we didn't win. She got lucky a second time and won the second drawing. Her sister beg her to take her instead of me so I didn't get to go. This was something I wanted a lot more then her, we all even said so. her sister bribed her with money something I didn't have. I stayed friends with her even though this happened until she started using meth. She was bringing thieves into my house who stole from me. When I was trying to help them out when they were homeless. Let's just say we are friends no more. I had to put my children and husband first.

796 days ago


Memo to American Idol: If you decide to try another season with a new judges, here is a tip. Do not hire another J-Lo! Seriously, if you hire another lipsyncer it will be the final nail in the AI coffin.

796 days ago


Obviously everyone saw this coming. Like I said in a different article, I think American Idol has had its run and it's time to end.

796 days ago
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