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Kerry Kennedy Arrested

Driving Under the

Influence of Drugs

7/13/2012 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Robert F. Kennedy's daughter Kerry Kennedy was arrested in New York this morning after cops say she was driving while under the influence of drugs ... and crashed into a tractor-trailer.

The State Police released a statement saying they received 911 calls around 8:00 AM reporting a woman in a 2008 Lexus who was driving in an "erratic manner."

When cops arrived to the scene ... officers found Kerry's damaged car nearby ... with Kennedy seated behind the wheel.

Officers approached the vehicle and determined Kennedy was under the influence of drugs.

According to WABC in NY, Kennedy told the officers she had taken an ambien -- a powerful prescription sleeping pill.

52-year-old Kennedy was arrested and charged with driving while impaired by drugs.


No Avatar


Interesting .... ambien .... her cousin Patrick had a driving under the influence violation using the same drug .....

729 days ago


She's a Kennedy, I'm sure she'll get a slap on the wrist and be sent on her way.

729 days ago


Serves you right, Skeletor.
You forgot to up your Kennedy game and take out an innocent person with you. Maybe next time.

729 days ago

Duke Steele    

Anyone ever notice that the Kennedys all look skeletal? And on the women it looks even worse. Not a good looking family.

729 days ago

Heather up on AMBIEN. It is powerful, very powerful..and it is meant to kick in IMMEDIATELY and for you to stay in bed. People tend to take it and stay up past the 15 minutes that they suggest you go to sleep has been known to cause people to hallucinate, go driving and NEVER remember, have wild sexual encounters and not remember..etc. Please before you judge, read on this. MY guess is she dont remember a thing..I didnt believe a single thing it was making me do until someone recorded it. Go to youtube and type in ambien

729 days ago


Camelot is a real mess.

729 days ago

Lana Caine    

The Kennedy curse is the result of Joseph Kennedy's wicked ways so many years ago. The irony is that his boot-legging ways was punished with many lifetimes of alcohol and drug abuse. It's more commonly known as Karma, with a captial "K"!

729 days ago


Always claim you were on your way to vote. it works for the kennedys.

729 days ago


Well, looks like the Kennedy's found a new Torch Bearer. Someone had to carry on the tradition......

729 days ago


A Kennedy post without a comment from
Love My Fans?
Somebody better go check on her.

729 days ago


Puh-leeze. She took an Ambien at 8 am? She wasn't even resourceful enough to make up her own excuse. She recycled her dimwitted cousin's phony excuse. Gee Kerry--maybe your "best friend" will talk at your funeral about all your demons. Kinda like you did at Mary's service

729 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

the Kennedy's are cursed. It's due to Joe Kennedy's criminal endeavors and the resulting BAD KARMA

729 days ago


one ambien just really isn't that big of a deal. unless of course mixed with any number of other drugs. blood test for thc opiates and benzos would be reasonable.

729 days ago


so the kennedy's are going for the whole ambien thing again, seemed to work for patrick a few years ago when he crashed his car(of course being at a bar for a few hours had nothing to do with his, right) they are the worse sort of people, think they can get away with anything, and she didn't have the decency to stand up for her "friend" mary when she had some trouble before she killed herself, Karma.... I believe

729 days ago


She'll get off. They all do.

729 days ago
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