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Lindsay Lohan

Yet Another

Hair-Raising Moment

7/13/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0713_lindsay_lohan_hair_splash_akm-gsiYears of extensions, weaves and dye jobs have finally taken their toll on Lindsay Lohan ... as her exposed scalp made an impromptu appearance through her scraggly ginger locks when she picked up dinner at -- the appropriately named -- E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

If this keeps up, it won't be long before the rehabbed 26-year-old wigs out again.


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"Some people" say that the bald patch isn't because of extensions. Instead, that's where the Probation Dept. tried to epoxy the SCRAM. The ankle didn't work out since those evil paparazzi kept "spilling" their vodka on her feet. Everyone knows that all paparazzi guzzle vodka.

802 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So does the porno start shooting today? Is Lindsay naked for the cameras yet, or is she just drunk and naked?

802 days ago


<----Agent Princess Pink Fairy Fruit

802 days ago


To the one who is calling out "Bullying.."

You know thats the exact reason she is were she is now.....shes never been bullied..or told No, or told don't do that...or any discipline at all.....and thats why she is still doing what she is doing because people always make excuses for her....let her off, give her another change...
Yes they are bullies here...but is she a poor defenses harmless person who is being bullied by mean old people ...Hell NO ! She goes out of her way to draw the attention of the "bullies" she goes out a waves her red flag to wave them down...She invites them in and does outrageous thing on purpose to draw their attention....Hell man she calls the Papz to take the pictures most days....the number one bully of Lindsay Lohan IS Lindsay Lohan..........
So for once she got caught flat footed without makeup and looking like a worn out dirty hag...and don't make excuses....she does...
You keep on making excuses for her ......go on please do and when she over doses on coke and alcohol on one of her parties you will all blame her died on the bullies who made her life so miserable and never on the ones who are really to blame...the damn enablers who never lifted a serious finger of help to stop her down hill slide ... Her death will be on Your shoulders not the "bullies" sick of people like you...

802 days ago


Quack! Don't look now, but Lada CaCa just blocked Linds (and that stupid DimLinds account) from her Twitter.
How's that go again, HELL(p)? "Ha ha ha"?
I think that's it.

802 days ago



Fashion Ology ‏@Fashion_Ology
3 words - Lindsay. Lohan. Bald. #ewww

802 days ago


fans just say it, she is unlikable..stop BSing..
as a kid (I dont watch kid movies) she might have been something..
now she is just all around not worth the trouble and really bad..
there are so many good and promising actresses out there.
find one that can make a point..
I asked a long time ago "WOULD YOU TRUsT HER AT YOUR HOUSE" if you said yes, you are a fcking liar

802 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

LMFAO!! I think the fruity enablers have sunk to even a new low for them! Apparently, the popularity of a person is now measured by the popularity of the people they text, and if they're replied to.

So, in summation, they've gone from "Year 20__ will be Lindsay's Year!!!" and "Lindsay is hot on the comeback trail with xxx number of movies coming out", to finally "Hey, Lindsay tweeted Lady Gaga, and LG tweeted her back!!"

Yep, that clinches it... LowHang is roaring back in a big way, because someone famous tweeted back at her!! Wow!!! It's utterly amazing!!!

Ahh yes, the life of a Lohan fan must be really frustrating to have to grasp at such ridiculous accomplishments, just to buttress your argument against the mountain of negative material.

802 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

This is the first day of the rest of Lindsay's career.

802 days ago


It's not just the weaves & dye jobs, years of drug abuse will also cause your hair to fall out. I know one of the hairdressers that worked on Liz & Dick and she said Lindsays real hair is falling out and in really bad shape.

802 days ago


I Tweeted Stevie Nicks once, and she Tweeted back something friendly. Give me a big check, a book deal, and a reality show.

That's how it works, right?

802 days ago


So, Help, are you saying Lady Gaga is wearing Lindsay's outfit, or one just like Lindsay's outfit. And why aren't you providing a link like you were asked.

Or are you doing your usual stunt of just making stuff up and then disappearing?

802 days ago


even her hair filed a restraining order against her..

802 days ago


Why do the enablers continue to FALSELY PERPETUATE the myth that co-stars who DON'T TALK SH!T about Blohan make it out like their BFF's?

802 days ago


I haven't seen any pictures of Lindsay filming The Canyons, IF it happens i will change my name.....OK? A rehearsal pic doesn't mean anything....

802 days ago
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