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Lindsay Lohan

Yet Another

Hair-Raising Moment

7/13/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0713_lindsay_lohan_hair_splash_akm-gsiYears of extensions, weaves and dye jobs have finally taken their toll on Lindsay Lohan ... as her exposed scalp made an impromptu appearance through her scraggly ginger locks when she picked up dinner at -- the appropriately named -- E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

If this keeps up, it won't be long before the rehabbed 26-year-old wigs out again.


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Red Cloud    

Interesting that Lindsay is out in public sometimes when she's not quite as neat and groomed as usual. For a moment I thought the photo was from a few years ago. Where's the double chin? Where?

Do you really think Lindsay gives 2 zhits about the delusional rantings of sad, angry, frustrated haters??? SMLOL!!!!! Haters are irrelevant.
Twitter close to 4M followers. Not bad for a celebrity still on the bottom and rising.
Can't wait to see Lindsay looking super pretty as Liz.

802 days ago


LOL @ the people that didn't believe the stories that Lindsay was going to star in the Canyons, but now believe that Lindsay was playing board games with Lady Gaga! Sheesh...

802 days ago


@red cloud

Here's the rest of the pictures of this same time. You want to see her double chin...well here it is!

802 days ago


UnbeWEAVEable: Lindsay Lohan’s hair is falling outFeatured
Movies — 13 July 2012 Lindsay Lohan used to have a beautiful head of red hair..but that is a thing of the past!

Lindsay’s years of wearing weaves and extensions have caught up to her…as she showed up in LA last night not flashing a smile……but a bald spot!

She stopped at the E Baldi Italian restaurant (how fitting) in Beverly Hills, looking like her weave was going to fall out at any moment

802 days ago


What is it about red hair on a woman that makes so many other women jealous?

802 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I didn't know that watching old movies and playing board games could make you look hungover and bald. Guess that was a lie too, and Gaga deleted her LL tweets because of the lies I guess. She must be mad.

802 days ago

furious cupcakes    

It looks to me like Lindsay is suffering from trichotillomania which is an obsessive hair pulling disorder. People will constantly pull,feel,irritate small patches of hair on the scalp and it leads to these kinds of patches. I recognized it right away. It also appears that she had someone attach 2 hair extensions on the existing hair in an attempt to cover the patch. this makes sense seeing that she is a compulsive smoker , caffeine addict and an admitted cutter goes hand in hand with this type of mania.

802 days ago


Dina Lohan ‏@dinalohan
My lil red head is back !!!! Yay xo

802 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Apparently Balding, Pics Show “Painful” Bald Spot [Pics] Posted: July 13, 2012

Lindsay Lohan is working hard at her career comeback, but it seems like her own body is working hard against her. Not only is the young actress battling exhaustion and looking like a 40-year-old woman, now her hair may be falling out.

For one thing, she’s bee dyeing her hair an awful lot lately. Black for her role as Elizabeth Taylor, blonde in random candid shots of the actress, brown, and then back to red for the 4th of July, all in the last couple months, reports NY Daily. Stepping out for a bite to eat on Thursday, the troubled 26-year-old actress was looking pretty dingy and flashing an apparent bald spot on the back of her head. Oh, and the restaurant she was headed to? E. Baldi, an Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills. I can’t make this stuff up.

Lohan didn’t look like she was ready for a run-in with media photobugs when she stepped out, wearing nothing memorable and without makeup, but celebs are caught in public looking little better than the rest of us all the time, it’s not big deal. It’s the bald spot that got the media rumbling early this morning, with entertainmentwise calling it “painful” looking, and the result of “badly maintained hair extensions.”

“It appears that the years of hard partying and high-maintenance glamour with constant hair extensions has taken its toll on Lindsay’s locks, so we think she should take them out and have a nice cuppa in front of the box. Fat chance…” opines Lucia Binding of the site

802 days ago



A NEW Lindsay Story and NO Pu$$y shots? What has this world cvm to, eh?

802 days ago


Wow ! spent the morning canning tomatoes and check in to discover it question is..........

Did Harvey finely get off his leash and put out a negative story on Lindsay Lohan.....or did he take Friday off and leave the interns in charge and they missed that rule on the list of what to put out.....

but it sure brought out the enablers all 5 of them in ALL their different names.....
If its just a part between extension then it just proves how thin her hair is if it take that much space to find enough hairs to glue the extensions on.... !!!!! so please don't go sound so stupid.....
she looks dirty ....I mean physically dirty like she hasn't had a bath in a couple of weeks...why because her face hasn't been washed, her hands are nasty and that head needs washing desperately.......
As for the GA GA and Del Ray slumber party.... Come on enablers that slumber party excuse might have worked on your mother when you were 15 and sneaking off for a night with your boyfriend but three well known bi-sexual whores do not have slumber parties to watch movies....they were entertaining each other and exchanging STDs...every way they could.....
Who puts out those stories ...who every does has the IQ of a 13 yr old....
Your gal looks like hell and if she doesn't get it together really quite shes going to get a personal tour of that space sooner rather then late....that my dears is a FACT<<<<

802 days ago


Dina Lohan ‏@dinalohan
This is a message to TMZ :Harvey Levin please leave my family alone !!! We r good ppl stop going negative !!! Please

and that includes NIKKI, GC, AWARDS, UPYOURS, ILG, ANDY, MADDY, INSIDER and the rest of the H8TURDS here!!!

802 days ago


Looks like she's balding and has tried to have extensions installed. Looks like CRAP!

802 days ago


Do you remember the long letter you wrote begging Lindsay not to do the film with James Deen?
Seems now like she told you to F- off.

802 days ago



Friday, July 13th 2012
The Trinity Of Terror

Q: "Why did every L.A. area drug dealer tell me they were all out of the bad **** when I called each and every one of them on Tuesday night?" - Charlie Sheen

A: Lindsay Lohan, Lady GaGa and Lana Del Rey had a slumber party at the Chateau Marmont. The end.

William Shakespeare is somewhere up in heaven, slapping himself in the face with his quill pen for being born in the wrong time period, because this right here is more terrifying than any three witches scene from Macbeth. X17Online via (via Digital Spy) says that the Chateau Marmont almost crumbled into a million pieces from the weight of bloated egos, mountains of cocaine, polyester weaves and plastic lip jelly in one room. A source says that Lady CaCa, LiLo and Llama Del Meh (aka The Evil Ls) had dinner in the garden before going up to a room to "play dress up, watch old movies and play board games." You should've read that last part while making air quotes, because that's obviously just ****edupmess code for whiskey enemas, gargling coke with their nostrils and passing out in a puddle of vomit ("Try to pass out in your own!" - tip of the night from LiLo).

Earlier in the night, LiLo tweeted "#skinnysnack1" (translation: #cooooooooke1) at CaCa and CaCa tweeted a picture of a cu***ber on the bar. I don't even want to know what they did with that cu***ber, but my thoughts and condolences go out to its family, because it can't be easy knowing that its last moments were painful, disgusting and involved lots of toxic body fluids.

If this story is true and isn't just a piece from a horrific fanfic, then it was probably the most boring and annoying threesome ever. Spaced out Lana Del Rey slow danced with a floor lamp all night while CaCa and LiLo melted the paint on the walls by talking non-stop, over each other, about their (f)art. Still, I hope this never happens again, because the world does not need the second coming of the West Hollywood Three.

Here's LiLo leaving a restaurant last night and ho should be using her hands to hold down the top of her head instead of covering her face, because her scalp is practically falling off. Lady CaCa should be ashamed of herself. Bitch snorted up a patch of LiLo's hair when a little coke got on her head.

802 days ago
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