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Lindsay Lohan

Yet Another

Hair-Raising Moment

7/13/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0713_lindsay_lohan_hair_splash_akm-gsiYears of extensions, weaves and dye jobs have finally taken their toll on Lindsay Lohan ... as her exposed scalp made an impromptu appearance through her scraggly ginger locks when she picked up dinner at -- the appropriately named -- E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

If this keeps up, it won't be long before the rehabbed 26-year-old wigs out again.


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Linds used to throw piles of cash out the window of her stretch-helicopter at the little people when she was gacked on coke - just so she could feel better about herself, Now she leans IN car windows in back alleys to MAKE cash. DUIna says it‘s all good.

799 days ago


Agent Help,
Do you remember the long letter you wrote begging Lindsay not to do the film with James Deen?
Seems she told you to Fvck off.

799 days ago


Bwhahahhahha! Lohans nasty crouch shot is going to be on Fashion Police. Joan Rivers is going to tear her apart... Bwhahahahaha!

E!'s Fashion Police
Who looks fine and who should be fined? Don't worry, the hosts with the most will let you know!

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about 6 minutes ago
Lindsay Lohan's crotch shot has her nom'd for Worst Dressed! Tune in tonight at 10/9c to see if she takes the crown!

799 days ago


If you wondering why it doesn't show in the posed shots she does its because I have pointing out for a long time that besides the extensions she wears she wears what is called a enhancer most likely and open wear caplet you wear on your crown area of your head open weave and you pull your own hair thru the open weave part to blend it in they why some pictures you see tuffs of hair sticking up that her own shorter hair sticking up thru the caplet refusing to lay down....LOL.
How do I know ...Hell I'm 65 and I'm a nordic blonde or was now I'm white and thin and I love those enhancers....

I know ....but does expect one till Sunday in the earliest....this one is his weekend ride..... as for Lohan Inc treatening to sue ....know more then likely the just stopped paying...............

799 days ago



799 days ago


I work for a hair extensions company and Lindsay's bald spot is NOT normal. High quality fusion hair extensions (which most celebs use) have keratin protein bonds (not glue) which expand and contract with the natural hair. If I had to guess, Lindsay went to someone uncertified that put her extensions in improperly. Our company, Tony Odisho Extensions, would love the opportunity to fix LIndsay's hair!

799 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Drugs can **** you up so ****ing bad ! She looks so old for her age ! Every time I watch Mean Girls I shake my Head because she USE to be pretty ! This bitch has gone down hill !

799 days ago


AHA!! I've finally figured it out!

Linds isn't going bald - as most of the planet thinks. It's her skin. Strawberry Snortcake’s face is so loose from the ravages of cocaine and bad clam, that she has to pull her scalp backward and bunch it up underneath her hideous, fvcked up hair extensions to make her forehead appear tight. She then wraps the excess scalp in a massive ball of duct tape, and staples the whole thing to the back of her head.

She can't feel the staples, since all the cocaine numbs her entire head (brain included).

DUIna does the same thing.

799 days ago



With huge expenses and a dried up money stream, there is speculation that Lilo whacked Art/Drug dealer S. J. Simmons to take over his “Dealer to the Stars” business.

The chest shot Simmons was found dead in the back seat of a Cadillac Escalade, a location where Linds often does business, if you know what I mean, eh?

Word on the street is that Lilo was trying to score more when she failed to give a satisfactory round the world tour to Simmons, who objected and would not extend further credit.

Word is Linds offed him and took several kilos after erasing her debt.

Lohan, a lifelong criminal with an escalating record of offenses was unavailable for comment because she had a mouthful on The Canyons set.

799 days ago


Someone get Lindsay Lohan a hair appointment, STAT!

The starlet's newly dyed red hair looked worse for wear on Thursday night when she stopped by E. Baldi to pick up dinner.

Maybe next time she should consider wearing a baseball hat.

Just sayin'

799 days ago



What do you think Linds will “model’ at her Next felony PerpWalk?

Black leather Teddy?
Saran-Wrap bikini?
Crotchless wedding gown?

Any one of those seem appropriate, all things considered.

799 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Whatever. She has been busy and is just having fun. Once she finishes the Canyons she can let it grow naturally again.

799 days ago


Agent Orange...when are you changing your name to Agent Stupid. Shall I remind you:

AGENT ORANGE (June 19, 2012)
If Lindsay does The Canyons film with the guy who has done 2,000 porno's I will change my name to AGENT STUPID!!!

799 days ago


That lump of hair on the back of her head is actually an artistically disguised knob that is screwed on to her wing nut shaft. If you unscrew the knob, her head falls off.
As a point of reference, Red Cloudy Underpants opts for a feather knob at that location. In both cases, the preferred maintenance and tightening location is the anal wing nut and washer.

799 days ago


I think this is something that you put under your hair to bump it up. But instead of using it in her hair color, so probably bought this when she was light blonde and thus it looks like she has gray hair

799 days ago
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