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Tom's Crazy Couch Stunt

Did NOT Doom His Marriage

7/13/2012 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's one of his most famously bizarre moments -- Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch ... on national TV -- but surprisingly, the big O doesn't think the outburst had ANY effect on his marriage.

Oprah was out in DC yesterday, when she was asked if Tom's infamous 2005 couch stunt damaged his relationship with Katie Holmes -- and she burst out laughing ... calling the mere notion "ridiculous."

In case you forgot, Tom had been dating Katie just over a month at the time ... and exploded on Oprah's show, explaining how head-over-heels he was about his new girl.

But here's the thing -- the incident is widely cited as evidence that Scientology had fundamentally changed Tom Cruise ... for the worse ... so it's not crazy to wonder if Katie saw red flags from the get go.

You gotta watch the clip -- Oprah's reaction is hilarious ... even Gayle gets involved.


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

People make such a big deal over that moment, all it showed me is he's a pretty nimble guy for his age and he was just getting his new bride all juiced up... big deal... the crap with Scientology is of far far far far greater consequence but the media and people focus on the minutea. Tony Robbins calls if failing while 'majoring in minor things'... Americas specialty right now sadly.

796 days ago


Am I the only one in America who doesn't think Tom's couch jumping was crazy? Over the top, yes, but crazy, no. He was just having a little fun. What is the big deal?

796 days ago


I never understood why people made such a big deal out of the couch jumping thing. I can't stand Tom, but on this, I don't agree with everybody else. I don't think its a sign of "crazy", although he may be, but if he is I don't think this had anything to do with it. I think he just really loved this girl and he was excited about it and he got caught up in his emotions. I certainly wouldn't complain if a guy did that for me.

796 days ago


Am I the only one in the world who didnt see him jumping on Oprahs sofa as weird? I honestly thought that was fun and cute lol... Why all the fuss? Still dont get it. Silly americans I guess.

796 days ago


The jumping on the couch was Tom Thumb's way of saying "I am free, I am Me, I am Woman......." and we should all support that.

796 days ago


It's amazing how much Oprah has aged since 2005. She actually looked good back then.
She has a talent for sniffing out gay men to make her pets. At least Nate is out and doesn't feel the need to kiss her ass!

Tom, besides being a big time nerd and raving lunatic, is so transparently phony. It's so clear watching him pretending to get excited about the ordinary Katie Holmes. Please! His laughter borders on a mocking type of laughter used by a psychopath when they think they've put one over on someone - in this case Oprah, who knows better. She and Deadman used each other for years.

796 days ago


Who cares what oprah thinks? He showed himself to be nuts back then.

796 days ago


Cruise is a wanker.

796 days ago


Your'e right Oprah, him jumping on your couch didnt end his marriage. It did make him look like a real a**hole though. I would have been soooo embarrassed if that was my boyfriend acting like a jerk*ff on national TV.
Tom just proved what an idiot he is. Scientology isnt really workin for ya in that way is it Tom??? Once an a**hole - always an a**hole. Katie wised up and said "I'm outta here"!!! Love it!

796 days ago

Instant Karma     

'Red flags from the get go'? Well she stayed with him long enough. I'm getting sick of Katie being made to be the 'hero' in this whole debacle. She's saturated the pap opportunity since the divorce was announced, which I don't understand given she usually seems to constantly try to shield her daughter from publicity. I would have thought that knowing the media scrum this would cause, she would keep a lower profile. If she wants to be out every day getting papped everywhere that's up to her, but I don't think she's been fair to her young daughter by dragging her all over NYC in what she knew would be the busiest pap week of her life. I'm not buying this whole victim thing at all.

796 days ago

wow ew    

Hm. I always think that when people don't answer a question, or they answer the question with another question or yet a statement ,then they are hiding something. Pretty damn sure she's friends with Tom so she's not going to say anything. That reporter has some balls to ask her that. lol

796 days ago



796 days ago


A better question for Oprah would have been: Why do you think Lisa Ling's show OWN has lower ratings than Bristol Palin's reality show on Lifetime????

796 days ago


Oprah is very close to Tom Cruise and John Travolta? Is she a closet scient.?

796 days ago

Just Reading    

Tom jumping on that couch was his excitement over finding a women that met his and the scientologists (sp) approval. First of all Katie was enamored with Tom long before they started dating. She was 17 years his junior which meant he had an opportunity to play on her “crush” and age difference to “mold" her into whatever image he felt was most appropriate...but alas she matured and in the end that seemed to be at the root of their problems based on Katie’s reported remark that he treated her like a robot AND his early interference in her acting career. Tom should either find or marry another dedicated scientologist like himself, preferably one not in the industry and only interested in him and their shared beliefs, or stay single and closeted (closeted meaning his Howard Hughes eccentric beliefs)

796 days ago
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