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Tom's Crazy Couch Stunt

Did NOT Doom His Marriage

7/13/2012 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's one of his most famously bizarre moments -- Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch ... on national TV -- but surprisingly, the big O doesn't think the outburst had ANY effect on his marriage.

Oprah was out in DC yesterday, when she was asked if Tom's infamous 2005 couch stunt damaged his relationship with Katie Holmes -- and she burst out laughing ... calling the mere notion "ridiculous."

In case you forgot, Tom had been dating Katie just over a month at the time ... and exploded on Oprah's show, explaining how head-over-heels he was about his new girl.

But here's the thing -- the incident is widely cited as evidence that Scientology had fundamentally changed Tom Cruise ... for the worse ... so it's not crazy to wonder if Katie saw red flags from the get go.

You gotta watch the clip -- Oprah's reaction is hilarious ... even Gayle gets involved.


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It is a crazy would think you could come up with something better to ask. she is right. noticed you didn't say you were from TMZ ;).

829 days ago


Oprah.....Reitre we have seen and heard enough from you.....

829 days ago


It is a stupid question.

829 days ago


Well personally, I like Tom Cruise and John Travolta but they need to leave that weirdo cult.
These creeps were handing out pamphlets in our City and trying to lure people into their cult over the weekend.

829 days ago

moe l.    

A gay scientologist bouncing around like a crazy child on a fat black lady's couch professing his love for a WOMAN isn't a bit strange? Well the entire world thought so.....

829 days ago


It's funny how Oprah is out and about talking to all kinds of reporters and asnwering all the questions now that her shows and TV channels are doomed. Guess she needs publicity

829 days ago


In California I believe it is common knowledge that he is gay. I heard she agreed to marry him for 5 years and that was it--not sure how true all this would be. It is all an act to further there careers. but in this day and age why stay in the closet? Why not come out? Perhaps he just wanted a biological child.

829 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I believe he really was in love with Katie Holmes. You can hear it in his voice, all giddy-like. But before you get married, there are a LOT of things to discuss, such as RELIGION, how you will raise the kids etc. I don't think they had that talk. Katie got her dream of marrying Tom Cruise but she also got her dream of divorcing Tom Cruise, as did his 2 other wives before her. Maybe he is not good marriage material or maybe, he needs to marry a scientologist even if she is not so pretty and not in show business.

829 days ago


TMZ needs to change the people they send out on assignments.

829 days ago


from witch craft to fortune telling, she sounds like obzo, "Only I know that answer" get over your fat asses. the both of you american africans.

829 days ago


A man was excited about being in love?
He must be a freak! A zombified cult member! What kind of man feels excited about being in love?! Something's wrong!
Yep that sealed it, once Tom said he was in love, the public decided something must be terribly wrong and he must be in some cult!
Bahahaha Tom-haters aren't just haters...they're nuts and fruitcakes :D

829 days ago


I always felt Katie was led around like a puppy. She had no back bone. Glad she found it.

829 days ago


OMG give the guy a break! Anyone who is at the beginning of a relationship is excited and happy about it--his happiness does not mean he is in a cult. Try being the biggest movie star on planet and trying to find happiness... I don't care about his religion or beliefs, I've been a fan since the 80's. To all the haters--do you want someone criticizing all your moves, actions, decisions in every part of your life? Leave him alone, wish him well, like or don't like his movies and live your life.

829 days ago


Seeing Tom act like that on Oprah certainly changed my view of him. My first thought wasn't that he was head over heels in love, but that he was either on some kind of new meds or he didn't take them that day. To me, he was full on crazy acting that day!!!

829 days ago


Oprah looks like a p*ssed off go-rilla.

829 days ago
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