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Tom Cruise

Didn't Pay Katie

Lump Sum in Divorce

7/13/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_tom_cruise_secrets_Settlement_article_2Tom Cruise did not pay Katie Holmes a lump sum in his divorce settlement, but he will pay handsomely in the child support department ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our well-connected sources tell us ... reports that Katie scored $50 million are "ridiculous." We're told she did not get a lump sum of money at all. As we previously reported, Katie signed a prenup which gave her goose eggs by ending the marriage. And, sources connected with Katie have been telling us from day 1 that she was not after his money. As one source put it, "She has her own money."

We do know, however, that Tom is paying "a lot of money" in the form of child support. Tom will be making regular payments for 12 years. Our sources say all tolled, Tom will be paying "more than $10 million" in child support, though no one would be more specific.



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My guess is Bert Fields is spoon feeding TMZ this crap. That's why Harvey thinks it's all true. Fields is a real sleaze bag, and Harvey just prints anything he's told.

800 days ago


Very scary if true:
"The last straw came when Holmes, 33, and Suri visited Cruise, 50, in Iceland, where he was filming his latest big-budget action flick, “Oblivion.”

“Katie tried to discipline Suri over something. But one of Tom’s Scientology handlers stepped in and said they couldn’t let her do that, and they would have to call Tom,” a source told Us magazine.

Katie “snapped” over the insulting interference.

But signs of trouble had been building for months.

The couple’s homes were reportedly staffed by an entourage of church spies — who even opened Holmes’ mail before she did.

“She felt like she was being watched more than protected. The people handling her . . . were so controlling, it was terrifying,” a source said.

When Holmes traveled in early June to China on a work trip for her fashion label, Holmes and Yang, she left Suri with Cruise — who jumped at the chance to begin the notorious Scientology indoctrination.

“Tom was beginning to audit Suri behind [Holmes’] back,” a source told Us about the church’s bizarre ritual in which subjects are grilled about their feelings to “cure” their emotional woes.

“You get asked really intense things [during auditing] — and Suri is only 6! Katie saw a difference in Suri,” the source added.

Connor and Isabella Cruise, the son and daughter of Tom and his Oscar-winning ex, Nicole Kidman, were even in on the sessions, Us reported.

Holmes freaked out at the news and sought out Kidman for advice.

“Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it, too, and to hang in there,” a pal told Us.

“Katie had been watching how these same handlers turned Connor and Isabella from their mom. She saw that future for her,” the source said.

As Cruise’s mind control escalated, Holmes became more determined to keep Suri away from his Scientology crew.

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800 days ago

Robert Doig    

All TOLLED???. Someone needs to learn how to use correct words and how to spell.

800 days ago


Man it didn't take long for Tom to put this thing on lockdown. All the bad press he was creating for The Church (?) of Scientology must have been a big part of it - along with the fact that he's worried about the gay rumors again. Which I bet us the real reason for the breakup. She probably caught him with an escort.

800 days ago


Hey Scientoes - since you love Mad Hot Mess Messiah L Ron's "self help" books so much I dug out some more recommeded reading just for you:

"surviving addiction" by Amy Winehouse
"How to age well" by Lindsay Lohan
"how to be a great mom" by Casey Anthony

I've also got some tix to meet Milli Vannili for singing lessons if you're interested.

800 days ago


Probably the same one giving TMZ all their inside info.

800 days ago


Maybe no actual cash just a couple 5m houses

800 days ago



All joking aside, I bet Tom is really bad in bed.. How can you pleasure someone when your biggest obsessions in life are yourself and your freaky intergalactic cult caretakers.. He has become nothing but a cash register for a movie studio, and a spokesperson for an evil cult, nice work maybe you need to sit on a rock and have a good cry and figure out what you can do with all that intensity and intelligence that can actually improve the world and not hurt it...
3 hours ago //

I think you are right. I don't know what Scientology was from the start, but it's certainly evil now. It has developed a culture of violence, lies and aggression. Say something negative about them, and they try to destroy you - you character, your livelihood, your reputation.

Cruise and their fleader David Miscavige (who is personally violent and whose wife seems to have disappeared) are, in the words of a former Scientology top gun, "unnaturally extremely close". It doesn't matter whether this means sex or not, it's just too close. Katie was up against the devil, and managed to get to safety with Suri.

Let's support them. I'll see her next movie even if it stinks. I won't see his. Actually, I haven't for some time. He's too intense, too unkind, too crazy. You can sense there is no talking to this guy.

800 days ago


I read the article in the Enquirer, it states that Katie was mentally abused by Cruise and his Scientology staff and family when she told him she wanted to leave the cult and did not want her daughter exposed to it. Katie called her father to express the stress she was feeling from Cruise and the Scientologists he has around him. Katie's father, a lawyer told Cruise he wanted his daughter to see a Therapist to help with the stress she was feeling from the situation, Cruise told him she could only see a Scientologist. The source for the article is Katie's family, who sought to protect her from this cult and this controlling man that utilized Hubbard's "fair game" policy to harass her into staying in the cult which caused her so much stress that she had to take her child and escape. Only a woman who is being abused escapes the way she did, out of fear. If you read the Village View article by Tony Ortega "SCIENTOLOGY'S DISGRACE: AN OPEN LETTER TO TOM CRUISE" dated 2/15/12 it explains via court testimony from former Scientologists how they were abused. This is a dangerous cult that now has the spotlight on them, hopefully the abuse will stop and missing people such as Shelly Miscavige will be found. Tom Cruise makes my skin crawl, I will not support this cult by seeing any of his movies any longer.

800 days ago


As of last Monday, July 9, I don't believe anything that is being reported via the media about TomKat. Their settlement was confidential and if Katie were to verbally tell any of her friends (sources) she would breach that settlement contract and get penalized. The settlement will ultimately be sealed along with the divorce papers by the court.

800 days ago


Who keeps picking out the pro Tom photos? This pic of Katie sucks.

800 days ago



800 days ago


All one has to do is look at the recent pictures of \kate, she seems more happier, relaxed, The last couple of years compared to when she was first met Tom and for a while after: there is a big difference. As Suri got bigger whenever \kate and Tom appeared together, she seems tense, seemed forced. No one except for a few close family members, friends are ever going to know all that happened. Based on Tom's interviews, there has been incidents where you had to think wtf! I could only imagine what he was liked behind closed doors.

800 days ago


that is such a LIE....of course, Tom settled quickly to prevent anything coming out about his precious Scientology....We are not dummies, Tom....

800 days ago


you comment section turd burglars approve of TMZ if heir reports if TMZ is promoting your point of view but as soon as they stray from your hate campaign you want invalidate TMZ - the emperor has no clothes - you guys are insane for the most part or just dishonest

0 critical thinking happening in this silly comment section where you are concerned

you all perfectly display that dangerous polarizing "you are with us or against us" attitude

800 days ago
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