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Tom Cruise

Didn't Pay Katie

Lump Sum in Divorce

7/13/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_tom_cruise_secrets_Settlement_article_2Tom Cruise did not pay Katie Holmes a lump sum in his divorce settlement, but he will pay handsomely in the child support department ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our well-connected sources tell us ... reports that Katie scored $50 million are "ridiculous." We're told she did not get a lump sum of money at all. As we previously reported, Katie signed a prenup which gave her goose eggs by ending the marriage. And, sources connected with Katie have been telling us from day 1 that she was not after his money. As one source put it, "She has her own money."

We do know, however, that Tom is paying "a lot of money" in the form of child support. Tom will be making regular payments for 12 years. Our sources say all tolled, Tom will be paying "more than $10 million" in child support, though no one would be more specific.



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can at least one single person here admit that they actually really truly know 100% nothing about he private lives of these two actors and their child?

811 days ago


you comment section turd burglars approve of TMZ reports if TMZ is promoting your point of view but as soon as they stray from your hate campaign you invalidate TMZ - the emperor has no clothes - you guys are insane for the most part or just dishonest

0 critical thinking happening in this silly comment section where you are concerned

most of you all display that dangerous polarizing "you are with us or against us" attitude

811 days ago

wow ew    

Looks like Tom pulled out the big legal guns again, just heard that the media has to stop talking **** or legal action will be taken against them. That's one way to get tmz to stop talking **** right?
Hm. Whatever. He's a lil closeted gay man who couldn't keep a woman to save his life. Instead of reflecting on his relationship he's too busy shooting another sh*t movie.

811 days ago

I dont really recall Tom Cruise ever really doing anything wrong? He signed a prenup and he is going to pay child support. Even in he past he really has done very little to do anything that bad. He jumped on a couch and talked about people taking medication? (which I think alot of people who write on TMZ message boards abuse)!!! He doesnt take drugs and he works alot? Personally I have the utmost respect for him and think he has made some movies that I enjoyed watching.

811 days ago

Change 2010    

There's something very weird about Tom Cruise and David Miscavage's personal interaction and shared mutual obsession.Very wierd

811 days ago


Cruise needs to pay his Cruch of Scatology 25 million so he can be declared CLEAR again




Maybe this time it will work?

811 days ago


can't put a price tag on freedom.

811 days ago

Change 2010    

Ironic that Scientology advocates character assassination under it's 'fair game' policy and in the end Scientology itself couldn't stand up to the mud raking brought on by a celebrity divorce.
Something to hide maybe?Ya think?

811 days ago


he got away cheep! 10 mil in "their world" is a drop in the bucket.

811 days ago

jim messmer    

the expression is " all told" not all tolled. Who has the journalism degree at this publication?

811 days ago


I don't think the money end of it is anyone's business. This is about a break up of a marriage, and mostly, about a child. Move on to another story now.

811 days ago

joe gillis    

and this advertorial was brought proudly sponsored by tommy ot8, man wife miscarriage, XENU and the cult of $atanology

811 days ago


TECHNICALLY....she didn't make anything on the prenup. BUT----that doesn't mean she didn't have some other "agreement" (read "contract with incentives") that she signed before she married him. Everyone knows. These contracts are among the worst kept secrets in showbiz.
She'll walk away with around $100 million.

811 days ago


hey experts , can you please tell me what colour TC and Katie Holme's underwear is today, i am sure you know that. Oh and I am not famous but maybe you could tell me mine to while you are at it. ) I just am so impressed by your psychic powers when it comes to famous people and the way you know their private thoughts , motivations and all that stuff about them the way that you do.

811 days ago

joe gillis    

love the way cult of $atanology acts like no one knows anything about them lmfao at the self deceipt and conceit of it al

811 days ago
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