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Tom Cruise

Didn't Pay Katie

Lump Sum in Divorce

7/13/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_tom_cruise_secrets_Settlement_article_2Tom Cruise did not pay Katie Holmes a lump sum in his divorce settlement, but he will pay handsomely in the child support department ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our well-connected sources tell us ... reports that Katie scored $50 million are "ridiculous." We're told she did not get a lump sum of money at all. As we previously reported, Katie signed a prenup which gave her goose eggs by ending the marriage. And, sources connected with Katie have been telling us from day 1 that she was not after his money. As one source put it, "She has her own money."

We do know, however, that Tom is paying "a lot of money" in the form of child support. Tom will be making regular payments for 12 years. Our sources say all tolled, Tom will be paying "more than $10 million" in child support, though no one would be more specific.



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I'm still tripping on the comparison of Suri to Tommy Davis.

It's hard to be sure, because Kate and Tom are not too dissimilar in looks to Davis, so you can see a resemblance there, but Suri and Davis practically look like twins.

798 days ago


Check out the images of Suri, actress Anne Archer and her son, Co$ elite, Tommy Davis...... Notice the eye shape.....

First Anne....,r:0,s:11,i:109

798 days ago


Then Tommy....,r:12,s:0,i:118

798 days ago


POP QUIZ for the experts in this comments section:

MOST of what you read on the internet is....

(a) 100% accurate and trustworthy
(b) distorted, unsubstantiated, opinion based and exaggerated questionable
(c) BS and good for reenforcing your pre-existing bias (confirmation bias)

798 days ago


Then Suri....,r:5,s:0,i:88

798 days ago

dd man    

10 mil $$ is Chump change to what tom makes in a yr

798 days ago


@SMOOTHIE set up a TMZ account 5 days ago.
SMOOTHIE is a scientologist or a scientology rent boy.
SMOOTHIE hasn't posted on any thread except the Tom Cruise cult of scientology ones

798 days ago


The age limit of 18 for child support rubs me the wrong way, too..... if Suri decides to go to university,and I hope she does, that will be the time she seriously needs financial support.

Cruise will no doubt do the right thing financially, if not spiritually. Kate's new apartment is massively, over-the-top Regency-style elegance, so I'm guessing no one's going to be hurting there.

As an aside, notice Angelina suddenly turns up with an "engagement" ring? Didn't they get married already, or were they saving it for the Cruise divorce everyone knew would happen...... can it really just be a coincidence?

How many years and kids do she and Brad have between them now, and yet they choose the same week as the Cruise/Holmes hub bub to take back the spotlight?

There has always been a rivalry between Brad and Cruise.

They were making screaming headlines with the Jennifer/Brad/Angelina scandal, and right on their heels was Tom and his couch-jumping. I read that was a whole strategy to make TomKat a household name overnight, and overshadow Brad.

What bugs me about this whole thing, and Hollywood in general, is that they treat "the little people" like we are stupid enough to buy all the klunky, ridiculous manipulations and PR stunts.

798 days ago


he should have to pay child support if their not together but all this mess should be private not on all the news

798 days ago


Just takes my lack of respect for Cruise to a lower level. With all of his money, Tom could have offered Katie & Suri a nice package. 10M in child support is nothing in cases like this. Sad, just like he didn't use his power and influence to further Katie's career, he's failing to step up to the plate in their divorce. Obviously, Tom is all about Tom. Only reason this didn't get dragged through the courts is because Tom didn't want the exposure & Katie didn't want the battle. Tom has physically looked like crap for the past several months... perhaps something on the horizon in the health department??? Paybacks are a b i t c h Mr. Cruise. Perhaps the word " clear " will soon take on a brand new meaning in your life...

798 days ago

james nealon    

well that's his litle girl, unlike his beard !!!

798 days ago


Why does she need child support? Doesn't she have way enough money herself!

798 days ago


With all the major issues to be concerned with... Why is this so important. They / we al;l have our own issues and should be left alone. It NOUB what they do and who gets what. I think we all need to bet a life and start to place more importance on more important matters like people losing their homes, jobs, life savings.. murder-rape-child abuse.
I know I do... Katy do what u gotta do. Tom move on.. The rest of you find a cause and work to better all our lives.

798 days ago


"Our sources say all tolled," OMG! Journalists who can't spell or use spell check??

798 days ago


Tom isn't getting all that $ from movies. . Majority of the $ he makes is from $cientology. Why? because the "church" uses Tom as it's biggest pawn. They pay him bucketloads to show up at co$ events. & they probably pay him even more to stick around in the cult. The "church" of Scientology is one of the biggest money making pyramid schemes.. the reason Tom is so rich? he's at the top of that pyramid with scam leader David Miscavidge.

I guarantee that the Church is communicating with TMZ behind the scenes. They are either paying TMZ to begin posting things that boost Tom up, or threatening to SUE if they post anything else that puts him in a bad light, or post the truth about Tom's homosexuality.. and the truth about how much money Tom gets from the "church"

Stalking is Scientology's big weapon. It is well known, and well do***ented that they use church recruit's $ to hire private investigators, computer techs, and even their own members to stalk, and dig and dig and dig. Once they find the littlest compromising thing about a detractor of the church, or anyone that has anything negative to say, they will BLOW it out of proportion. They have been known to file frivolous lawsuits to defame and suck every single penny out of people. They also like to publish nasty attacks in their "religious" publication, Freedom Magazine.

Example; The XENU story, made popular by South Park, was brought to the public's attention by a long gone ex-member. They sued the sh!!t out of him!! because they made public "copyrighted material". They didn't want people to know the Xenu story.. not only because it was a batsh!!t insane fairytale written by a drugged-up science fiction writer.. but because it is a core belief of the"church" (SERIOUSLY!!) that Xenu infested humans with space aliens millions of years ago. "church" recruits pay upwards of $500,000 dollars, just to find out the B.S Xenu story.. and just to find out that there are "space aliens in your body" That's Scientology in a nutshell. The courses you pay tons of $ for, the auditing, is to "help control those aliens" They didn't want that belief out there because people would obviously think it's phony. But most importantly... because unsuspecting recruits pay the "church" TONS AND TONS OF MONEY TO FIND THAT OUT

798 days ago
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