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Lindsay Lohan Crash

No Way

Porsche's Brakes Failed

7/14/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's brakes couldn't have failed last month -- moments before she slammed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler -- because sources tell TMZ, Porsche itself tested the car after the crash ... and the brakes passed with flying colors.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay blamed faulty brakes for the accident.-- telling friends she slammed on the brakes when the truck allegedly cut her off ... and nothing happened.

As it happens, we're told Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the company that rented Lindsay the vehicle -- asking if it could formally test the car.

According to sources, the rental company obliged -- and Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction ... which blows Lindsay's bum brakes excuse out of the water.

A rep for the Santa Monica PD had no comment. A rep for Porsche also had no comment -- but did say they're cooperating with authorities. Calls to Lindsay were not returned.


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Next time take it up to 110 mph and then crash.

Go out in style, James Dean is lonely.

840 days ago


porsche should sue for defamation

840 days ago


OK. Ten years (3-4 actual) State Prison - no house arrest, 20 more years formal probation - face-to-face reporting once a week. Twice-weekly drug testing. Weekly psychiatric counseling. 180-day inpatient substance treatment - no visitors or phone calls (mail only), no cell phone or Internet. Designer SCRAM for 10 years. No travel out of Los Angeles without written permission from the JUDGE - IN ADVANCE. Surrender passport.

AA meetings - 5 per week. NA meetings - 5 per week. CA meetings - 5 per week. GA (Grifters Anonymous) meetings - 5 per week. Previously community service continued - Five 8-hr days per week. Any missed or late days will result in an additional 5 days. All civil litigation must be adjudicated and all legal fees must be paid in full before probation is completed. Failure to settle ALL lawsuits on time will result in an additional 3 years of aforementioned conditions. Defendant to cover ALL associated costs of probation conditions - to include probation visits, psychologists, drug testing, SCRAM anklet, substance treatment costs, and a $500,000.00 fine. Any violation of these terms shall result in the probation - and all it’s conditions - to be revoked and begin again.

If the D.A. and city Attorney offers this, I think Linds should jump on it. Seems like a fair bargain. Your thoughts, NICOLE?

840 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lindsay Lohan: Full of Crap as Usual
July 14th, 2012 11:36 AM by Free Britney

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Yeah. Lindsay Lohan is not exactly prone to truth-telling.

Her claim that her brakes failed and caused her recent car crash shockingly did not pan out after Porsche itself tested the car after the crash.

The brakes on her rented car passed with flying colors.

The star blamed the car's brakes, telling friends how she SLAMMED on the brakes when an 18-wheeler allegedly cut her off, but nothing happened.

Obviously concerned, Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the rental car company, asking to test what was left of the car.

Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes were perfectly fine, and showed zero evidence of malfunction or tampering. Just LiLo fabricating her story.

It's unclear why anyone would lie about that, as people crash cars all the time out of simple human error. But that's Lindsay Lohan for you.

Lohan was hospitalized after the wreck, which was unrelated to the recent 911 call that sent paramedics to her hotel ... things blend together.

Reps for the Santa Monica PD, Porsche and LiLo had no comment on the case, which has not resulted in any criminal charges for anyone.

Read more celebrity gossip at:

Charges for Ms. Lohan will be coming soon

840 days ago


Stupid T-wat

840 days ago


I can't believe the nerve of Porsche to publicly dispute what Lindsay said about the brakes failing. Has there ever been an instance in which Lindsay has lied? Besides that she said she wasn't even driving! I hope Dina sues Porsche for making Lindsay out to be a liar. She's practically the Mother Theresa of purity and honesty!

840 days ago

Miss Bu    

Failure to use the brakes is NOT the same as the brakes failed!!!! So here we ago again another 6 months of courtroom jesters where she will walk away with a slap on her wrist. You would think her wrist is getting a little sore sheesh!!!!

840 days ago


Yawn.. Lindsay lied about something.. again. I hope the trucker sues her butt off.

- I wasn't driving
- ok I was driving but he cut me off
-... ok I was driving and my brakes failed

Good grief will someone just yank this twits license and or actually make her pay for her crimes. Booze in the vehicle... nope not a problem for Linds.

840 days ago

the original bellaluna    

#1. That should be "CRACK-TERMATH";

#2. Is anyone really shocked by this news?

840 days ago


Has The Canyons started filming? It's hard to imagine that it has and no pictures have made their way to the internet. The director of photography of the film has never done a film before. His credits are only for short films. I don't think that this is a union film, 100k isn't enough money to produce a SAG-AFTRA film. Lindsay must have declared financial core and deactivated her union status, if she didn't and the film is non union she is violating union rule number one against doing non union work and could be suspended from SAG-AFTRA for a year. The union requires workman's comp insurance on every actor for each day they work and it's not cheap. Permits for locations would have to be approved by the city and paid for, not cheap either. A list of locations and permits must also be submitted to the union. James Deen I don't believe is a union member so the film would have to pay three thousand dollars to Taft Hartley him and pay a penalty also. The actors must be receiving hardly any pay for the film, I mean if there's twenty five actors maybe they get two thousand each which leaves 50k for production. Liz and Dick probably spent about 200k a day on filming. I still think that this production may be shut down for illegal filming and there is a strong chance that Lindsay will walk off of it because it is so unprofessional.

840 days ago



840 days ago


Check out www.yeeeah.con/2012/07/10/lindsay-is-a-lady/ I have seen some low pictures of this twit, but this one takes the cake. YUCK.

840 days ago


Yuup! Caught in yet another lie. Who will buy the next one?

840 days ago


I thought she wasn't driving?

840 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

<-------------------------Coming soon !!!!

840 days ago
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