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Lindsay Lohan Crash

No Way

Porsche's Brakes Failed

7/14/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's brakes couldn't have failed last month -- moments before she slammed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler -- because sources tell TMZ, Porsche itself tested the car after the crash ... and the brakes passed with flying colors.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay blamed faulty brakes for the accident.-- telling friends she slammed on the brakes when the truck allegedly cut her off ... and nothing happened.

As it happens, we're told Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the company that rented Lindsay the vehicle -- asking if it could formally test the car.

According to sources, the rental company obliged -- and Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction ... which blows Lindsay's bum brakes excuse out of the water.

A rep for the Santa Monica PD had no comment. A rep for Porsche also had no comment -- but did say they're cooperating with authorities. Calls to Lindsay were not returned.


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If you go to on the first page they have pics of Lady GaGa smoking weed. (Thats the only reason she even talked to Lohan, Lohan knows all the dealers at CM) Than on the next page they have Gaga shoing her tw*t at LAX, So Lohan was copying her when she showed her nasty Tw*t

799 days ago


Did they arrest the truck driver for reckless driving yet?

799 days ago


The bottom line is that other than stunt casting ( Lifetime Movie) ( minor cameos) of shock value events ( Playboy), Lohan's theatrical film career, as she knew it, back in 2003-2005 is over, has been over, and will not recover. Hollywood has moved on from the Disney Teen Queen, Child Star from 10 years ago.

799 days ago



The Soup ‏@TheSoup
Lindsay Lohan has a bald spot: We have a solution:

799 days ago


Now that I'm caught up......
Good Morning to all the wonderful H8turds!!!
One thing that holds true, is that no matter what is said the enablers defend that worthless slag to the ends of the earth. How many lies has Liho been caught in now?

799 days ago

Red Cloud    


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19 minutes ago
I love your avi, Nikki. And thank you!!! The fact that YOU say it's gonna happen means it's not gonna happen.

jet skiing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

799 days ago



Is there some sort of Enablers Convention here this morning? They seem to have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed, overpass, whatever and are feeling testy, eh?

Well Linds supporters, this is as good as it gets on Lilo News! It is all down hill from here on out!

If you didn't like Deen using Linds chin as a tea bag rest stop or her plump, pregnant a$$ as a movie prop, you are really not going to like what comes next, eh?

As James Deen would say "Baby! This one is for YOU!"

799 days ago


God takes Princess Di but leaves this crack whore alive.... cruel irony.

799 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


799 days ago


well, this isn't surprising, the brake failure is the most common issue in a crash for someone that didn't saw what happend infront of the windshield. the people usually don't know that for develop a car, by law, the brake must be "bullet prove", probably in a year just one brand new car has problem with the brakes, even more, in this expensive car each wheel has it own brake system you still has 3 wheel to brake, plus hand brake, conclusion is, that is not required be so smart to deduce that someone is lying. The good thing is that this excuse is more often used by women so... she is within statistics

799 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Da h8turds cult is out in full force I see. At least you've taken the guess work out of what you're doing with YOUR lives......

Thanks douchebags and douchebagettes...

Keeping it real one post at a time.

Gotti roll trolls......................

799 days ago


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799 days ago


I may be alone with my thought process here but here goes. Blohan didn't need to say 'squat' about the accident to ANYONE but the popo and her insurance company. THAT'S HER PROBLEM! Had she said nothing PUBLICLY, no one (except the cops) could call her a LIAR. If for ONCE, she'd shut those fvckin duck lips, she wouldn't be called out. Its SO simple . . .

Now LYING to the popo is a whole other matter and that's not where I'm going with the above comment, I'm merely talking about the media. 85/100 of Blohans lies to the media don't necessarily involve the law.

799 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
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But I wish you’d stop sending me flowers

You continue to boast
That you’re smarter than most
But you’re flushing away countless hours

I was going to suggest
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There’s no love for you here
‘Fraid I’m just not a kweare
I don’t hint - I just say it out loud

799 days ago


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799 days ago
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