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Lindsay Lohan Crash

No Way

Porsche's Brakes Failed

7/14/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's brakes couldn't have failed last month -- moments before she slammed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler -- because sources tell TMZ, Porsche itself tested the car after the crash ... and the brakes passed with flying colors.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay blamed faulty brakes for the accident.-- telling friends she slammed on the brakes when the truck allegedly cut her off ... and nothing happened.

As it happens, we're told Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the company that rented Lindsay the vehicle -- asking if it could formally test the car.

According to sources, the rental company obliged -- and Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction ... which blows Lindsay's bum brakes excuse out of the water.

A rep for the Santa Monica PD had no comment. A rep for Porsche also had no comment -- but did say they're cooperating with authorities. Calls to Lindsay were not returned.


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Here you go again TMZ, you said Lindsay was "telling friends the brakes failed" what friend would tell YOU anything? Once again your sources are bogus. The only thing that matters is Sgt Richard Lewis of the Santa Monica PD said Lindsays version of the accident matched the truck drivers.

Nothing to post about Lindsay so you rake up this BS.

795 days ago


People posting here should realise the brakes failing story and every other story about this accident came from TMZ and their sources. Nothing from the cops have verified anything these sources said, absolutely NOTHING.

TMZ sources have been proved to be crapolla.

795 days ago

Max Smart    

Lindsay lied again. Wow, what a shocker.

795 days ago


1.00am TMZ story about Lindsay Lohan, whats wrong TMZ? is Lindsay behaving herself but you want to bully her a bit more by dragging this nonsense up again?

The nasty story yesterday about her hair and now the 'sources' brakes didn't fail BS. No one knows anything because we nor you have seen any reports. Take your fake sources (probaby your interns) and shove them where the sun don't shine. I'll wait for the official report and so should everyone else.

NEVER believe anything sources have to say.

795 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Porsche is obviously lying. If there's on thing we've all come to know and love about Lindsay Lohan it's her candid honesty and ability to accept responsibility when she does something wrong. I'd say Porsche owes Ms. Lohan an apology.

795 days ago

Fat Mike    

Like most other selfish drivers I see on the road these days, she was probably on her phone.

795 days ago


who cares? accidents happen every day and it was already considered her fault.

Must be a slow rumor day for TMZ

795 days ago


Sweet innocent Lindsay would never lie to authorities. Wink! Wink!

795 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh look, two of the usual Lohan enablers (Massengill and Snoozan) are on here bright and early to do their usual squirming and spinning. Of course they would call BS on TMZ, because this is a negative story. Surely they can't be bothered to believe that Lohan would actually lie, since she's NEVER lied in the past.

Face reality, you two idiots: Your girl is nothing more than a lying, balding, aging, mangy, duck-lipped, rotten-toothed, drunk, drug-addled, saggy-boobed, smelly, fetid, unclean, unemployable, uninsurable, thieving, clamslamming, nasty, narcissistic, diseased, coke snorting, untalented, delusional, debt-ridden, tax-evading, chicken-legged, flabby-assed, contemptuous, worthless, moldy, lazy, slimy, homeless, wretched, reptilian-skinned, skanky, shifty-eyed, halitosis-laden, grifting, graffiti-littered, Canyon-holed Snatchasouras, with dirty fingernails and a porno-only career.

Accept it, because THAT'S reality.

795 days ago


I don't know if Lindsay Lohan blamed brake failure or not but one thing I do know, tmz sources have been wrong time after time on many stories about celebrities. What I also know is when their sources have been proved to be wrong/lied, tmz never correct their original story or admit they were wrong.

You guys can believe what you want but I don't follow the sheep, I form my own opinion from evidence and so far I can't see any evidence.

795 days ago


Biggest liar ever.

795 days ago



795 days ago

lord flashheart    

Porsche's brakes never fail or there will be a recall worldwide.

795 days ago


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795 days ago


Addicts LIE.....Nuff said

795 days ago
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