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Lindsay Lohan Crash

No Way

Porsche's Brakes Failed

7/14/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's brakes couldn't have failed last month -- moments before she slammed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler -- because sources tell TMZ, Porsche itself tested the car after the crash ... and the brakes passed with flying colors.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay blamed faulty brakes for the accident.-- telling friends she slammed on the brakes when the truck allegedly cut her off ... and nothing happened.

As it happens, we're told Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the company that rented Lindsay the vehicle -- asking if it could formally test the car.

According to sources, the rental company obliged -- and Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction ... which blows Lindsay's bum brakes excuse out of the water.

A rep for the Santa Monica PD had no comment. A rep for Porsche also had no comment -- but did say they're cooperating with authorities. Calls to Lindsay were not returned.


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Oh please, Lohan is a friggin moron. Lohan tried to blame everyone but herself as usual. It was the drivers fault he cut her off yet was already in the right lane, that didn't work then she wasn't driving yet caught getting out of the passanger side after Patrick, that didn't work then it was the breaks failed on the rental Porsche no way in the world that was ever going to work. Of course Porsche tested the breaks and they were just fine.

This isn't over for Lohan. She was speeding and rear ended the driver. You know he's going to sue her just a matter of time. Her totaling an 80k rental Porsche will cost her alot more than a $500 deductable.

730 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at all the losers in life H8ting on Lilo. Why don't you venture out and get a lfie of your own douchebags? Because that would require some form of excerSIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

730 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

porche's phone will soon start ringing off the hook thanks to Lindsey for saying that the proches breaks failed when indeed it's another one of her lies. She's going to cause Porche millions of dollars with this lie...

730 days ago


You know, I could care less if she had an accident or whether or not it was her fault. It happens! What I cannot stand is when people refuse to acknowledge a mistake they made or accept responsibility. All she had to do is say. "I was distracted," or "I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop in time." It would all go to insurance and people would be thinking, "well, I've done that. At least no one was hurt." And it would go away! But instead we're all still talking about what a self centered liar she is.

730 days ago


In her crack/vodka stupor she mistakenly thought she was hittin' the brakes, but her foot was actually up her own ass.

730 days ago


It's ridiculous with how many chances this girl has been givin and she ****s up EVERY SINGLE TIME. Lock her ass up and throw away the key, this is making our justice system look like a joke. She's a ****ty actor anyways, she shouldn't any special treatment at all

730 days ago

South Beach    

If Lohan doesn't take this incident as "THE WARNING" from whatever powers one might believe in, she's deaf, dumb and blind. She got a complete pass on this one, that much damage on a vehicle and no one is killed or even really injured. HUGE life pass. Heed it.

Legal hassles only bother people who are not dead.

730 days ago



Failing to find a single flaw in the totaled Porsche, famed Rocket Scientist, Test Driver and Engineer Dr. Zephyr was brought in to consult with LAPD to determine the cause of the crash and establish root causes. The following was determined to be the truth:

The Porsche had zero defects other than the Pilot (engineering term for Porsche Driver).

In a sworn statement Dr. Zephyr testified to the following: (excerpts)

“Your girl is nothing more than a lying, balding, aging, mangy, duck-lipped, rotten-toothed, drunk, drug-addled, saggy-boobed, smelly, fetid, unclean, unemployable, uninsurable, thieving, clamslamming, nasty, narcissistic, diseased, coke snorting, untalented, delusional, debt-ridden, tax-evading, chicken-legged, flabby-assed, contemptuous, worthless, moldy, lazy, slimy, homeless, wretched, reptilian-skinned, skanky, shifty-eyed, halitosis-laden, grifting, graffiti-littered, Canyon-holed Snatchasouras, with dirty fingernails and a porno-only career.”

To the Press the following statement:

“What kind of Crakho Culture allows a **** like Lindsay behind the wheel of a Porsche again and again? Are you people stupid? Wake the fvck UP!”

730 days ago


The only things Lindsay's lips are good for is ..

telling lies ... and swigging vodka.

730 days ago

Paul Miller    

She's the bomb! She's just promoting her career. With the audience of TMZ readers and other such American culture, that's what sells.

730 days ago

Paul Miller    

Are we implying that there is something wrong with swigging vodka?

730 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
Your act is so damn old
And just like Lohan's pu$$y
It's covered with mold

Why is it that you never think
Of something else to say
I know it must be hard for you
Trying to convince us you're not gay

We all know you see Lohan
Through a clam-colored prism
When truth be told, all you crave
Is to swallow some dude's jism.

So away with you, we're bored to tears
Of your repeated tiresome drivel
Go back to your circle jerk
On your center chair with a swivel

730 days ago


Again, liying skank. I hope the DA sues her for reckless driving, the truck driver for injuries , and Porsche for defamation.

730 days ago



With huge expenses and a dried up money stream, there is speculation that Lilo whacked Art/Drug dealer S. J. Simmons to take over his “Dealer to the Stars” business.

The chest shot Simmons was found dead in the back seat of a Cadillac Escalade, a location where Linds often does business, if you know what I mean, eh?

Word on the street is that Lilo was trying to score more when she failed to give a satisfactory round the world tour to Simmons, who objected and would not extend further credit.

Word is Linds offed him and took several kilos after erasing her debt.

Lohan, a lifelong criminal with an escalating record of offenses was unavailable for comment because she had a mouthful on The Canyons set.

730 days ago


Enter NICK-HOLE, "she didn't do anything wrong, she just wants to have fun".

730 days ago
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