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Sage Stallone

Dead for at Least

Three Days

7/14/2012 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713_sage_Stallone_article_2Sage Stallone was dead in his room for a minimum of 3-4 days and possibly as long as a week ... this according to law enforcement sources connected with the case. 

Our sources tell TMZ ... Sage "lived like Howard Hughes" ... he often spent days in his room which was "littered with junk," including an enormous number of cigarette butts, beer and soda cans, and food.

We're told there were two drawers filled with various pill bottles, some of which were "huge."

Our sources say Sage was living like a hermit ... no one had spoken with him since a week ago Friday. Although the housekeeper had been there earlier this week, she had specific ongoing instructions never to enter Sage's room. In fact, we're told the housekeeper was told to never even knock at the door.

One law enforcement source called the room "disgusting," saying it reeked of various smells.

We're told Sage's mother called the housekeeper yesterday after being unable to reach him, asking her to stop by and check on him. That's when she discovered the body.

Law enforcement sources tell us it's pretty clear from the evidence they saw ... Sage's death was an accident.



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Hate to break it to the baby boomers, but their narcissism and selfishness created an entire generation of very sad human beings, many of whom never felt like precious creations.
Thanks boomers. Enjoy the light in your golden years (on our dime, half the time), just as you enjoyed the light and left us in the dark during our upbringings.

829 days ago


That poor kid died a long time ago.

829 days ago


It really is sad. His acting career wasn't exactly stellar. He had emotional issues concerning his father not spending time with him as a child, yet going on to father three more kids he seems to be close to. That alone would hurt tremendously.

I am thinking that Sly doesn't spend very much time with Seargeoh either. I wonder what will happen to that poor man when his mother dies? Very likely he will be put in an institution.

829 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Maybe he was a Gamer? I know several of my friends that live like this and play games all day long in their rooms.

829 days ago

Throwback kid    

Well it looks like Sylvester Stallone did not have too much contact with his son, Sage was laying dead in his room while Sly was promoting another movie at Comic Con. That means he he didn't call to see how his son was doing for a week, I guess he was too busy being a movie star.

It looks like Sage may have been bipolar or had some kind of mental problem to live in such filth when he didn't have to. He also looked like he wanted to be the opposite of his father, while Sly works night and day to stay in Rambo like shape it looks like Sage, while not fat, did not spend any time in the gym. He also had long messy hair, the opposite of Sly's waxed eyebrows and well cropped hair. My guess is Sage may have resented Sly never being around for him as a kid, alot of Hollywood kids have this resentment towards their rich famous parents

829 days ago


Maybe he had severe panic, I go weeks without leaving my house and talking to any one. Well I post here.

My home is spotless though, sad to hear it was three days, with me it would be well over a month before anyone would even wonder and my guess is that would be the mailman.

829 days ago


If it turns out it was pills - chalk up another overdoes on "legal" prescription medications - all the while MJ is still illegal. You can't kill yourself smoking weed.

829 days ago

Jeannie Wagner    

The very unglamourous facts are that this young man probably died as a result of being bipolar. Many of the recent deaths in Hollywood were simply a result of great talents not getting the proper help. The drugs are a symptom of the illness. They self medicate in order to cope with a brain that has a chemical imbalance. They stay up for days without sleep so they drink or smoke pot or take ambien or a host of other drugs. People need to educate themselves about bipolar disorder. Chances are someone you love or care about has this illness.

829 days ago


If there were pills all over and instructions never to knock on the door. How can they say this was clearly an accidental OD? Ummm clearly it wasn't

829 days ago



The reality is that because no one told you, or in this case SLY, that something was not right, doesn't mean that your not knowing was their fault. It isn't someone elses responsibility to make certain that you, or in this case SLY is involved in your brother's/his son's life...It IS your responsibility to do that. On the other hand it is also the responsibility of the person who is not doing so well to reach out to those who now or once did love them and be naked in their needs and true to what is going on within them before the people who are supposed to care. Unfortunatey these things rarely happen that way. Life is a complicated animal. Sometimes people will tell you that they are OK simply because they don't want to share the pain they feel with you fearing they will cause you pain also. So you go about thinking every thing is OK. The cues are often times subtle and require keen observation, attention to detail, and a rare form of empathy to pick up on. In the end it is no one's fault. Some one simply made a choice. Life is all about the choices we make. Best Wishes

829 days ago


how unprofessional of the law enforcement officials to comments about the smell in there and how "disgusting" it was. How Sage lived his life was up to him. They have no right making comments about it. Especially after the fact the are making the comment about someone who just died. You think they'd show the family some respect and act at least a little professional... I don't know what's more sad, the fact Sage "accidentally" killed himself, or the law enforcements lack of compassion for the deceased and their families...

829 days ago


No tears for someone handed the world on a silver platter.
I'll save mine for children with terminal cancer.

829 days ago


Wow, this is so sad he lived that way. And the housekeeper, what good was she? It's sad he couldn't get help, but his family just ignored him and let him live in trash.

829 days ago


he's a messurement for how messed up Stallone's life is...those people don't need global climate change, war etc. to feel unhappy. It's enough for them just being rich and bored.

829 days ago


I am a recovering alcoholic and I can tell you drugs are no different. I use to go on a week or more long "benders" where I would isolate myself in my room too. I would make a little "nest" in my room where I had everything I needed to just hide out and drink. When I would pull myself out of the "funk" I was in, I would have a mess of garbage and would be in desperate need of a shower I didn't have any energy to take during my bender. I didn't answer the phone or talk to anyone. When I was in a better frame of mind, I would "fool" everyone around me that my life was going fine. Then I would eventually go back on another bender. It is no way to live and no way to die. It is sad that no one could figure out he was in the throws of addiction and needed some serious help.

829 days ago
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