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Sage Stallone

Dead for at Least

Three Days

7/14/2012 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713_sage_Stallone_article_2Sage Stallone was dead in his room for a minimum of 3-4 days and possibly as long as a week ... this according to law enforcement sources connected with the case. 

Our sources tell TMZ ... Sage "lived like Howard Hughes" ... he often spent days in his room which was "littered with junk," including an enormous number of cigarette butts, beer and soda cans, and food.

We're told there were two drawers filled with various pill bottles, some of which were "huge."

Our sources say Sage was living like a hermit ... no one had spoken with him since a week ago Friday. Although the housekeeper had been there earlier this week, she had specific ongoing instructions never to enter Sage's room. In fact, we're told the housekeeper was told to never even knock at the door.

One law enforcement source called the room "disgusting," saying it reeked of various smells.

We're told Sage's mother called the housekeeper yesterday after being unable to reach him, asking her to stop by and check on him. That's when she discovered the body.

Law enforcement sources tell us it's pretty clear from the evidence they saw ... Sage's death was an accident.



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why is everyone bashing the family, especially Sly for not talking to him for days ? the dude was like 36 years old, livin his own life...I don't talk to my grown kids every damn day, I don't talk to my parents every damn day lets not blame sly..obviously the guy had problems, lived the life he wanted, and sly probably did try to help at one time, but he was an adult and made his own choices to live that way, and knew doin the things he was doin could and did cause his death..y'all just need to quit blaming and bashing and worry about your own selves...people that live in glass houses...ya know ???

828 days ago

get a life ho    

I personally knew Sage for very well for about 10 years being his next door neighbor back in 2002 (not his current house ) and 99% of whats posted hereabout him couldn't be further from the truth .

Sage was not close to his father at all and alienated after Sly divorced his mom . His new family became all that mattered according to Sage .

Sage was fighting his demons as long as I knew him ( vicodin / norco ) and wouldn't let anyone help him because it was not out of control etc . denial etc .

Sage was the nicest kindest person you can imagine .
Sage was married a few years ago and had the marriage anulled a short time later .
Sage had very few friends and was lonely guy and a loner with the exception of a few people in the ent. biz .

This is a tragedy that had the writing on the wall for well over 10 years.
ANYONE around him knew of his demons except his family . None of his friends that I knew encouraged or enabled this behavior.
If his dad bothered to give Sage any love or thought into his life this would have never happened .
Sage told me he was raised by maids , nannies , and gardeners as his dad was never there always away making movies . This made him forever sad .
Im sure his dad is devistated but when it was time to be there for him and be a father its the sad truth he was never there .
I will miss my friend dearly and hope that other celebs think about their children first & career second .

R.I.P. Sage Moonblood Stallone

828 days ago


Please don't talk about "THEY should".
A father/mother heard about the death of a child.
Please don't tell them about could/would/should.

828 days ago


"The room reeked of various smells" That's a nice way of saying there was the stench of a decomposing body.

828 days ago


WOW he was laying there for 3 too 7 days and no one notice, Stallone such a loving dad,sound like they were close knit family,sarcasm people,he obviously didn't communicate with the sons from the previous marriage and showered all his attention on the 3 most recent kids with new wife,so Stallone must be really feeling like cr*p now,if not he has no soul.

828 days ago


sad to just throw it all away on drugs

828 days ago


To: Love my fans.....I think that's a great idea bringing something tangible to shed more light to this horrible epidemic. I think Tupac shouldn't be on your list though. I believe he was shot and killed..

828 days ago


So, there will be no Rocky 13 or Rambo 11...

828 days ago


What the hell did the housekeeper do for her wages? Obviously, not much!

828 days ago

laura coco    

i feel so bad to hear this!!! my thoughts and prayers are with the family..and this problem in america...everywere is affecting all walks of life...its extremly sad...and i myself have a son who is struggling at this time with his can always be there for them...but they have to want to help themselves,in order for us parents to help them...god bless...

828 days ago


What a class act! Pill bottles everwhere? Let's not be mistaken...there are no "accidental" drug overdoses. That's Hollywierd's way of making drug use acceptable.

828 days ago


what was the point of posting this article? was the info so important for the public to kno, u guys at TMZ felt the need to devastate his family and friends even more by making the guy look worse? im sorry but, u just **** all over this kids memory. and for what? juicy details about the room he died in?? i love TMZ but u guys really need to learn a little consideration for the ppl and the families of the "celebs" u trash. and that cop should be ashamed of himself too. these LA cops looove runnin their mouths about the cases their assigned to. if they gotta provide certain details, thats fine. but its EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL of them to always throw in their own opinions. anything for that quick 15 mins of fame, huh? smh

828 days ago


This is so sad. Apparently, Sage had a major drug problem. It's not uncommon for people in the grips of addiction to cut himself off to everyone especially his family.

828 days ago


So sad. I hope the family receives all the love, comfort, and privacy they need at this time.

828 days ago


At least the housekeeper wasn't doing what Arnold's housekeeper was doing.

828 days ago
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