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Flavor Flav

Hijacks an Airplane

... Loud Speaker

7/15/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0715_flav_audioWhere can I get some fried chicken ... is NOT what people usually think about during landing, but that didn't stop Flavor Flav from jumping on an airplane's loud speaker to promote his chicken take-out joint ... and TMZ has the hilarious audio.

It all went down on a Southwest flight from Burbank to Las Vegas Thursday during the aircraft's final descent. Flav grabbed the intercom mic -- ya know, the thing pilots give important safety information on -- and addressed the entire plane.

The best part ... Flav capitalized on the opportunity for some free advertising and plugged his Las Vegas restaurant -- Flavor Flav's House of Flavor -- and then just listed everything they sell ... like fried chicken and waffles.

He then lead the entire plane in a chant of "Flavaaa Flaaaaaav."

Where's an air marshall when you need one?


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Flavor Flav has a face not even a mother could love. *puke*

769 days ago

There's a problem here    

So he gets away with it? The passengers should have taken him down and hogtied him like the POS he is. Isn't that some type of federal offense?

769 days ago


He's suppose to be in his seat while the plane is descending. What if something happen to him while he was doing this stupid stunt? He would be ready to sue the airline. If his business is doing that poorly where he has to do something like this to advertise then he need to close it down. They need to lock him up for his stupidity. It was bad enough when he set off illegal fireworks and the police gave him a slap on the wrist, now thos.

769 days ago


Sorry, and I never bitch about the trivial **** we hear here, but I can't believe that this is what we get when is reporting that PSU has decided thay're gonna keep Paternos statue up....waiting for people to calm down.

Puhleeeeeeez, if that man allowed my kid to get RAPED BY HIS BITCH SANDUSKY, I woulda blown his head off, along with Sandusky, and that statue wouldn't even have been a thought! Nobody would be worried about that thing right now!

769 days ago

yeaaa boiiiii    

lmaooo all the haters are nerdy white ppl

769 days ago

No comment    

I pay for a ticket, I don't want hear some guy a generation behind me selling his crap on the PA. I rather listen to a crying baby on the flight.

769 days ago


Any "regular" person, non-celebrity, would have been arrested.

769 days ago

Paul B    

The Crack Head is one ugly human. I'd hate to see what his parents look like.

769 days ago


Everyone reading this should e-mail Southwest Airlines, and complain about this (otherwise, they'll let stuff like this happen on YOUR flight ! )!

The flight attendants were equally to blame, they should have had him aressted after landing!

Were they FANS ??
It's not fair (anyone else w have been arested, u know ! )

769 days ago


TMZ needs to stop posting articles like this. When an idiot washup rapper or that crazy lady with 14 kids can do stupid things on a plane and make TMZ, It really tests the integrity of TMZ.

769 days ago


TMZ and CNN and the rest of the whores post snippets of events that will attract and generate the most controversy and reaction from the donut eating beer drinking bloated masses.

"blah blah blah I think this about that"

It is all trolling from beginning to end. TMZ trolls you dumb fat carps and then you troll each other with opinions and racist statements and the one-ups flow out from there.


769 days ago


Everybody was laughing and nobody was stopping him....guess they all had fun, so no harm done.
Just a good thing Flav didn't bring any fireworks with him.

769 days ago



769 days ago


Wait. Is this even legal?

768 days ago


I call BS

768 days ago
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