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Kerry Kennedy Arrest

Family Reportedly Believe She Suffered a Seizure

7/15/2012 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kerry Kennedy
's car crash and subsequent DWI arrest might have had nothing to do with drugs and instead could have have occurred because she suffered from a seizure -- this according to a new report.

Kennedy was arrested Friday AM after driving erratically and crashing into a tractor trailer on I-684 in NY. Police charged with driving while impaired by drugs after she allegedly admitted to taking an Ambien.

But a source tells the NY Post that the Kennedy family now believe the 52-year-old may have suffered a seizure instead. The source says, "She does not remember how she got to the side of the road. All she remembers is feeling very woozy."

The source adds that the Kennedy family now fears an undiagnosed medical condition may be to blame.

Following the incident, the source claims Kennedy's blood and urine tests (taken at Northern Westchester Hospital) showed no signs of drugs or alcohol. But the cops are still waiting on their own blood tests, which should be available shortly.


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Fifty Shades of WTF    

Seizure: excuse du jour

808 days ago


Seriously??? Because she BLACKED OUT they think she had a seizure and wasn't messed up? Because she blacked out???? Are these people really that out of touch with reality or do they really think anyone believes this crap?

808 days ago


Make whatever lie up that makes your family feel better.

808 days ago


Kennedys and Commerce Secretaries have seizures now instead of DUI. This may explain Chappaquiddick.

808 days ago


uncle ted had a quart of seizures every day
uncle jack snorted oz. of seizures all through the cuban crisis
it's just an inherited preexisting condition that
Obama care will take care of

808 days ago


it's called cover up=====
since you have high priced lawyer saying this bull**** will work that's what they are going for.

808 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

Everytime one of these Kennedy's does something wrong, they have a "seizure" excuse ... . When is Enough, ENOUGH?

808 days ago


First it was Ambien. Now they're calling it a seizure.
Why not call it what it really is, "wealthy, white, and connected -itis".

808 days ago


And stress! She had a seizure and was under a lot of stress which means she will be in rehab, I mean a hospital, for a month...

808 days ago


It's a perfect defense you can't prove or disprove someone had a seizure, It makes me wonder why lawyers haven't been using this more.

808 days ago


"She does not remember how she got to the side of the road. All she remembers is feeling very woozy." - Sounds like someone who's on ambien. From personal and professional experience, memory gaps/blackouts and feeling woozy are common side-effects of the med.

808 days ago


This is SO STUPID! These lyin'-@$$ rich people! Your money does NOT entitle YOU to anything! It's already been reported that Kennedy said she told cops she took an Ambien when she was found by the cops behind the wheel of a car! Duh!

808 days ago

No comment    

Seizure is the new term for DUI. We're not stupid.

808 days ago


otherwise known as the Bryson lie, er. defense. A defense only used by the rich and politically connected. Celebs only wished they had this!

808 days ago


Coming to the Lohan list of excuses in... 5-4-3-2-

808 days ago
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