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Sage Stallone

'Out of It'

Months Before His Death

7/15/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714_sage_stallone_gettySage Stallone was so out of it at a recent photo shoot at his house, he tried taking pictures with a camera that still had the lens cap on ... a magazine publisher tells TMZ. 

Robert Rhine, editor-in-chief of Girls and Corpses magazine, tells TMZ ... he did a photo shoot for the mag back in May at Sage's house because the subject of the shoot had known Sage for years.

Rhine says it took Sage 45 minutes to answer the door, adding he could tell right away Sage was "on something" -- slurring his words and stumbling around -- though he never saw him take anything.

Rhine says Sage would talk to him for a couple of seconds before trailing off and just walking away. Rhine described his behavior as "very similar to Ozzy Osbourne."

Rhine said that during the photo shoot, Sage came out with a camera of his own ... which bothered Rhine because of copyright issues. But upon further inspection, Rhine noticed Sage hadn't even taken the lens cap off.

Rhine says the place was a mess, with piles of stuff everywhere.  As we previously reported ... law enforcement told TMZ  ... Sage's bedroom was "disgusting," reeking of various smells, and littered with cigarette butts and empty cans.  Numerous pill bottles were also found.

Rhine finished by telling TMZ, "What’s troubling is the fact that the people around him claim there were no signs. I saw the signs. When everyone from the shoot heard the news, none of us were surprised."  An interesting comment, because law enforcement sources say neighbors told them they were "shocked but not surprised."


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Prescription drugs are worse than non-prescription drugs. Often "the media" will ensure the headlines portray the celebrities addicted to prescription drugs as victims (Heath Ledger, as one example). Yet, a celebrity such as Whitney Houston, who struggled with non-prescription drugs such as cocaine & crack cocaine is judged differently.

795 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why are you smearing this dude after his death? If he was on drugs living like a slob, so what? It means he deserved to die? He has ****ty parents? What, TMZ? What besides trying to see how low you can go?

795 days ago


More stories will come out of the woodwork in the next few days, that's my prediction. Anyone who knew him will be selling their story to make a few bucks.

The first thought I had when reading this particular article was, "always consider the source." Who the heck wants anything to do with a publication called "Girls and Corpses." ?? There are 12 ways of wrong with that title, for sure....

Did he hit the club scene?

795 days ago

BB not bb    

Well Sage does look out of it and his skin is very pasty and his face is puffy like he is just not well. If he was slurring his words like Ozzy Osbourne, it must be psych meds he was on, because that is all that Ozzy has taken in years. Psych meds are a chemical lobotomy, and the more thoughts and feelings you have, the more they rewire and scramble everything until you are a zombie of confusion.

If he was ever anxious or depressed and someone started him on these pills, that could be why he is so out of it and so apathetic. These drugs make people give up on life and caring for themselves because it just gets to be too confusing and frustrating. Maintaining a clean house ends up being a problem, to the point that many of these people just end up homeless instead.

Pill bottles aren't from street drugs, so he must have been being prescribed something that trashed his judgement and made him just waft off into death.

795 days ago


He was getting married? Where was the girl?

795 days ago


Sage's lawyer said Sage was very proud of his Dad. But, more relevantly, was his Dad proud of him? Scenarios like the "mystery" death of a big celebrity's 36-year-old son are a long time in the making. Maybe that's why the 'nearest' didn't notice anything unusual.

795 days ago


If someone from "Girls and Corpses" magazine thinks you were a mess, you really had to be a mess.

795 days ago


Where was his girlfriend? He was suppose to be getting married.

795 days ago


Really... I mean, he was 36 years old. I don't see my parents often enough to be 'checked' on.

795 days ago

Madam Obvious    

I've seen the website of "Girls and Corpses" - it is freaky skeletons and cadavers posing with big boob chicks-in-bikinis stuff. I assume it is meant for people with a necrophilia fetish. If the guy from a publication as out there as G&C thought he was under the influence and sounding like Ozzie, Sage must have been a pretty serious stoner. I'm willing to be the house that they find that evil anti-anxiety med Xanax in his system. Addiction to that stuff is slow suicide, it just destroys people's brains. Still can't get over his mother asking the maid to check on him. Why didn't she get the police to call in on him if she was that worried?

795 days ago

James C. L'Angelle    

LATEST: Cubestats for, corporation wiki & whois; the CPA connection to the company on Wilshire Blvd., Sasha Madron: Sly steroid bust in Australia, divorces, love child and sex assault cases, more, see:

795 days ago


I don't think anyone outside of the fam knows the entire story. I have heard of situations where family has tried everything under the sun to help a loved one, but failed everytime. In that case, at some point, they have to let go. There is only so much that can be done to help someone if that person is not willing to accept help. I don't know if that's the case with Sage, but neither does anyone posting, so we all need to reserve judgement on what the family did or did not do to help Sage until we have more information.

794 days ago


I will always admire Angela Lansbury...her son was in trouble with drugs and she dropped out of her very busy professional life and took him to a remote village in Ireland to personally get him back on track....That is what I call a parent's unconditional love and devotion to a child in need, at any age....

793 days ago


Being a recluse myself, I know it's hard work... an artist that isolates keeps friends and family AWAY, no matter what THEY want. People are speculating about something they were not part of, as usual. This is a tragedy. He forgot to take off the lens cap?! It's a common mistake, I'm sure he realized it and took it off. At least he was creating work and was productive. Sounds like he's like any human that got hooked by accident, because he had dental work, but if he was a recluse it's unlikely he was selling. It's too much speculation, he sounds like a hardworking creative person.

790 days ago


Why doesn't everyone just leave the family alone and pray for their comfort. They r human and have feelings just like we all have. This is pathetic, just because his father is a huge star, he's still hurting like u or i would.

788 days ago
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