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Usher's Stepson

Family Can't Afford to Keep

Him Alive Much Longer

7/15/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_tameka_foster_usher_raymond_article_2Usher's ex-wife -- Tameka Raymond -- will be forced to take her 11-year-old son off life-support as early as next month, TMZ has learned, all because his insurance coverage is about to expire.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Tameka has not lost hope that her son, Kyle Glover, can make a drastic recovery ... despite doctors declaring him brain dead last week following a jet ski accident. We're told she is telling friends ... she still believes in miracles. 

According to our sources, Tameka can only keep Kyle on life-support as long as her insurance company agrees to pay ... otherwise she doesn't have the funds to cover the enormous hospital bills. 

We're told the insurance company hasn't set a specific deadline, but they've made it clear ... they're only willing to shell out coverage for a couple months ... tops.

Our sources say that Usher -- who helped raise Kyle for several years -- has been incredibly supportive in this difficult time... but has NOT offered to pay for any medical bills. We're told Tameka does not see him as a viable financial option.

As TMZ first reported, Kyle was struck in the head by a jet ski while inner tubing on Lake Lanier -- doctors declared him brain dead days later.


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rebecca frohs    

He is BRAIN DEAD. Usher could spend his entire forutne for the next 60 years and the child would be a brain dead boy. If anyone in my family was brain dead it is not money that is the problem. The problem is a family member has died. Usher can only offer compassion at this point.

793 days ago


Since Usher apparently didn't adopt Kyle, he is under no legal nor moral obligation to pay for nor even assist with his medical bills, particularly since he is no longer married to his mother.

Usher showed as much compassion as he needed to.

793 days ago

Catie Davis    

The poor boy is brain dead. He will never recover. The only thing keeping his body alive are machines that perform the tasks his brain used to perform like breathing, pumping blood, digesting. What is the point of keeping him like this indefinitely? My heart goes out to the parents but their son is already gone. That's just his earthly shell there in that bed hooked up to all that medical equipment.

793 days ago


People do not come back from BRAIN DEAD. There is no activity in the young mans brain. The insurance is being kind to allow some time for the family to realize there is no hope. The best thing they could do is donate his organs. My sympathy to the family......

793 days ago


If anything else bring him home and care for him yourself.It can be done,

793 days ago


so what makes her an expert above the dr.'s? it is one thing to have hope, yet another to be in total denial like that poor girl in florida that had to live in a vegetative state for so many years because her parents would not let her die with some dignity.

793 days ago


** The mother can apply for the charity program or medicaid at the hospital the cover the bills. A child should not be taken off of life support because of the bill!!!!!!

793 days ago


Brain dead means "dead". Period. No one needs to pay anything to anyone. What needs to be done is accept the sad fact that the child has died and bury him.

793 days ago


I think any mother would do the same thing. I cannot imagine having to make that decision especially when it's because the insurance is going to run out. If Usher does not step up the the plate, I will think he is a s***bag the rest of my life. He has been a father to the boy since he was 2 and if he can turn his back on him when he is financially set is beyond me. If there was ever a good reason to give someone money, this sure as hell is it!

793 days ago


I tihnk usher's doing the best he can for her and the family. because when someones on life support.. itsa horrbile situation to go through and vary expensive. time will tell what happens in this situation. we hope for the best and pray during and before the worst.

793 days ago


I truly can't understand people who keep there love ones alive in instances like this. The young man is brain dead and will not likely not recover. There is no point in keeping him alive. I feel the same for burn victims or people who will never be able to enjoy a normal life.I could never keep my loved ones alive knowing they are suffering or are in a vegetative state. Why? So I sit there and look at them all day knowing they can and never will respond or interract with me? Sitting there waiting for a so called "miracle" to happen is both crazy and inhumane to her poor son. I can't make a decision for her obviously, but I wouldv'e choose to let him go peacefully, as painful as it will be, and allow his organs to be donated to save others who WILL have a chance of fuctioning in human society.

793 days ago


Let the Lord lead him!!!

793 days ago


I am a Christian and when the time came for me to make the decision to take my 23 year old son off of life support because he was brain dead I prayed about it. I prayed the moment I found out that he was in the hospital...we all did. Family, friends, strangers...and God answered us. It wasn't the outcome I wanted but He answered. It'll be 2 years next Tuesday that I made that decision. Patrick's life enhanced 5 individuals who needed an organ transplant. One recipients name was Patricia and she received one of Patrick's kidneys and his liver.

792 days ago


I think they should give Kyle more time because I believe in God and have Faith that God is there. Usher do more Concerts in Honor of Kyle. God Bless Kyle Mom and Kyle and Usher and Family your in my Prayers.Nora

792 days ago


The miracle you all should wish for is that the mother comes to understand that her son died. I wish the doctors, her pastor, her counselor or some one would do a better job at explaining BRAIN DEATH to the mother. People don't die from heart failure. When the heart fails, it stops pumping blood to the brain and the brain dies. Brain dead is the same as dead. The poor sweet Kyle is not in a comma. When in a comma, your brain is still a living organism. This is real life people. Unlike zombie movies, the body can't walk around on a dead brain. While we can get a heart transplant, kidney transplant or even a liver transplant, we can’t get a new brain. Transplant patients need new organs because their own doesn’t work properly. In Kyle’s situation, his brain isn’t malfunctioning, it has died. That poor baby died on 7/6/12. The brain stopped and died from blunt trauma to the head. It is almost sad to keep that baby's other bodily functions going by a machine. If you believe in GOD, Kyle has passed over to the other side with HIM. That passing took place on 7/6/12. When the machine is finally removed, the time of death will be recorded as 7/7/12 - when doctors declared him brain dead after all tests failed. If Kyle was a sweet as people says his was, he should be having fun in Heaven. However, you may me too worried that his mother can't move on and accept his death.

792 days ago
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