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Usher's Stepson

Family Can't Afford to Keep

Him Alive Much Longer

7/15/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_tameka_foster_usher_raymond_article_2Usher's ex-wife -- Tameka Raymond -- will be forced to take her 11-year-old son off life-support as early as next month, TMZ has learned, all because his insurance coverage is about to expire.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Tameka has not lost hope that her son, Kyle Glover, can make a drastic recovery ... despite doctors declaring him brain dead last week following a jet ski accident. We're told she is telling friends ... she still believes in miracles. 

According to our sources, Tameka can only keep Kyle on life-support as long as her insurance company agrees to pay ... otherwise she doesn't have the funds to cover the enormous hospital bills. 

We're told the insurance company hasn't set a specific deadline, but they've made it clear ... they're only willing to shell out coverage for a couple months ... tops.

Our sources say that Usher -- who helped raise Kyle for several years -- has been incredibly supportive in this difficult time... but has NOT offered to pay for any medical bills. We're told Tameka does not see him as a viable financial option.

As TMZ first reported, Kyle was struck in the head by a jet ski while inner tubing on Lake Lanier -- doctors declared him brain dead days later.


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Sadly, Kyle is already gone. The machines are keeping him breathing, his heart beating. He is no longer with us and although I understand her fight, and her believing that God will bring Kyle out of this 100 % and make him whole again, she needs to understand that Kyle is already with God. Tamika needs her time to let go and as hard as it is to accept and do she needs to find peace some where, some how and ask God to give her the strength to do what is right. She needs to seek the answer from Him and do what He has already done and let Kyle go.

Insurance companies can decide to stop paying when there is no signs of life. When a Doctor declares there is no hope of recovery, and when death is 100% they can decide to say they will no longer pay. It would be like taking someone who died at home and asking the insurance company to pay to bring them back and leave them on a machine.

799 days ago


If he is brain dead, she needs to let him go and stop selfishly clinging to his shell. He is gone and no millions of dollars of life support equipment is going to change this. I feel bad for her and it is a very hard decision to make but she needs to do it.

799 days ago


That poor boy had devastating, irreversible damage to his brain. He is no longer "alive" as a person. He is existing biologically and whoever he was is being kept in some netherworld. If you have ever seen someone being kept alive mechanically it isn't pretty and it must be an absolutely horrible state for whoever that person was. I hope they let that poor boy pass peacefully instead of keeping him in such a terrible place. Nothing can help the devastating brain injury he had.

799 days ago


Could someone explain how any machine can cost $200k a week? Wouldn't it be more cost effective to move him home? Something doesn't sound right here.

799 days ago


That poor little boy is only 11 years old. Hopefully his parents (mom and bio dad ... Usher is a stepparent) will make his life valuable by donating his organs to the sick and dying children who may die without them.

799 days ago


Why should Usher have to pay, Where is the kids biodad. I love how people think that other people not responsible should have to pay for stuff. Just cause Usher has money doesn't mean he should have to carry the burden for other people regardless if he was a stepdad. People use your head! Besides didn't this woman try to extort Usher a while back. Usher kick her and her problem to the curb she should have been nicer to you!

799 days ago


@ JugEars McKenyan Sr..

IF I had his money and was in his situation I WOULD PAY her medical bills. Heck, the mob pays em for 'downed soldiers'.... I had a brain tumor in 1987 and the operation was a little over a Million dollars paid for by BCBS and Aetna insurance in it's entirety at 21 years old, except I was there for 3 months due to the infection that the abscess turned out to be caused by a piece of glass, a minute sliver that entered through my eye into the blood stream and lodged in my freakin brain. My father was a CEO of a major food company and paid 250 a day for me to be in a private room, yet he doesn't have USHER money and a million to that guy is nothing. Pathetic, these guys won't take care of their freakin spawn any way they can get out of it nowadays, when their fathers and grandfathers who had nothing stood by their women I can guarantee you. Sickening. Hopefully he pulls through so he can kick the guys azzzzz like I WOULD, having been in that situation. He's betting 'he'll die and never know I left him for dead"... nice work bruh, great role model.
5 minutes ago


You don't have a clue as to what you are talking about! Kyle's REAL father is a very wealthy person also. I'm sure he's right there by the boy's side through all this, but TMZ will not report that, because if they keep throwing Usher's name around it draws moron's like you to the site to leave a half assed comment like you did. This is not the time for Usher to be a role model you ignorant *******! He's grieving just like the mother is! If you can't say anything positive then shut the F**K up!

799 days ago


Time to let the young man go. Insurance won't pay becuz there is no hope. Prayers to her for the strength to get thru this difficult time.

799 days ago


They should try to contact a Roman Catholic Healing Priest. I have personally seen Father D'orio heal my cousin. Who knows, maybe a healing priest can help out somehow.

799 days ago


I hope Tameka's pastor counsels her that while miracles happen, we cannot live our lives waiting for them... Kyle's life should be celebrated.
Best wishes to the family.

799 days ago


Damn, that's really tough, to be forced to take him off life support, I'm annoyed at people calm boring for a miracle, stop hoping for one and support her in this tough time. Medical bIlls can go through the roof.

799 days ago

South Beach    

I would like to add that the headline on this article is misleading and inflammatory. For some reason TMZ has decided to make Usher the 'bad guy" in this, and that is not the case.

Harvey, if you want to maintain any level of legitimacy, you need to step away from what appears to be your fall into the "Geraldo Rivera" level of journalism.

799 days ago


I'm really disappointed in TMZ. I don't know if you no longer have people giving you inside information, but this stuff is ridiculous. You made up that story about that girl being pregnant by Kris Humphries, or you didn't fact check. You posted that story about Sage Stallone being dead for days and the family attorney just said he was on Facebook the night before. Let's not even talk about the Kardashian crap you post. Now this horrendous story about Usher not paying medical insurance for his ex-wife's child. No more of this site for me.

799 days ago


For all you people who say shame on American hospitals and insurance. SOMEONE ALWAYS PAYS. All of us in the end. Healthcare is not a right.

People stay for years because they won't leave in some instances. They cannot be forced out. Look at this NBC news program and see how OUT OF CONTROL our healthcare is today and it will get far worse under Obamacare.

People stay and we pay as hospitials will increase costs to everyone else to re-coup the loss of millions for the un-insured or-under insured. Healthcare will be far worse and less quality because of Obamacare.

This a NBC story by the way.

799 days ago


I feel so very sorry for these two. I couldn't imaging the pain they both feel. Someone need to explain to her that her beautiful boy is gone. And prolonging his life isn't fair to him. If she believes in God shouldn't her son be able to go with that God?

799 days ago
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